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Brough (In:Tower, Brass). H. Q. R. Isabellae, Filiae Jo. Kidd Gen. Quae Maritos habuit Jos. Fisher A.M. Archidiaconum Eccles. Cathedral. Carliol. Et Hujus Vicarium, Et Franc. Thompson S. T. B. Hujus Eccles Vicarium Ob. 25 Octobris A. Dom. 1737 Aetat 65. Here rests a Pattern of the Female Life, The Woman, Friend, the Mother, and the Wife, A Woman form'd by Nature, more than Art, With smiling ease to gain upon the Heart. A Friend as true as Guardian Angels are, Kindness her Law, humanIty her care. A Mother, sweetly tender, justly dear, Oh! never to be nam'd without a Tear. A Wife, of every Social Charm possest, Blessing her Husbands, in her Husbands blest. Love In her Heart, Compassion in her Eye, Her Thoughts as humble, as her Vertues high. Her Knowledge useful, nor too high, nor low, To serve her Maker, and her Self to know. Born to relieve the Poor, the Rich to please, To live with Honour, and to die in Peace. So full her Hope, her Wishes so resign'd, Her Life so blameless, so unstain'd her Mind, Heaven smil'd to see, and gave the gracious Nod, Nor longer would detain her from her God. Heu ! Mater. charissima, Heu ! Mater optima, Vale! Vale! Johannes & Guilielmus Thompson Filij, Memory of P.

Brough (In. Tower, Brass). Here lies the Body of Mr. John Kidd who departed this life the 9th of October 1725 Aged 87.

Brough (W). Sacred memory of Catherine Taylor Kilvington daughter of William and Betsy Shaw Kilvington of Brough who died March 6th 1884 Aged 21 years. "Behold now is the accepted time, behold now is the day of Salvation." 11 Cor. VI. Ch. 2. V. Also of the above named William Kilvington who died October 30th 1884 aged 44 years.

Brough (W). In memory of Thomas Kilvington of the Head Inn, Brough who died November . 9th 1855 aged 61 years. , and of Catherine Kilvington Wife of the above who departed this life Oct. 16th 1875 aged 63 years. and of Emily daughter of William & Betsy Shaw Kilvington of Brough who died May 22nd 1869 Aged 11 Weeks, also of Alice Shaw Kilvington daughter of the above who died March 9th 1874 aged 9 years. , also of Betsy Shaw Kilvington the beloved wife of William Kilvington who departed this life on the 16th day of March 1877 aged 36 years. Jesus is my strength for ever, weep not for me.

Windermere (S). In memory of Mary the wife of William Kidd and daughter of Thomas and and Jane Procter who departed this life September 16th 1824 in the 23rd years. of her age. Also of Eleanor the wife of Thomas Preston who departed this life April 14th 1846 in the 58th years. of her age. Also of Thomas Preston who departed this life February 12th 1847 in the 88th years. of his age.