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Found 23 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Beetham (In N.) Near this Place lieth the Body of John, Son of Henry & Elizabeth Preston, of Farlton who departed this life on the 9th Day of June 1766 in the 18th years. of his Age. He was a dutiful Son, and possess'd of an amiable Temper. Think, Reader, think, how soon thou must Return like him to native Dust.

Beetham (W). In remembrance of John Jas. Carml. Preston of Liverpool who died 30th June 1864 aged 8 m. This lovely rose-bud young and fair, Call'd hence by early doom, Just came to show how sweet a flower In Paradise could bloom. Also of Matthew Preston, died 14th February . 1864 aged 70 years. , also of Agnes (sic) his wife, died 25th January 1879 aged 85 years. her end was peace. R. . . . (E). Memory of R. 1875.

Brougham Underneath lie the remains of Maria wife of Anthony Preston of Penrith,, who died there on Tuesday the (Feb. 21. C.B.N.) 29th of February . 1821 at the age of 32 years. (Hill MSS v, 11).

Brougham (In. brass chancel floor). In this Chancel are deposited the Remains of the Reverend . William Preston fifty years. Rector of this Church who died April 1st 1770 aged 77, and Elizabeth his wife who died April 26th 1767 aged 84. Also Anthony their youngest Son late of Penrith Gent. who died February 15th 1713 aged 45, and Elizabeth his daughter who died February 1st 1784 aged 21 years. To whose Memory of this Inscription is erected by Anthony's Son I. S. Preston. (per Rector).

Burton In Kendal (Arms in Burton Church as tricked in Hill MSS. ii. 305). Ar.3 bars gu., on canton quatrefoil or (Preston of Preston Patrick). Ditto impaling gu. 3 cushions (Redman).

Burton In Kendal (W. church yard wall, brass on stone). Near this Place lies the Body of Isabel, Wife of James Willan of Dalton Hall, Farmer; who died February ye 4th 1759; aged 77 years. Also her Brother John Preston who died January ye 28th 1754 aged 72 Ys. Maritus quando e vità decesserit juxta caram conjugem sepeli (sic) desiderat.

Crosby Ravensworth (S.). Sacred memory of Thomas Garnet of Wickerslack who died February 14th 1803 aged 83. Also of Mary Garnet his Wife who died September . 3d, 1820, aged 70. And of George Preston their Grandson who died October 23d 1800 aged 3.

Grasmere (N). In memory of Thomas Preston of Mill Brow, Loughrigg, died March 17th 1878 aged 78 years. Jane His wife, died Oct. 23rd 1868 aged 69 years. William their son d. December 17th 1861 aged 37 years. Eleanor their daughter died April 25th 1860 aged 29 y.

Grasmere (N). In memory of William Preston, born June 3rd 1825, died December 17th 1861, and of his children Thomas, born June 4th 1854, died November 5th 1871, Margaret, born Oct. 30th 1861, died May 26th 1862, Hannah Eleanor, born July 13th 1858, died September 25th 1879 aged 21 years. "Weep not, Father, mother dear–weep not for me I say. Weep not, brother, Sisters, here–but for yourselves now pray." "Though I am going just in my bloom, I'm snatched from every snare, And hope in Heaven to join the throng Of my blest kindred there."

Heversham (Dallham Tower Chapel. Window S). Arms: 41y. 1. ar. chevron between 3 (water-bougets) s~ (Bushell) ; 2. . . . . . ; 3. 41y per fess indented or. and gu., on bend az. cinquefoil between 2 martlets of the first; 4. . . . . . . . I h. s. A. P. 1601, Bushell (hawk volant), Arms : ar. 2 bars,on canton gu. cinquefoil or. (Preston).

Heversham (In. N). Arms: (in a lozenge surmounted by a mitre with crozier and pastoral staff in saltire), fess, in chief fleur de lis, impaling 3 bars, in chief 2 fleurs de lis {?) {on urn) ætatis suae LXXI1. in piam mem. tam optimæ quam delectissimæ matris Annæ Preston A.D. MDCCLXVII defunctæ hoc marnlor ponendum curavit filius moerens Guls. Preston died D.late Lord Bishop of Ferns, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge Rector of Okeham in Surrey, Chargé des Affaires several years. at the Courts of Vienna and Naples, private Secretary to the late Duke of of Rutland, when Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Bishop of Killala, and afterwards translated to the Bishoprick of Ferns. He d. in Dublin the 19th of April 1789 Aged 60.

Heversham (In. S). In memory of John Preston of Leasgill, Nephew of Dr. William Preston late Bishop of Ferns who died 28 June 1816 Aged 52 years. Also of Jenny his daughter {Wife of John Nunns of Lancaster) who died 18 August 1819, Aged 25y. (Crest: martlet over dove cot).

Heversham (En. S. Dallam Tower chapel, E. altar tomb). A rms: (ar) 2 bars, on canton {gu.) cinquefoil pierced (or) with Ulster badge in centre chief impaling cross moline pierced. Hic Jacet Dna Maria Preston Filia Illustrismi Dni Carylli Molineux Vicecomiti. de Maryborough Conjux Nobilissimi Dni Thomæ Preston Baronet ti quæ obiit die VI Julii anno Dni MDCLXXIII. (P. arms and date 1602 on pew N. & B).

Kirkby Lonsdale (S. altar tomb, rail). Sacred memory of Christopher Preston Gent, who departed this life May 21st 1763 aged 72 years. Also Mary Preston his wife died November 14th 1773 aged 79 years. Isabella Preston, daughter tothe above died May 28th 1788 Aged 70 years. Captain Achilles Preston their Son died April 3rd 1814 aged 84. He served in the Army that expelled the French from Canada and also during the whole of the American War which commenced in 1775.

Ravenstonedale (W). Sacred memory of Esther the Wife of Thomas Preston who died on the 27th January 1843 aged 41 years. Also two sons who died in their Infancy. Also John Preston, Slater, late of Sunderland, their third son who died 1st August 1848 aged 23 years. Also of Henry their eighth Son who died on the 18th Day of June 1849 aged 11 years. Also of Anthony their eldest Son, Slate Merchant, late of Sunderland, who died 12th May 1855 aged 33 years. Also of Holme their youngest Son who died at Sunderland 3rd June 1855 aged 12 years. Also in m.. Thomas Preston of Bowderdale, Husband of the above Esther, who died June 2nd 1858 aged 73 years. (Other side). In memory of Leonard Preston died March 29th 1797 aged 6. Isabella Wife of Anthony Preston died July 28th 1798 aged 40. Anthony Preston late of Bowderdale died at Bp: Wearmouth September 23d 1824 aged 69. William Preston, Slate Merchant, late of Leeds, died at Bishop Wearmouth 15th March 1829 aged, 40. Anthony Preston, Junr., Slate Merchant, of the City of Washington, America, died May 3rd 1843 aged 51. Also John Preston, Slate Merchant, of Bp. Wearmouth died August 17th 1858 aged 72 years. In memory of Ann Preston died at Bp. Wearmouth January 19th1864 aged 68y.

Warcop (In. Choir, E. window, 3 lights). (I.) † George Preston died on the 4th of May 1836 aged 10 years. (2.) † The Reverend . William Michael Stephenson Preston died on the 21st September 1842 aged 56 years. (3.) † Edward Thomas Preston died on the 5th of May 1842 aged 12 years.

Warcop (E). Sacred memory of Henry Preston a Christian and soldier on whose poor soul may God have mercy for the dear sake of Jesus Christ his Saviour.

Warcop (In Choir. N. window). † Henry Preston Captain 90th Regiment killed within the Redan at the storming of Sebastopol September 8th 1855 aged 28. A tribute from Captains Guise and Rous to a very dear friend & comrade.

Warcop (In. S. window). † A tribute to Henry Preston, H.M. 90th Light Infantry who fell at the storming of Sebastopol September 8th 1855 æt. 28 by his mother, brothers & sisters.

Warcop (N. cross). In loving memory Margaret wife of the Late Reverend W. Memory of S. Preston of Warcop Hall, Vicar of this Parish, who fell asleep May 1, 1881 aged 84. R.I.P. The Lord is my Shepherd, therefore shall I lack nothing.

Warcop (In. S. Transept. Window S). Mary Preston gave this window to the glory of God and in memory of her father, mother, brothers, & sisters.

Warcop (E). In hope of a blessed Resurrection here rests the Body of Mary Preston who departed this life January 29, 1875 aged 79 years. "The Lord grant unto her that she may find mercy of the Lord."–2 Tim. i. 18.

Warcop (In. S. window). A tribute to Moyes Preston, Lieut. H.M. 90th Light Infantry who died at the Alumbagh from wounds received during the advance upon Lucknow under Sir H. Havelock September 27,1857 æt. 20, by his mother, brothers, & sisters.