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Found 12 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Beetham (N). + In Memory of George Fell of Wood Edge, who died January 27th " 1872 aged 80 y., also of Hannah his wife who died January 5th I876 aged 78 years.

Beetham (E). I. H. S. In affectionate remembrance of John Fell of Black Dyke, who died April 13th 1879 aged 60 years. " I know that my Redeemer liveth:'

Clifton (N). Erected to the memory of Dorothy the wife of William Fell. of Clifton who died the 4th day of May 1842 aged 81 years. Also of William Fell, Husband of the said Dorothy Fe.ll who died March 27th 1848 aged 86 years. Also the Reverend Edward Fell their Son who died March 3rd 1846 Aged 45 years.

Grasmere (E). Beneath are deposited the mortal remains of Frances Irton , daughter of the Reverend . S. Irton Fell & Maria his Wife, Who died at Ambleside, 3rd April 1853 Aged 3 years.

Heversham (S). Sacred memory of William Fell of Urcenrigg in Preston Richard, who died the 30th of May 1852 Aged 64 years. Also of Elizabeth Fell, wife of the above, who died on the 3rd of January 1832 Aged 37 years. Also of William Halhead Fell, Son of the above, who died on the 21st of January 1833 aged 2y.

Kendal (In. S. floor). To the memory of Ann Corney, Widow of Peter Corney of Penrith who departed this life November 25th 1805 Aged 78 years. This Stone was placed here by desire of her Sister Jane Heysham. Also in m. Jane Heysham, Widow, who departed this life May 23, 1806 Aged 81 years. Both Daughters of George and Mary Fell of Kirkland.

Kendal (E). James Fell, 1822, Mary Fell, 1832.

Kendal (S. E). Near this place are deposited the remains of James Fell late surgeon in Kendal, he was born at Gleaston in the County of Lancaster the sixth day of July A.D. MDCCXXXIX and died the seventeenth day of September A,D. MDCCCIII. His professional skill, his sim- plicity of manners, his warm benevolence of disposition and his active, extensive and unostentatious charity rendered him respected in life, resigned through a long and acute illness and comfortable at the hour of death under the firm and Christian hope of a future and a better World. Reader! Go and do thou likewise. Then humbly meet thy God.

Kendal (In. N. aisle). Thomas Fell 1819. Bridget Fell 1841.

Kendal (In. N). Sacred memory of Thomas Fell, late of Kendal Esqr. who departed this life July 21st 1819 aged 42 years. This tablet was erected by Bridget his widow who entered into the rest that she longed for on the 1st of March 1841 aged 58 years.

Kendal (In. s. W. floor). To the memory of Dorothy Yeates late wife of Thomas Yeates, town clerk of Kendal, who died the 30th day of October 1784 in the 46th years. of her age; George Fell and Mary his wife, her father and mother, and James, William, Edward, and Elizabeth, four of their children, also lie interred here, also of the said Thomas Yeates, who died 16th September 1791 aged 59, and Edward Yeates his son, who died 22nd of September 1790 aged 19. Also of Anthony George, third son of John and Margaretta Yeates ; and great-grand son of the above Thomas Yeates, he died November 25th 1837 aged 7 years.

Shap (S.) In memory of John Fell of Swindale who died July 9th 1851 Aged 100 years. , & of Mary his wife who died October 2nd 1858 Aged 87 years. , also of John their son who died October 31st 1859 aged 57 years.