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Appleby St Lawrence (N.E). In affectionate remembrance of Bella Dixon, widow of the late Mr. John Dixon of Kirkby Stephen who died on the 27th January 1864 aged 95 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

Beetham (E). In memory of Eleanor, the wife of John Dixon, yeoman, of Slackhead who died on the 29th day of April 1842 aged 83 years. , also of John Dixon, husband of the above, who died the 1st day of February, 1855 aged 90 years.

Brougham (E. of path). Sacred memory of John Dixon of Trainlands who departed this life October 9th 1858 aged 73 years. Also of Sarah his wife who died July 4th 1862 aged 74 years.

Cliburn (S). In memory of Joseph Dixon of Winderwath who departed this life November 4th 1825 Aged 72 years. Also Mary his wife who died August 16th 1824 Aged 69 years. Also 3 of their children who died in infancy. Also Joseph their son who died December 18th 1846 Aged 53 years.

Dufton (W). In memory of William Dixon of Dudmire who died April 21st 1862 aged 76 years. , also Mary his daughter who died June 27th 1856 aged 28 years. , also Joseph his son who d. at Woodstock, North America November 25th 1867 aged 36 years.

Grasmere (N). In affectionate remembrance of James Dixon, born 19th July 1799, died 4th April 1878. He was for thirty three years. the faithful servant of Mr. and Mrs. Wordsworth of Rydal Mount and for upwards of half a century the much valued friend of their family.

Grasmere (N. card and glass). In affectionate remembrance of Kate tbe beloved daughter of William & Ann Dixon of Grasmere who died July 1st 1885 Aged 16Y. Interred at St. Oswald's July5th.

Grasmere (E). Beneath are Interred the mortal remains of Miles Dixon of Beckhouses in this valley who died on the 29th of June 1843 Aged 61. The uniform integrity of his conduct has induced one who appreciated his worth to erect this memorial. Also of Mary, widow of the above who died October 3rd 1875 aged 88 years. Also of William Dixon, Son of the above, who died April 9th 1874 aged 58 years.

Grasmere (N). In affectionate remembrance of Sarah, daughter of Edward and. Margaret Dixon, died November 4th 1876 aged 27 years. Also of Margaret Dixon, died March 4th 1863 aged 12 years.

Kendal (W). Elizabeth Dixon, died April 13, 1806 Aged 62.

Kendal (E). In Memory of James Dixon 1800, Elizabeth Dixon 1820, John Tebay 1820, Elizabeth Dixon Tebay 1825, James Tebay 1840.

Kendal (E. altar tomb). In Memory of Robert Dixon who died November 4, 1772 Aged 52, also of William Simpson, Wine Merchant, who died December 10, 1802 Aged 47, and of William his Son Who died August 21, 1795, Aged 6 and William his Son Who died April 19, 1809 Aged 12. Dorothy Dixon, Widow of the above Robert Dixon d November 15th 1814 Aged 88 and Elizabeth Simpson Widow ot the above William Simpson who died at Crosthwaite December . 6th 1849 Aged 88.

Kendal (N .E). In memory of Thomas Dixon, who died at Low Mills; May 17th, 1837 Aged 62 years. and of Betsy his daughter who died Augst. 23rd 1826 Aged 13 years. and of Ann his wife who died December 11th 1838 Aged 62 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (W). Here lies the Body of James Dixon son of Miles Dixon of this Town who died the 16th day of July 1817 aged 26 years. Also Joseph Dixon who died January 9th 1823 aged 27 years. Also of Margaret Dixon their mother who died May 17th 1824 aged 68 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (N). In memory of James Dixon, builder of this town who died May 13, 1839 aged 60 y. also Jane relict of the above who died August 20th 1845 aged 36 years. and of Ann and Thomas their infant children, also of Leonard Dixon who died January 13th l867 aged 34 years. and Eleanor his wife who died June 25th 1867 aged 39 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (N.E). Sacred memory of Isabel Spencer, daughter of John and Annie Spencer died March 2nd 1857 aged I years. and 7 m. also of Joseph Dixon of Kirkby Lonsdale who died 13th June 1869 aged 78 years. Also of Isabella Dixon his wife who died February 6th 1865 aged 68 years.

Kirkby Stephen (Brass, formerly on floor in nave near chancel, now outside. Mr. Berry). In Memory of Bartholomew Dixon Esq. of Winton Hall who died the 18 February 1790 aged 69, & of Bowes Dixon his Wife who died the 18 April 1791 aged 79. They were Affectionate, Charitable, and pious, & their Virtues will long endear them to their: surviving Friends.

Kirkby Stephen Near this place lies Jane his wife who died March 10th . . . 7 . . . aged 68 also Philip son of Matt : Dixon who died December the . . th 1738 in the 1st years. of his age. Here lies the body of Agnes, wife of Matthew Dixon of Naiteby who died December the . . . 1739 aged 83, also Matthew. . . of Matthew. . . of . . . the . . .

Kirkby Stephen (Brass). Near this place lies the Body of Ralph Dixon of Nateby w ho departed this life in the year 1744 Aged 69.

Kirkby Stephen In memory of Richard Dixon who died at Nateby on the 6th of March 1858 aged 92 years. , also of Isabella Dixon, Sister-in-law of the above who died September the 26th 1845aged 55 years. , Also of Thomas Dixon,Husband & Brother of the above who died November 29th 1853 aged 77 years.

Kirkby Stephen In memory of Thomas Dixon, late 6f Kirkby Stephen who died February 9th 1803 aged 30, also of Margaret the wife of Thomas Hamilton (and relict of Thomas Dixon) who died June 13th 1837 aged 72, Also of Thomas Cowper Dixon their son who died April 14th 1822 aged 28.

Kirkby Stephen In memory of William Dixon of Hawes who died at Kirkby-Stephen October 2, 1846 aged 70. Jane his widow died at Belmont Cottage near Harrogate, Yorkshire April 9th 1851 aged 62 years. William John Dixon their son died February 13th 1855 aged 28 years.

Kirkby Stephen (E). Hen. Rycroft, A.M., St, John's CoIl. Cambridge, Vicar 1743. Dum Spectas Fugio, F. Islip, A. W'mson, (i.e. Williamson) A. Dixon, J. Railton, Ch: Wardens. ("On the dial which stood above the door in the south transept." Mr. Berry).

Long Marton (W). In affectionate remembrance of Grace, wife of Joseph Dixon of Long Marton who died 21st January 1871 aged 71 years. " Watch, therefore, for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come." Matt. xxiv. v. 42.

Orton (N). i.h.s. In affectionate remembrance of John Dixon, yeoman, Orton, who died 24th August 1884 aged 68 years. " With the Lord there is mercy and with him is plenteous redemption."

Ravenstonedale (W). In memory of Margaret Dixon of Kirkby Stephen who died February 12, 1846 aged 35 years.

Ravenstonedale (W). Sacred memory of Richard Dixon late of Causeway End in this Parish who for a number of years. held the offices of Treasurer and High Constable for the East Ward in this County, he died November , 19th 1820 aged 76 years. Also Isabella his Widow died Oct. 24th 1826 aged 71 years. William their son held the office of High Constable until his death February 12th 1835 aged 55. Alice his Wife died April 30th 1822 aged 39. Phebe daughter of the above-named William and Alice Dixon died August 19th 1821 aged 6.

Ravenstonedale (S). In affectionate remembrance of Richard Dixon of Causeway End, Ravenstonedale who died December 26th 1871 aged 59 years. Also of Margaret his wife who died October 19th 1877 aged 74 years.

Ravenstonedale (S). In memory of Robert Shaw Dixon of Cold Keld, Ravenstonedale, who died 22nd February 1877 aged 58 years. Also of Isabella his wife who died at Studfold August 30th 1881 aged 60 years. The memory of the just is blessed.

Warcop (W.) In memory of John Hamilton of Sandford who died February 15th 1858 Aged 59 years. Also Jane his sister and wife of William Dixon of Sandford who died May 29th 1847 aged 51 years. Also William Dixon who died June 1, 1860 Aged 67 years.

Windermere (N). Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Sacred memory of Mary Dixon daughter of Thomas and Susannah Dixon of Bellmanground. B. July 20th 1816 died November 10th 1840. Also Thomas Dixon father of the above who died December 18th 1843 aged 72 years.

Windermere (N). Sacred memory of Susannhah, daughter of Thomas and Susannah Dixon of Bellmanground who died July 13th 1846 aged 28 years. Also of Isabel sister to the above who died the same day aged 21 years. Also the Reverend George William Dixon died March 30th 1847 aged 25 years.