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Found 6 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (S). To. m. Robert Sarginson of Appleby, gardener, who died the 4th of September 1818, aged 73 years. , also Sarah Sarginson his wife who died the 19th of January 1826, aged 69 years. , also Cornelius their son who died abroad. To the memory of Mr. John Sarginson, during 26 years. an eminent auctioneer & more than 30, sword bearer to the Corporation of Appleby, he died I. November . the 18th 1851, aged 54, much regretted by his friends & a large circle of acquaintances. He erected this stone in his life time to record the death of his father & mother, & also of his twin brother Cornelius.

Appleby St Lawrence (N .E). I. loving memory Robert Sarginson .of Espland, ,Warcop, who died May 22nd, 1869, aged 80 years. Also of Bridget his wife who died September . 1st 1868, aged 79 years. Also of Mary their daughter who died April 28th, 1860, aged 45 years. Also of Margaret their daughter who died May 26th 1859, aged 36 years. Also of Elizabeth their daughter who died July 22nd 1865, aged 45 years. Also of Sarah their daughter who died J an. 2nd 1884. aged 67 years.

Orton (N). In memory of Jonathan Sarginson of Bowbrow, Orton, who died March 15th 1874 aged 67 years.

Orton (N). Mary Sarginson died April 9th 1854 aged 7.

Shap (N). In loving memory William Sarginson, of Shap, who died November 28th 1858 aged 65 years. Also of Ann his wife who died November 15th 1879 aged 84 years. Also of John son of Matthew and Elizabeth Sarginson who died December 2nd 1867 aged 39.

Shap (N. E). In affectionate remembrance of Robert the beloved Husband of Agnes Todd, of Shap. who died May 1st 1878 aged 54 years. Also John Sarginson who died February 7th aged 71 years.