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Found 15 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Asby (S). Prepare to meet thy God. Sacred memory of Thomas Parker of Dufton who died April 21st, 1828, aged 43 years. Also John his Son an Infant died September . 12th, 1825. Also Ann widow of the above named Thomas Parker who died 16th January 1878, aged 88 years.

Beetham (S) . In Memory of Jane, Wife of Lawrence Whinray of Arnside who was Interred the l0th day of October 1819 Aged 64 years. Also of Elizabeth wife of Robert Parker of Warth Sutton and daughter of the said Lawrence and Jane Whinray who was interred the 26th day of December 1843 Aged 53 years. Also of Lawrence Whinray who was interred the 19th day of December 1845 Aged 87 Y ., Tide waiter 38 y. much Respected. Also the Remains of Thomas Casson late of Halifax Yorkshire who departed this life on the 24th day of August 1849 Aged 58 years.

Cliburn (N). In Memory of John Edward Parker who died January 29th 1877 aged 5 years. Margaret Annie Parker died August 19 1882 aged 9 m. Also Janet Annie died May 22nd 1885 aged 2y.

Dufton (S). In memory of Jane wife of Robert Blenkarn of Wharleycrofts & daughter of Thomas Parker of Dudmire who died July 6th 1837 aged 49 years. , also 2 of their sons viz. John who died February 16, 1832 aged 14, and William who died in infancy.

Dufton (S). Erected in m. Ann the wife of Thomas Parker of Wharley Crofts who died March 3rd 1833 aged 76 years. , also of the above named Thomas Parker who died May 16th 1836 aged 90 years. , also of William . their son who died at Dudmire June the 30th 1805 aged 5 years. , also of John the son of Wm. & Mary Horn & grandson of the above named who died at Dudmire Octr 21st 1830 aged 5 years. , also Thomas their son who died April 21st 1828 aged 43 years. & lays intered (sic) at Asby.

Dufton (S). May silent dust dictate a happy crown. Sacred memory of Joseph Parker, son of Joseph and Ann Parker who died April 7th 1828 aged 25 years. , also Joseph Parker Senr who departed this life April 27th 1835 aged 85 years. , alsu of Ann his wife who departed life Decr. 16th 1838 aged 76 years.

Dufton (S). In memory of Mary the wife of Henry Parker who died on the 11th.of January 1877 aged 58 years. Also of Tamar their daughter who died on the 2nd of April 1862 aged 7 years. Also of Mary Ann and Henry who died in infancy.

Heversham (N) . In memory of Thomas Parker of Hincaster who departed this life January 24th, 1848 Aged 75 years. Also of Alice his Wife who died 27th February 1852 Aged 71 years. Also Tobit, infant Son interred at Lancaster 1806. And Jane infant daughter of the above 1812.

Kirkby Stephen Here lies the body of Thomas Son of Thomas & Margaret Parker, of Soulby, who departed this life May 1st 1797 aged 15. Short was my life, the longer js my rest, For God did take me when he thought it best. E. P. March 1st 1799 aged 20 years. (Mr. Berry).

Kirkby Stephen . . . also . . . William . Parker who died the 5th (3d?) day of August 1779 )1749 ?) aged 60.

Long Marton (S). To the memory of William Parker of Long Marton who departed this life July 21st 1834 aged 77. (Other side). To the memory of Betty daughter of William and Mary Parker at Longmarton who d. July the 23d 1794 aged 4 years. Also Robert their son who died November the 2d 1796 aged 20 y, and Dickey their son who died November the 16th 1796 aged 3 years.

Lowther S. m Richard, son of William and Frances Parker of Melkinthorpe who died Augst. 24th 1885 aged 24 years. The Lord loved him too much to spare him to us any longer. Mary Lowis died March 18th 1887 aged 78 years.

Orton (N). Here lieth Robert son of Richard and Isabella Parker of Borrowdale who died 4th March 1868 aged 12 years. Also Thomas their son who died 21st April 1870 aged 6 years. Also Isabella wife of Richard Parker who died 22nd December 1871 aged 38 years.

Shap (S.E). Erected to the memory of an affectionate son Thomas Parker of Kemphow who died March the 1st 1838 aged 48 years.

Shap In affectionate remembrance of Thomas Walter Parker, of the Cross, Shap, who died April 21st 1876, aged 85 years. Also of Mary, wife of the above, who died September 6th 1873, aged 66 years.