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Found 2 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Kirkby Stephen (S. tower wall, brass). Arms,3 griffin's heads erased, on chief 3 fleurs de lis, impaling lion rampant, on fess 3 roundles. Near this place are interr'd the Remains of Alice the Wife of the Reverend Mr Henry Rycroft, Memory of A., Vicar of this Parish, who departed this life the last day of March 1743 in the 56th years. of her Age. Her prayers & her alms are gone up for a memorial before God. Acts 10, iv. Since we must part, my dearer Self, adieu. For Ever! No; for we shall meet agen, In Realms of Joy which never Sorrow knew And live like Angels tho' we die like men. H. R. Here also lyes the Body of the said Henry Rycroft, Memory of A., who died the 15th day of May in the years. of our Lord 1746 aged 45. Meliora Spero.

Kirkby Stephen (E). Hen. Rycroft, A.M., St, John's CoIl. Cambridge, Vicar 1743. Dum Spectas Fugio, F. Islip, A. W'mson, (i.e. Williamson) A. Dixon, J. Railton, Ch: Wardens. ("On the dial which stood above the door in the south transept." Mr. Berry).