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Found 6 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Brough (S). "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." In Memory of Thomas Robson who died April 20, 1841 Aged 55 years. William his son who died August 30, 1850 Aged 34 years. Susannah his daughter who died November 15,1865 Aged 36Y. Ann his wife who died June 21, 1875 Aged 85 years. Also of John son of the above who died April 25th 1882 Aged 68 years.

Brough (S). In a. R. William Beckwith of, Brough who died February 13th 1862 Aged 77 years. Also of Margaret his wife who died September 19th 1876 Aged 86 years. Also of John their son who died November 8th 1843 Aged 31 years. Also Jane Yare their daughter who died July 16th 1863 Aged 3° Y ., and of Mary the eldest daughter of the above and the beloved wife of Richard Robson of Stainmoore (sic) who died Janry. 1st 1878 aged 63 years. , and of Richard Robson, Husband of the above Mary Robson who died June l0th 1880 aged 75 years. We deeply mourn, their race is run, Father in Heaven, thy will be done.

Kirkby Thore (S.W). In memory of Anthony Dent Robson of Kirkby Thore who departed this life August 28th 1846 aged 69 years. Also of Jane his wife who died March 7th 1855 Aged 75 years. "Not lost but gone before." Also of William their son who died November 1st 1856 aged 52 years. Also of Anthony Dent their son who died July 24th 1857 aged 45 years.

Orton (W). To the memory of Isabel Robson who departed this life December 26, 1823 aged 2 days. Also of John Robson who departed this life March 3rd 1837 aged 10 years. Son and daughter of William and Sarah Robson of Coatgill in this Parish. Joseph Robson of Coatgill died September 17th 1848 aged 73 years. Sarah Robson of Coatgill died November 3rd, 1849, aged 59 years. Also of William Robson of Coatgill who died January 26th 1858 aged 69 years.

Orton (W). To the memory of Joseph Robson son of Thomas and Isabella Robson of Coatgill who died December 26th 1859 aged 20 weeks and 6 days.

Orton (W). Sacred memory of Thomas Robson, Yeoman, of Field Head who died October 2nd 1858 aged 85. Also of Eleanor his wife who died April 5th 1860 aged 60. Also of Thomas Robson, Yeoman, their only son who died November . 15th 1859 aged 28. " Even so father for so it seemed good in thy sight."