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Beetham (W). In memory of Margaret Harrison, who departed this life on the 24th day of February 1855 aged 89 years. , she was a most faithful nurse for many years. in the family of William Hutton Esquire and was much beloved and esteemed by every member of the same.

Beetham (S) . In m, Edward Hutton Esquire late of Milnthorpe, attorney- at-law, second son of William Hutton Esquire of Beetham House, he departed this life February 1lth 1857 aged 49 years. " In my Father's house are many mansions."

Beetham (In. S). Near this Place lie the Remains of George Hutton of Overthwaite, Gentleman. He died in 1736 aged 48 years. Also of Eleanor his Widow, Daughter of Mr. William . Tennant of Bedal, Yorkshire. She died in 1758 aged 61 years. , an amiable Woman. Also of George Hutton their eldest Son, a Merchant in Liverpool, a Man of Probity and Honor. He died in 1802 aged 72 years. This Marble is here placed to their Memory by William . Hutton, Vicar of this Church.

Beetham (In. S). Sacred memory of Gulielmi Hutton, annos fere LII Hujus Ecclesiæl Vicarii. Ob. VI August An. Dom, MDCCCXI Æt. suae LXXIV.

Beetham (In. floor S). Lucy Hutton 1788. W. Hutton, Vicar 1811.

Beetham (N). Margaret Denton, the beloved wife of the Reverend . William Hutton, Vicar of Beetham, died November . 18th 1866 aged 64 years. Georgiana Hyndman, infant daughter of the above died March 18th 1848. “ Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord."

Beetham (In. S). Sacred memory of Mary, Wife of the Reverend . William Hutton, Vicar of this Church, and Daughter of Mr. John Hutton of Helslack in this Parish. She was an easy and agreable Acquaintance, a steady and sincere Friend, a faithful, tender, loving Wife, and a good Christian. Thus, in her single and married State, She liv’d an Example, worthy of Her Sex's Imitation. She died 5th July 1768 aged 29. and left Issue one Son Who died in 1770.

Beetham (In. floor S). Mr. Thomas Hutton 1796. Lucy Hutton 1823,

Beetham (In.floor S). William Hutton Obiit November .12th 1853. Catherine Hutton obiit Decr. 15th 1860.

Beetham (In. S). In memory of William Hutton late of Beetham House Esquire, son of the Reverend William Hutton, vicar of this parish and Lucy daughter of Rigby Molyneux Esquire of Preston, he deceased on the 12th day of November 1853 aged 72 years. ; also of Catherine his wife daughter of Edward Pedder Esqr., of Preston, who died the 15th day of December . 1860 aged 81 years.

Beetham (N. cross). I.H.S. In memory of William Hutton, Memory of A. Eldest son of William . Hutton, Esq. and Catherine his wife, Vicar of Beetham, his native parish for upwards of 37 years. B. 8th May 1805, died 20th November 1881. “I am the resurrection and the life."

Beetham (In. chancel window E.) To the glory of God & in m. the Reverend . William Hutton Memory of A. born 1805, Vicar of this Parish 1844-1881, entered into rest 23rd Sunday after Trinity 1881, this window has been dedicated by parishioners and friends.

Beetham (S. altar tomb). Here lie the remains of John Tomlinson of Whasset, third son of John and Ellen Tomlinson died November . 13th 1749 aged 64. Agnes his wife And daughter of Thomas Hutton of Overthwaite, died September .26th 1720 aged 33. Jane his second wife And daughter of Robt. Eskrigge of Eskrigge, died September . 27th 1749 aged 67.

Burton In Kendal (In. S). To Memory of John Lucas of Holme in this Parish, Yeoman, Who died March the 18th 1794, Aged 81. He bequeathed in trust to John Hutton, Vicar of this Parish, and Thomas Cartmel of Farleton gentleman. and their Heirs, to be placed out at Interest, For the benefit of the School, £40. For an annual afternoon sermon. 12; For Bread for the Poor Housekeepers of Holme who come to Church on Sundays, 60; For the Poor Housekeepers of Holme 10; For those of Burton 5£, Hale and Whasset 5£ 10.

Clifton (N). In memory of William Hutton many years. Agent to the Rt Honorable Thomas Wallace of Carleton Hall Now Lord Knaresdale who departed this life on the 5th March 1828, In the 62 years. of his Age. Also of Bella his Wife who died on the 23rd Day of October 1850 aged 80 years. Also of Isabella the daughter of William & Bella Hutton who died on the 19 of September 1814 aged 17 years. Also of Ann their daughter who died on the 11th of January 1819 aged 9 years. Also of John their son who died on the 5th of November 1821 aged 18 years. Also of Thomas their son who died on the 27th day of December 1845 aged 35 years. (Other side, brass on stone). In memory of Mary Robinson of Murthwaite, daughter of William & Bella Hutton who died August 18th 1863 aged 68 years. , also of Elizabeth Hutton their daughter who died July 23rd 1872 aged 68 y. Also of John Hutton (son of Thomas Hutton a grandson of the above William Hutton) who died February 28th (?) aged 17 years. , also of Isabella Hutton daughter of the above Thomas Hutton who died May 5th 1871 aged 31 years.

Crosby Garrett (S). Sacred memory of Jane Wife, of John Hut ton who departed this life October 31st 183(1) aged 65 years. Also of Thomas Hutton their Son who died May 27th 1811 aged 19 years. And of Elizabeth Hutton their daughter who died January 1st 1836 Aged 33 years.

Crosby Garrett (S). In Memory of Susannah the dearly beloved daughter of William Hutton, Liverpool, who departed this life at Sedbergh May l0th 1842 Aged 9 years. and 8 Memory of

Kirkby Stephen Hic jacet Exuviæ Edwardi Hutton de Hartley in spem lætæ resurrectionis Obiit anno Ætatis Suæ 27, anno salutis 1700.

Kirkby Stephen In memory of Jane, wife of the late Thomas Hutton. of Soulby who died October 30, 1813 aged 45 years. also in m. Mary, wife of Thomas Hutton, junior, of Soulby, who died June 28,1843 aged 28 years. & of Eleanor their daughter who died January 15, 1843 aged 1 years. & 9 m.