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Found 21 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Barton (S. altar tomb). In memory of Thomas Green who died June3rd 1826 aged 73 years. Elizabeth his wife who died November 30th 1827 aged 76 years. George their son, who died January 17th 1816 aged 35 years. Also in m. Jane Swain daughter of the above George Green who died on the 16th of March 1840 aged 25 years. Also Jane relict of the above George Green who died November . 28th 1847 aged 62 years.

Beetham (S). I. H. S. In memory of John Green of St. John's Cross, Sandside who died November 29th 1837 aged 72 years. , also of Mary his widow who died January 30th 1868 aged 91 years. , and of John his son who died January 24th 1849 aged 63 years. , also of Richard their son who died July 10th 1881 aged 70 years. Margaret Green died May 22nd 1884 aged 79 years.

Grasmere (N). In.m. Frances, Wife of The Reverend Isaac Green. She departed this life February 20th 1835 aged 31. And of Mary Anne their daughter who died October 21st 1832 aged 3 years.

Grasmere (N). i. h. s. In affectionate remembrance of Harriet wife of J. Fleming Green uf Grasmere who d. April 22nd 1881 aged 56 years.

Grasmere (N). † In memory of Harry, eldest son of Joseph Fleming and Harriette Green Moss Head, Grasmere, who died at Elterwater October 5th 1864 aged 5 years. and5 m.

Grasmere (N). In loving memory The Reverend Isaac Green Memory of A. of Queen's College, Cambridge, 38 y. second master of the Sedbergh Grammar School and 38 years. Incumbent of Hoogil. B. at Grasmere February 1st 1804, died at Sedbergh September . 25th 1875. Also of Caroline Bella his second wife, daughter of Julius C. Ibbetson (this e. also o.) of Masham, landscape painter, born at Troutbeck December . 15th 1804, died at Sedbergh November . 5th 1865. Also of Caroline their eldest daughter , who was interred at Alton, Hants, born May 14th 1837, died September . 24th 1859.

Grasmere (N). In memory of Janet wife of Daniel Green, Grasmere, and eldest daughter of the late Alexander and Margaret Proudfoot of Manor, Peebleshire, who died at Grasmere 26th May 1864 aged 44 years. Also of the above Daniel Green third son of the late John Green of Pavement End who died at Elterwater on the 11th Octr. 1870 aged 51 years.

Grasmere (N). In memory of John Green of Grasmere, who died July 16th 1839 aged 80, and of Mally his Wife, who died September 1st 1838 aged 70. Also of Joseph their third Son who died March 9th 1821 aged 26, of Daniel their fourth Son, Memory of A. of Catherine Hall, Cambridge, Perpetual Curate of Langdale, who died May 4th 1829 aged 31. And of Margaret their only daughter who died May 13th 1802 aged 1 years.

Grasmere (N). In memory of John Green of Pavement End, Grasmere, who died December 29th 1863 Aged 74 years. And of Betty his wife, who died March 2nd 1862 Aged 69 years. Also of William their fifth son, who died November 1823, Aged 2 Weeks, Of Isaac their seventh son who died October 1831, Also Aged 2 Weeks, Also of their son Edwin who died at Kendal 14th November . 1870 Aged 37 years.

Grasmere (N). In memory of John Green, died September 15th 1884 aged 68 years.

Grasmere (N). In memory of John Smithells Green of Grasmere who died at Sedbergh September . 29th 1863 Aged 15 years. Also of his sister Eliza Green who died at Grasmere 22nd June 1865 Aged 12 years. Also his sister Margaret Florence Green who died at Saint Bees 29th March 1871 Aged 16 years.

Grasmere (N). In loving memory Thomas Green, Memory of B, who died April 26th 1876 aged 54. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."

Grasmere (E). The Burial Place of William . Green. William Son of William and Ann Green was born August 17, 1810 and died February 7. 1813 Aged 2 years. and 5 Memory of

Grasmere (E). Sacred memory of William Green the last 23 years. of whose life were passed in this neighbourhood, where by his Skill and Industry as an Artist he produced faithful representations of the Country and lasting memorials of its more perishable features. He was born at Manchester and died at Ambleside on the 29th dav of April 1823 in the 63 years. of his Age, deeply lamented by a numerous Family and universally respected. His afflicted Widow caused this Stone to be erected.

Grasmere (E). To the memory of John Hartley who died at Brigham near Keswick November . 26th 1848 Aged 73. Also of Agnes his Wife who died at Braithwaite July 5th 1842 Aged 67. Also of George and Sarah Green, (Parents of the above Agnes), who perished in the snow on Langdale Fell, March 19th 1808. George Green, aged 66, Sarah Green, aged 43. Christ our salvation. Also of Jane, Wife of Wilson Cole & daughter of John & Agnes Hartley who died 25th August 1879 Aged 63 years.

Heversham (S. buttress). Sacred memory of James New by of Milnthorpe who died on the 22nd day of November 1849 aged 87 years. , also of Mary his wife who died on the 4th day of July 1838 aged 75 years. , also of Bella their daughter , who died on the 23rd of August 1818 aged 22 years. , also of Daniel their son 1819 aged 19 years. , also of Agnes their daughter & wife of Thomas Green, who died on the 9th day of August 1849 aged 48 years.

Kendal (In N. brass). In loving memory Thomas Green Memory of B. Lond. who died April 26, 1876 aged 54 years. and was interred at Grasmere, blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. (Mr. Jennings).

Kendal (Once in Parr chapel, 1628, tomb with figure of knight in armour and his lady kneeling, Whitaker's Richmondshire II 327. Arms I (on knight) ar. 2 bars az. within border sa. (Parr.) II (on lady) 41y 1 & 4 az. 3 stags trippant (Green), 2 & 3 gu. chevron between 3 crosses botony or, on chief lion passant ar. (sic) (Maplethorpe). Pray for the soul of Thomas Par. knight of king's body, Henry the VIII, master of his wardes . . . and . . . sher . . . who deceased the 11th day of November in the 9th years. of the reign of our said sovereign lord at London, in the ...Fryers, as his tomb doth record.

Kendal (W. altar tomb). Here Lieth the body of William Tarne late of Birks, in New Hutton, Batchelor; who departed this life on .the 18th of May 1778, in the 44th year of his Age. Here also Lyes the Body of Ellin Scales, widow of Edward Scales; of this Town, and Sister to the abovesaid, Who departed this life the 17th of February 1739 and in the . . 6th of her age. (Brass plate); Here lie the Remains of Mr. Robert Green. late of Kendal, Officer of Excise; who died the 13th day of June 1769 aged 64 years. Here also lie the Remains of Elizabeth His Wife, who departed this life the 24th Day of April 1770 aged 63. (Mr. Jennings).

Lowther In affectionate remembrance of Mary Anne Green wife of William Green, Chesterfield, who died at Lowther August 3rd 1869 aged 37 years. Also of Fanny their infant daughter who died and was interred at Chesterfield July 1868.

Windermere (S). Here lyeth the Body of Margret the daughter of William Green of Bownas, departed this life the First day of March in the years. of Our Lord 1723 Aged 28.