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Brougham (1). In memoriam Henrici Brougham qui obijt XVIII die Mensis February A.D. MDCCCX ætat suæ LXVII. Hic jacet Eleanor uxor ejus que obiit XXXI die Decembris A.D. MDCCCXXXIX ætat suæ LXXXIX. (2). Johannes filius eorum obijt XXII die Mensis Septebr. A.D. MDCCCXXIX Ætat suæ LIII. (3). Petrus, filius eorum obiit anno Dni MDCCC ætat suæ XIX. (4). ]acobus, fili. eor. obiit XXII mensis decebr. ao Dni MDCCCXXXIII æt LIII (? his age, H.ill). Arms: (dexter shield) 41y 1. Brougham, 2. Vaux, 3. Delamore &c., 4. Vaux. (Sinister shield). Brougham impaling per fess gu. & or. chevron ar. between 2 mullets in chief and axe in base counter changed. (for Robertson).

Brougham (In. floor slab. within altar rails, with brasses, 2 figures within circle 3 scrolls, and 6 shields of arms, I847 (1). Hic jacet Henricus Burgham qui obiit 20 die mens. September br. anno Dni. 1570, et in memoriam Catherine uxoris ejus, filie et heredjs Randulphi Nevill, militis et Catherine, Margarite et Elizabethe filiar. eor.* (2). Hic jacet Thomas fili. eorum qui obiit 7 die mensis J anuarii Ano Dm. 1607. (3). Et in memoriam Agnetis uxoris ejus. Arms: (dexter shields) 1st. 41y 1 & 4 Brougham, 2 & 3 Vaux ; 2nd. Brougham; 3rd. 41y 1 & 4 Brougham ; 2 & 3 Nevill. (Sinister shields) 1st. Vaux; 2nd. Nevill; 3rd. Brougham impaling barry ar: & gu. bend az. (Martindale).† (Hill MSS. v. 22).

Brougham (In. ch. N). Coronet & Crest of Brougham. Sacred memory of William Baron Brougham and Vaux, B. 26 September 1795, died 3 January 1886. (Per the Rector).

Brougham (E. of path). John White died September 24, 1864 aged 65. to record his faithful service for 48 years. this stone is placed by Henry, Lord Brougham & Vaux.

Brougham (Floor within altar rail, Hill MSS. v. II. but not in situ. 1888. See fuller inscription at p. 49). E. B. 1840 (i.e. the late Lord Brougham's mother).‡

Brougham (In. ch. N). In loving memory Eleanora Brougham only child of the Reverend . James Syme. and of Mary the Sister of the Historian Robertson, Widow of Henry Brougham of Brougham Hall in this Parish, and Mother of Henry 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux, Lord High Chancellor of England, the able Mother of an abler Son B. 1750, died 31 December 1839 Aged 89 years. This Brass was placed by her Grand-son Henry Lord Brougham & Vaux.

Brougham (In. chancel S). Sacred memory of Henry Brougham Esq. of Brougham Hall, Who died December . 26th 1782 and was buried near this Stone erected by his affectionate son John Brougham. (Per the Rector).

Brougham (In. Red flagstone lying within altar rails 1846, Hill MSS. v. II, 21. and in front of the rails 1888, Mr. Salman. Hy Brougham Esqr of Brougham Hall died December 26. 1782 to whose memory ye marble monument was erected by his son the Reverend . John Brougham.

Brougham (In. floor, slab within altar rails, with brasses, six scrolls, a floriated cross, and two shields of arms. Hill MSS. v. 12--3). 1. In Hoc. Loco sepulti sunt Henricus Brougham qui obijt 26 die Decembris A.D. 1782, et Maria uxor ejus qui (sic) obijt 25 die mensis maij A.D. 1807. 2. Henricus Brougham, filius eorum qui obijt XVII die Mensis February Ao. Dni. MDCCCX æt. sua LXVII. 3. Maria fil. eor. uxor Ricardi Meux, obiit VIII die mensis decbr. ao dni M(D)CCCXII æt. sue LXVII. 4. Anna fil. eor. uxor Thomæ Aylmer obiit I die mens Maij ao dni. MDCCXCVII æt. sue XLIX. . 5. Johannes fil. eor. obiit XXII. die mensis maii ao dni MDCCCXI æt. sue LXVII. 6. Rebecca fil. eor. ux. Ricardi Lowndes obiit x die Mens. Januar. Ao. dni. MDCCCXXVIII æt. sue LXXVI. Arms: (dexter shield), 41y .1 gu. chevron between 3 luces hauriant (Brougham) ar. 2 fess checky or & gu. between 3 garbs, in chief label of 3 points (for Vaux of Catterlen) 3. bend checky gu. & az. (for Vaux of Triermain i.e. or. bend checky or. & gu.) 4 cross flory or. (for Delamore) Sinister shield, Brougham impaling az. 3 lozenges or. (for Freeman.

Brougham (In. floor, slab within altar rails with brasses, cross, 2 shields of arms and 4 scrolls. Hill MSS. v.)

Kirkby Stephen (In. N. floor). E. B., J. B., i.e. Elizabeth & James Brougham. (& prior to memorial tablet, infra).

Kirkby Stephen (In. W.S. aisle). Sacred memory of James Brougham of Kirkby Stephen, gentleman, who departed this life Ocober 21st 1837 aged 87 years. also of Elizabeth his wife who departed this life January 5th 1834 in the 68 years. of her Age. They lived universally respected & beloved & died unfeignedly lamented. Their private lives were adorned by every Virtue becoming good Christians.

Shap In memory of William Hall of Rosegill in this parish, who died January 11th 1827 aged 73 years. , & of Agnes his wife who died August 28th 1833 aged 73 years. , also of the Reverend George Hall (eldest son of the above William . & Agnes Hall), Vicar of Tenbury, Worcestershire, & Rector of Rochford, Herefordshire & Chaplain to the Right Honourable Lord Brougham & Vaux, who died June 27th 1845 aged 62 years. , & of Eliza his wife who June 14th 1831 aged 60 years. , also of William Hall junr. who died November . 3rd 1813 aged 28 years. , & of Matthew Wilkinson son-in-law of the above William . & Agnes Hall who died October 15th 1844 aged 63 years. also of Margaret Wilkinson his wife who died March 1st 1853 aged 72 years. Also of William George Wilkinson who died April 19th 1832 aged 5 years.