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Appleby St Michael (S). John and Jane Hudson of Hilton Erected this Stone To Memory of Tamar their Daughter who departed this life April 6th 1818 Aged 27 years. Remember, friends that you must die And unto Dust soon fall, To sow in Tears and reap in Joy Is what I wish you all.

Appleby St Michael (W). In memory of John Hudson, Late of Hilton in this Parish who died I. March 31st 1830 Aged 82 years. Also of Wife who died May 25th 1828 Aged 79y. The memory of the just is blessed.

Askham (E). In loving memory Emily Blanch youngest daughter of John and Jane Ann Hudson who died May 2nd 1884 aged 27 years.

Askham (E). I. H. S. In memory of John Hudson of Askham who died December 30th 1858 aged 34 years. Also of Jane Ann widow of the above who died July 15th 1882 aged 55 years.

Beetham (S. cross). " I know that my Redeemer liveth." In A. R. Esther Hudson of Milnthorpe who died suddenly October 20th 1880 aged 51 years. , a diligent worker for Christ amongst the poor and in the Sunday School for 36 years. " Be ye also Ready." This stone is erected by the teachers and children of St. Thomas' Sunday School, the poor in her district, and other friends.

Beetham (In. floor N). Frances Hudson 1856.

Beetham (W). In memory of John Hudson late of Arnside, died at Slackhead, November . 21st 1867 aged 55 years.

Beetham HUDSON. (S). Here Lyeth ye Body of Robert Son of John Hudson of H . . who departed. . . . this . . . 14. (See note, at end of section).

Beetham (S). Sacred memory of Robert H udson late of Milnthorp who died on the 3rd of December 1828 Aged 42 years. Also of Elizabeth Hudson, Wife of the above who died November 12th 1872 Aged 85 years. Robert Hudson, Son of Robert & Elizabeth Hudson, died January 8th 1847 Aged 25 years. Also of James their Son who died . April l0th 1876 aged 49 years.

Beetham Hudson p. 110, Robert, son of John H. of Haverbrack bapt. 31 Mar. 1660; ditto born 2 bapt. 28 December 1696; Robert, son of John H. of Bethom bapt. 5 Jan. 1720; a daughter Margaret bapt. July 1723; Robert H. of B. buried 19 Ap. 1707; Jennet wife of Robert H. of H. buried 13 February 1769; Robert H. of H. buried 31 act. 1770. Parish Register (per Mr. Cole, who adds that John Hudson's will of 1710 mentions a younger son Robert.

Heversham (N. flat tomb). Sacred memory of Hannah Hudson late of Heversham who died in Kirkland June 12th, 1843 Aged 70 years.

Heversham (N). Sacred memory of Henry Hudson of Heversham Waller who died March 19th, 1829 aged 79 years. And of Mary his Wife who died March 24th, 1821 aged 70 years. And of Henry their Son who died in the Island of Dominica August 27th, 1803 aged 28 years. And of Richard their 3rd Son who also died in Dominica October 27th 1822 aged 37 years. And of Richard, Grandson of the above Henry and Mary Hudson who died at Heversham November . 19th, 1817, aged 4 years.

Heversham (In. S) . Near this Place are buried the Remains of John Hudson, second Son of Robert Hudson Esqr of Tadworth Court, Surrey, And also of Isaac Hudson of Long Sleddale his Schoolfellow, who were drowned bathing on the Sands on the 24th of June A.D. 1792, both aged 16 years.

Kendal (In. S). To the memory of the Reverend .. John Hudson Memory of A. Vicar of this parish for 28 years. and late Fellow and Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge ; who died October 31st 1843 aged 70 years. He was esteemed for his sincere affection, his sound judgment and sterling talent. His merits as tutor were acknowledged by a memorial gift from his grateful pupils. How he approved himself as vicar is attested by this monument, erected by affectionate members of his flock.

Kendal (E). T. Hudson 1811. R. Hudson 1812. Mary Hudson 1841.

Kendal (In. S. aisle, E.floor). In memory of William Culliford Hudson, died January 16th 1829 Aged 5 years. and 8 m. Also of The Reverend . John Hudson Memory of A. Vicar of this Parish, who died the 31st day of October 1843 Aged 70 years.

Lowther In memory of Mary Ellen Hudson of Whale Moor who died October 13th 1867 aged 25 years.

Lowther Tom eldest and beloverl son of Isaac and Eleanor Hudson of Hackthorpe Hall died January 15th 1886 aged 7. years. 11 m., also Mary Ellen their daughter who died January 20th 1886 aged 3 years. & 11 m., also Christopher their son who died January 22nd 1886 aged 2 years. & 1 m.

Shap In memory of Ann the beloved wife of Joseph Hudson who died 18th November . 1875 aged 39 years. Also of Margaret Ann their daughter who died 12th January 1879 aged 19 years. Also of Elizabeth their daughter wife of William Leighton who died 1st of November . 1880 aged 19 years.