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Found 2 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Warcop (W). In memory of John Abram who died November . 27th 1852 Æ: 77 years. Also Isabella his wife who died December . 13th 1842 Æ: 67 years. They shall lie down alike in the dust and the worms shall cover them. Also Mary daughter of the above and the beloved wife of John Lonstaff who died June 27th 1872 aged 57 years.

Warcop (W. rail). Sacred memory of Thomas Abram of Loading near Kirkby Stephen and for some time residing near Toronto, Upper Canada, in America who died April 20th 1845 aged 36 years. Thus all our years will pass away Our troubles be forgot. Man's life is but a fleeting day Eternity his future lot. Also Isabella Abram, wife of the above and daughter of John & Mary Atkinson of Mill Hill near Warcop. She died at Old Spital February . 5th 1846 aged 43 years. And is she gone whom we so dearly loved Whose tender kindness we so often proved Yes she's gone her happy spirit's fled And now she's number'd with the silent dead. Also of John Atkinson formerly of Mill Hill. He died at Old Spital December . 27th 1854 aged 76 years.