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Found 2 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Kirkby Stephen (S. altar tomb). In memory of Anthony Davis who died June 27th 1782 aged 71, Mary his wife died April 13th 1816 aged 84. Joshua their younger son died February 17th 1795 aged 33. William their elder son died April 13th 1796 aged 36. Isabella his wife (da. of Robert Islip) died October 1st 1839 aged 71. Isabella, wife of Anthony Davis died September 15th 1839 aged 41. Anthony Davis son of William Davis died September 22nd 1852 aged 60. lsabella wife of William Davis died September 10th 1856 aged 33. William Davis died March 16th 1858 aged 33.

Kirkby Stephen (E). Hen. Rycroft, A.M., St, John's CoIl. Cambridge, Vicar 1743. Dum Spectas Fugio, F. Islip, A. W'mson, (i.e. Williamson) A. Dixon, J. Railton, Ch: Wardens. ("On the dial which stood above the door in the south transept." Mr. Berry).