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Found 2 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Shap In memory of Isabella wife of Thomas Abbott, who died 25th August 1874 aged 48 years. Also Thomas, their son who died 29th August 1864 aged 3 years. And of Annie Isabella Powley their daughter who died 16th August 1864, aged 17 m.

Shap (S). Sacred memory of The Reverend Joseph Abbott of Rosegill who died April 26th 1830 aged 53 years. , also of Frances Abbott his wife who died May the 19th 1849 aged 69Y. Let this vain world allure no more, Behold the opening tomb, It bids us use the present hour Tomorrow death may come. Also of Martha Abbott their eldest daughter who died , February 6th 1853 aged 44 years. also of Jane their second daughter wife of T. Banks who died July 31st 1855 aged 45 years. Also Frances their eldest daughter who died at Shap June 8th 1879 aged 62 years.