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Appleby St Lawrence (S). In memory of George Hodgson of Appleby innkeeper, who died I. August the 14th 1830 aged 38 years. also 2 of his daughters who died in their infancy, also Christopher Parkin Hodgson, son of George and Frances Hodgson who died May 4th 1837 aged 14 years. also of Frances wife of the above George Hodgson who died I. March the 14th 1852 aged 60 years.

Appleby St Michael (S). Robert Hodgson, mason, dyed August the 29th A.D. 1717 Aged 27.

Appleby St Michael (E). Erected in m. Robert Hodgson who died at Bongate Oct. 13th 1873 aged 77 years. , also his wife Isabella who died June 23rd 1876 aged 68 years.

Bampton (S). Thy will be done. In Memory of Margaret Hodgson daughter of Thomas Noble of High How who died in Penrith February 9th 1867 aged 94 years.

Bampton (N). In Memory of The Reverend . William Hodgson 27 years Vicar of this Parish. Born May 19th 1793. Died November . 2nd 1861. This Memorial, a Reminiscence of pious Services, was erected by his grateful Parishioners and attached Friends.

Beetham (N). In memory of Agnes, wife of John Hodgson of Beetham who died the 30th of April 1866 aged 36 years. , also of Thomas Barton Hodgson, Son of the Above who died Sept. 20th 1869 aged 5 Y & 8 Memory of , also of John Hodgson husband of the above, who died on the 23rd May 1881 Aged 51 years.

Beetham (S). In memory of Eleanor Hodgson Wife of Geoffrey Hodgson who died September 23rd 1834 Aged 43 years. Also of Geoffrey Hodgson, husband of the above Eleanor who d. October 9th 1852 Aged 70 years.

Beetham (S) . In Memory of Henry Hodgson of Beetham who died January 31st 1841 aged 51 years. also Mary Hodgson wife of the above who died January 21st 1874 aged 82 years.

Beetham (E) . In Memory of Henry son of Thomas and Isabella Hodgson of Beetham who died April 17th 1863 aged 4 years. , also of Isabella their daughter who died February 17th 1866 aged 4 years & 6 months, also of Isabella wife of Thomas Hodgson & Mother of the above who died April 23rd 1869 aged 35 years. , also of Margaret Ann daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Hodgson who died March 19th 1974 aged 8 m., also of Thomas their son, who died September . 28th 1878 aged 4 years.

Brough (In. Tower. Brass). Hic Quiescunt Reliquiæ Annae Uxoris Charissimæ Thomæ Hodgson Vicarii Hujus Ecclesiæ Quæ Obiit 30 Die Junii A.D. 1748 Æt. 37. In Spe stabili Beatæ Resurrectionis.

Brough (In. Tower, Brass). Infra positæ sunt Reliquiae Thomæ Hodgson Memory of A. Vicarii hujus Ecclesiæ Qui Obiit 28vo. Die Februarii 1768 Ætatis suæ 72. Cujus anima propitietur Deus per Jesum Christum Dominum nostrum.

Brough (S). Erected in Memory of Thomas Hodgson of Market Brough who died October 9th 1805 Aged 78. Also Thomas Hodgson Hobson who died March 2nd 1806 aged 8 m. Also Frances Hobson. daughter of Thomas and Jane Hodgson & wife of John Hobson who died July 15th 1810 aged 34. Also Jane Hodgson wife of Thomas Hodgson who died June 20th. 1812 aged 81. Also John Hobson who died March 20th 1832 aged 59. Also Mary Elizabeth Hobson daughter of Thomas Hodgson ,Hobson and Dorothy Ann Hobson who died February 27th 1838 Aged 1 years. Margaret Maria daughter of Thomas Hodgson and Dorothy Ann Hobson of Brough died September 2nd 1848 aged 4 m. And of Joseph Atkinson Hobson son of the above named Thomas Hodgson & Dorothy Ann Hobson died January 26th 1855 aged 14 years.

Brougham (W. of path, brass on stone). Erected in m. John Hodgson who died February 2, 1827, aged 76. Also Mary Hodgson wife of the above who died October 29th 1824 aged 69. Also Eleanor Bowness sister of the above who died May 1lth 1826 aged 68.

Crosby Ravensworth (E). Here are deposited the remains of Eleanor Morton, Wife of John Morton of Kirkland, eldest daughter of Thomas Hodgson of Reagill low field whose regretted departure took place on the 7th day of January 1813 aged 30 years. Also the remains of Thomas Hodgson, younger son of the above mentioned Thomas Hodgson who died much lamented on the 4th day of April 1813, Aged 24 years.

Dufton (N). In memory of Ralph Hodgson who died January 6th 1871 aged 60 years. Nanny his wife who died on the 20th day of March 1878 aged 75 years.

Dufton (S). In memory of Thomas Teasdale of Dufton who died November 11, I823 aged 57 years. , Mary his wife who died April 5, 1823 aged 54 years. , also John their son who died May 29 1835 aged 32 years. , also Margaret Hodgson their daughter who died in North Carolina, North America, April 21, 1843 aged 37 years.

Grasmere (E). Sacred memory of Robert Hodgson who died in the faith and hope of our blessed Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, on the 27th July 1862 Aged 77 .Y. Also of Ann the beloved wife of the above Who died December 2nd 1864 Aged 76 years. Weep not for me, my Children dear, I am not dead but sleepeth here, It is your fate my grave to see Prepare yourselves to follow me. "The Lord gave & the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord."

Kendal (Bellingham chapel). Memorial.- This is to certify that the Brass Plates to the East of this Inscription were collected from the Floor and Pew doors of this church, during its Restoration in 1851 and 1852, and were carefully preserved and are precisely the same as they were found at the time. In testimony whereof we have caused this Brass plate to be engraved. Joseph Watkins Barnes, vicar of Kendal. William Chaplin, curate; churchwardens, John Mann, churchhusband, Edward Branthwaite, Isaac Edmondson, Joseph Barrow, Robert B. Hunter, Rainforth Hodgson, Samuel Compston, Thomas Busher, Henry Cragg, Thomas Brockelbank, Anthony Nicholson, Joseph Morton, Christopher Birkett, John Washington, Parish clerk.

Kendal (N. W). Sacred memory of William Cookson, Union Street, who departed this life September . 16th 1835 aged 61 years. Ann, Relict of William Cookson departed life 3rd April 1861 Aged 79 years. Interred at St. Thomas's, Kendal, 7th April 1861. Also in m. John Hodgson who died at Keswick September 19th 1839 Aged 78 years. And of Ann his Wife who died at Kendal February 9th 1845 in the 88th years. of her age, her end was peace. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

Kendal (E. altar tomb). Sacred memory of Agnes Hodgson, widow of Thomas Hodgson of Kendal, hosier, Who died May 20th 1810 aged 75 years. " In coelo quies," also of Jonathan Hodgson her son, who departed this life July 3rd 1835 aged 60 years. and of Elizabeth his wife who died March 30th 1857 aged 77 years. the beloved parents of Agnes Hodgson by whom this monument is erected. The remains of the above Elizabeth Hodgson are interred in S. Thomas's churchyard, Kendal. "Into thy hands I commend my Spirit." Psalm 31st verse 5th. {Jonathan H.'s wife Catherine, daughter of Isaac & Mary 5teele died 10 November 1813 aged 38. Memory of I. in Unitarian burial ground. Mr. Jennings.)

Kendal (N.W.) In. m. John Hodgson late of this town, brewer, who. died June 25th 1839 aged 64 years. It is remarkable that he was born , married and died on the same day of the month June 25th in the different years. in which those occurrences took place, also of William Bainbridge, his brother-in-law who died August 31st 1844 aged 62 years. Also of John Bainbridge brother of the above William Bainbridge who died October 1st, 1848 aged 74, and also of Mary Hodgson, wife of the above John Hodgson who died on the 15th day of September . 1849 aged 72.

Kendal (W .) Here lie the Remains of Isabella Hodgson, Wife of Batty Hodgson, Grocer and Tobacconist, who died November . 14th 1786 aged 28 years. Also of two of their Daus. viz: Agnes and Isabella who died in their Infancy. Batty Hodgson, late Alderman of Kendal, who died 17th April 1798 aged 46. And Jonah his Oldest Son, who died December .. 2nd 1816 Aged 22 years. and Jane Hodgson, Widow of the above Batty Hodgson who died at Crosthwaite, May 5th 1853 Aged 85 years.

Kendal (In. N. clerestory window) Given by Rainforth Hodgson. Shield, 41y, I, compasses & square brace. 2, 3 boars to sinister. 3, 3 bundles of bristles. 4, combs & scissors. Motto, God is our refuge and strength. (Mr. Rushforth).

Kendal (In. W.) Adjutant Robert Hodgson died the first day of february one thousand eight hundred and eight aged forty-five years. , his zeal and active services are gratefully acknowledged by the officers of the Kendal and Lonsdale volunteers.

Orton (N). i.h.s.. In affectionate remembrance of Isaac Hodgson of Green Holme who died 17th February 1881 aged 76 years. Also of Mary his beloved wife who died August 20, 1886, aged 79 years.

Orton (N). Jane Hodgson aged 16 years. 1864: HODGSON. (N). In affectionate remembrance of John Hodgson of Fleece Inn, Orton who died June 22nd 1873, aged 36 years.

Ravenstonedale (S). Sacred memory of Margaret Bousfield Hodgson only child of Edmund and Elizabeth Hodgson of Cold Beck, Ravenstonedale. In her walk through life she strove to realize the bright example of her Saviour. Her pure spirit was recalled from Earth on the 13th of May 1851 aged 56 years. Her sorrowing friend and cousin Jane Hodgson has caused this memorial to be placed here. Memory of B.H. 1851 (dove & sprig).

Shap (N.) In memory of Joseph Hodgson who died December . 5th 1873 aged 34 years. Erected by his friends as a mark of their esteem.

Shap In memory of Margaret Hodgson who died June 22nd 1867 aged 51 years.

Windermere (S. loose, against porch). Here Lyeth the Body of Agnus the Wife of William Hodgson of Cleabarow who departed this life 20 day of November . 1754 Aged 62. Here Lyeth the Body of William Hodgson, Husband of the above Agnus, (sic) who departed this life 24 of November 1756 aged 76.