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Found 5 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Beetham (In. S. floor). Sacred memory of John Saul of Arnside who died Jany 12 1822 (altered to 1833) Aged 83 years. Also of Mary his Wife who died July 14th 1828 Aged 87 years. Also of Mary, grand-da. of the above, and daughter of Thomas Saul who died October 23rd 1809 aged 8 years. Also of Ann her Sister who died July 24th 1814 aged 9 years.

Beetham (S). Sacred memory of Thomas Saul of Black Dyke, Arnside, who died January 6th 1850 aged 78, deeply regretted by all who knew him, also of Agnes Saul, wife of the who died April 4th 1838 aged 69 years. , also of Jane, wife of George Edgar, and daughter of the above Thomas and Agnes Saul who died April 25th 1862 aged 53 years.

Beetham (S). In loving memory William Saul of Arnside who died December 1851 aged 68 years. , and of Agnes his wife, who died August 1867 aged 71 years. and of their children William who died May 1849 aged 17 years. , Agnes who died December 1851 aged 21 years. , John who died May 1853 aged 24 years. , Thomas who died February 1861 aged 26 years. , and also of John son of Robert and Ann Saul who died April 1877 aged 14 m.

Heversham (N. altar tomb). Sacred memory of John Saul Who died at Manchester on the 25th of May 1859 Aged 44 years. Also of Mary, Sister of the above Who died May 30th, 1884 Aged 73 years. Also of Elizabeth Sister of the above Who died November 30th, 1884 Aged 64 years. And of Sarah, Sister of the above Who died May 11th, 1885 Aged 59 years.

Heversham (E. rail). i. h. s. In affectionate remembrance of Richard Saul of Milnthorpe who died January 8th, 1871 aged 92 years. , also of Mary his wife, who died March 16th, 1866, aged 83 years. , also of Ann their daughter who died . June l0th, 1814 aged 2 years. , also of Agnes Ann, their daughter who died December 15th, 1845 aged 28y., also of Alice their daughter who died March 7th, 1857 aged 34.