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Found 4 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Brougham (W. of path). Elizth. Chisholme of Eamont Bridge died April 6th 1855 aged 42 years.

Brougham (W. of path). James Chisholme died August 30th 1849 aged 3 w. Jane Chisholme died September 5th 1851 aged 1 years.

Brougham (W. of path). In memory of James Chisholme who died September 1st 1859 aged 44 years.

Brougham (W. of path). Sacred memory of Mariey (sic) the daughter of George & Jane Chisholme who departed this life March 13th 1846 aged 2 years. Also John Chisholme their son who departed this life September 3rd 1830 aged I9y. (other side). Also their son Joseph Chisholme who departed this life April 19th 1830 aged 11 years. Also his wife Jane Chisholme who departed life April 24th 1847 aged 54 years.