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Found 2 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (In. N.) Rob. De Viteripont to whom & his heires King John gave first of all his lands in Westmld & y Sherifwik of y county, his wife was Idonia de Buley. John de Viteripont, his wife was Sybeila de Ferris. Robert de Viteripont, his wife was Isabella Fitz Peter. Rog. De Clifford 4 Ld. of Westmld, his wife was Isabella de Viteripont. Rob. Ld. Clifford to whom & to his heires King Edw. y 2d gave y castle & honour of Skipton in craven w y landes thereto belonging, his wife was maude de Clare. Rog. De Clifford died unmarried. Rob. Ld. Clifford his wife was Isabella de Barkley. Rob. Ld. Clifford died without issue, his bro. Rog. His heire, his wife was Eudania de Nevill. Rog. Ld Clifford, his wife was Maude de Beauchampe. Tho. Ld. Clifford, his wife was Eliz. Rosse. John Ld Clifford his wife was Eliz. Percy. Tho. Ld. Clifford, his wife was Joan Dacres. John Ld. Clifford, his wife was Marg. Bromflette Barress. Vescye. Hen. Lc. Clifford, his wife was Anne St. John. Hen. Ld. Clifford L. Earle of Cumberld his wife was ye La. Margrt. Percy. Hen Ld. Clifford Earle of Cumberld. His 1 wife was the La. Llinor Brandon her grace his 2 wife was ye La Anne Dacres. George ld. Clifford 3 Earl of Cumberland. His wife was ye La. Margrett Russell. John Ld. Tufton, Earle of Thanett, his wife was ye La. Margrett Sackvile. Ruch. Sackvile Earl of Dorsett her 1 husband Anne La. Clifford daur. & sole heyre to George 3 Earle of Cumberland. Phillip Herbert Earle of Penbrooke & Mountgomery, her 2 husband. James Ld. Compton, Earle of Northampton, his wife was ye La. Isabella Sackvile. (24 shields). Arms 1 gu. 6 annulets or, (Vipont,) impaling gu. Cinquefoil or, pierced of the field (Beuly); 2 Vipont impaling ar. 6 horse shoes sa. (Ferris); 3 Vipont impaling 4ly or. & gu. border vairy az. & gold (Fitz peter); 4 checky or. & az. Fess gu. (Clifford) impaling Vipont; 5 Clifford & Vipont 4ly impaling or 3 chevronels gu. (Clare); 6 Clifford & Vipont 4ly; 7 ditto impaling gu. chevron between 10 crosses patees ar. (Berkley) ; 8 ditto impaling gu. saltire ar. (Neville) ; 9 ditto impaling gu. fess betw. 6 cross crosslets or. (Beauchamp) ; 10, ditto, impaling gu. 3 water-bougets ar. (Roos) ; 11 , ditto, impaling 4ly I & 4 or. lion rampant az. (Percy) ; 2 & 3, gu. 3 lucies hauriant ar. (Lucy) ; 12, ditto, impaling gu. 3 escallops ar. (Dacre) ; 13, ditto, impaling or, cross sa. (Vescy) ; 14, ditto, impaling ar. on chief gu. 2 mullets or (or ar.) (St. John) ; 15, ditto, impaling Percy & Lucy 4ly ; 16 Barry ar. & gu. lion rampant or, (Brandon) ; 17 Clifford & Vipont 4ly ; 18, Dacre ; 19, Clifford & Vipont 4ly impaling ar. lion rampant gu., on chief sa. 3 escallops of the field (Russell) ; 20 sa. eagle displayed within border ar. (Tufton) impaling 4ly or & gu. bend vairy az. & ar. (Sackville) ; 21 Sackville; 22 Clifford and Vipont 4ly ; 23 gu. 3 lions rampant or (Herbert) ; 24 sa. lion passant between 3 tilting helmets or. (Compton) impaling Sackville. *

Appleby St Lawrence (Altar tomb, Chancel N). S. Here lyethe interred the bodye of the ladye Margaret Russel, Countesse Dowager of Cumberland, youngeste childe to Franncis Russell, seconde Earle of Bedford, marryed to George Clyfford, third Earle of Cumberland, she lyved his wife xxix yeeres, & dyed his wyddowe at Brougham Castle the XXIId of May MDCXVI ten yeeres & seaven monethes after his decease, she had yssue by him two sonnes Franncis & Robert who both dyed younge, & one daughter the ladye An Clyfford marryed to Richard Sackville third Earle of Dorset who in memorye of her religious mother erected this monument, Ao. Dni. MDCXVII. N. Who fayth, love, mercy, noble constancie To God, to virtue, to distress, to right, Observ'd, exprest, shew'd, held religiously, Hath here this monument thou seest in sight, The cover of her earthly part, but, passenger, Know heaven & fame contaynes the best of her. Arms : (E. end). On lozenge~ under countess's coronet, 4ly of 8; I, ar. lion rampant gu. on chief sa. 3 escallops of field (Russell) ; 2, sa. tower ar. (De la Tour) ; 3, barry of 8 or & gu. (Muschamp) ; 4, gu. 3 herrings hauriant ar. (Herring) ; 5, sa. griffin segreant ar. between 2 cross crosslets fitché or (Froxmere) ; 6, sa. 3 chevronels erm. (Wyse) ; 7, sa. 3 dovecotes ar. (Sapcote) ; 8, ar. on cross gu. 5 mullets or (Semark). (West end), On shield under earl's coronet, 4ly of 9 ; 1 &.9, checky or & az. fess gu. (Clifford) ; 2, sa. (az. ?) 3 murthering chain shots ; 3, sa. bend flory counterflory or (Bromflete) ; 4, or cross sa. (Vescy) ; 5, sa. 3 flint stones ar. (Flint) ; 6, gu. 6 annulets or (Vipont); 7, or 2 bars gu. on canton sa. cross patoncé or (Atton) ; 8, per fess indented gu. & ar. annulet between 2 mullets of 2nd (St. John). impaling Russell &c as above (but A1y of with R. repeated). Coronets. Supporters, dexter, griffin segreant; sinister; lion ramboth gu.*