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Found 8 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Beetham (S) In Memory of Jane Ady Greenwood who died at Hale on the 16th of October 1817 Aged 2 years. and 6 Memory of , Daughter of John and Jane Greenwood of Manchester. Here lies virtue in the dust Till the resurrection of the Just. In Memory of Thomas Pearson, of Storth., who died October 29th 1844 Aged 70 years. Also of Ann Pearson his Widow who died December 21st 1845 Aged 65 years. Grandfather and Grandmother of the above Jane Ady Greenwood.

Beetham (S). In Memory of Robert Greenwood, mariner, who died on the 15th of February 185 1 Aged 72 years. Also of Isabella Greenwood, wife of the above who died on the 9th of December 1845 Aged 73 years. Also of Robert Greenwood, Son of the above, who d. on the 28th of November 1820 Aged 12 years. Also of John Greenwood their Son who died on the 4th of January 1822 Aged 17Y. Also of William Greenwood, Son of the above who died on the 12th of April 1848 Aged 37 years. (Other side). In Memory of Richard Bush, master mariner of Arnside who died September 18th 1879 in the 63rd years. of his age, George William Bush, son of Richard and Isabella Bush, who died on the 9th of June 1852 Aged 4 Memory of Also of Elizabeth Greenwood Bush, Daughter of Richard and Isabella Bush, who died the 26th of February 1853 Aged 11 years.

Crosby Garrett (S. altar tomb). In Memory of Nancy wife of George Greenwood of Mossgill House in this Village who died July, lst 1852 aged 79 years. Also of the above named George Greenwood who died September 4th 1856 aged 84 years.

Grasmere (E). Sacred memory of James Greenwood of the Wyke, Who died 2nd May 1845 aged 57 years. also of Ann Greenwood, who died 12th May 1852 aged 62 years. also of Richard Jones son of the above who died at Liverpool l0th September 1842 aged 17 years. Vita ut herba. J. G. A. G.

Grasmere (In. S). † In loving memory James Frederick Greenwood, Lieutt. 16th Madras inftry late of the Royal Warwickshire Regt., killed in action on Sunday the 21st November . 1886 nr. Gwebin, Upper Burmah, where he now rests, aged 27 years. Faithful unto death, Dauntless thou facest the foe as they aim at thy breast, Three bullets pierce thy heart, calmly thou sink est to rest, And thy bright spirit by death triumphant o'er death Heavenward ascendeth. God is love.

Grasmere (E). In memory of Mrs. Mary Greenwood, formerly of Rochdale, who died at the Wyke April 11,1838 aged 75 years. Memory of G.

Grasmere (E). Sacred memory of Sarah Anne, wife of James Yeates Greenwood, of the Wyke, who d. February 5th 1854 aged 31 years. S. A. G.

Shap In affectionate remembrance of Ann Greenwood of Shap, formerly of Ramsbottom, Lancashire, who died 23rd January , 1874 aged 74 years.