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Found 17 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (Mid Aisle, floor, brass). Thomas Carleton Gent, Dy'd the 30th December 1731, aged 72. Mr. Robert Carleton his Second Son Dy'd the 16th Octob. 1720, aged 33. Mrs. Dorothy Braithwaite his eldest Daughter Dy'd 29th April 1731, aged 43. (from Reverend c. B. Norcliffe).

Beetham (In. pillar S). Ad pedem hujus Columnae Conduntur reliquiae Edvardi Wilson de Dallam Tower, Armigeri, Qui, Amici fidelis, boni Civis, et integri Magistratus Munijs diu et feliciter perfunctus, Tandem Octoginta novem annis fructus, Requievit, Mense Julij A. died l707. Duas sibi adscivit Uxores, Elizabetham, filiam Thomae Braithwaite de Ambleside Arm. Per quam filium unum Edwardum reliquit; Huic successit Dorothea filia Ricardi Kirby de Kirby In agro Lancastriensi Arm. Ex qua Unicum suscepit filium, Rogerum Wilson de Casterton In hoc comitatu. En Hic etiain cum paterno miscetur cinis Edvardi Wilson Arm. filij et Haeredis, Sinceri, aequi, . eruditi. Uxorem duxit Catharinam, Filiam Danielis Fleming de Rydall Militis; Faeminam, seu conjugem, seu matrem spectes, Lectissimam; Et annum agens 69 um. e vivis discessit 5to. die Febr . A.D. l7l9. Superstites reliquit Danielem et Catharinam. Haec Paulo post paternas exequias, Ex hac vita demigravit, innupta, Et apud Tunstal juxta matrem sepulta est. Daniel Wilson, Armiger, Avo Patrique optime merentibus Pie parentavit, juxta quoque jacent Daniel et Guilielmus hujus filij, Secundo et tertio geniti, Optimae spei pueri. (N. & B. make a correction as to the 1st wife.)

Heversham (N. 2 crosses, rail). Elizabeth Mary Braithwaite b, June 16th 1847, died July 13th 1872.

Heversham (N. altar tomb; railing). Sacred memory of William James, son of Garnett and Sarah Braithwaite, who died on the 20th day of December 1842 aged 1 years. and 7 m., also of Garnett Braithwaite of Plum-tree Hall, who died at Cheltenham on the 19th day of December 1845 aged 35 years. , also of Sarah, wife of the above Garnett Braithwaite who died at Plum- tree Hall on the 18th day of December 1879 aged 72 years.

Heversham (E. flat tomb, rail) . In memory of Thomas Braithwaite of Kendal who died February 24th 1822 aged 48 years. , and of Jane Braithwaite his widow only daughter of Robert Bindloss of Greenside who died March 12th 1862 aged 80 years. , and also of Hannah Braithwaite daughter of the above named Thomas and Jane Braithwaite, who died at Greenside March 2nd 1872, aged 61 years.

Kendal (Board). Donations to the poor for Bread. A.D. 1710 Rowland Wilson Esqr. London, Rent Charge on Grassgarth, Hugill, of £2 12S. od. Annually. 1750 Mr. John Robinson, Lane Foot, Strickland Ketel, Rent charge on Green Rigg Underbarrow of £2 12s. 0d. Annually. 1811 Mrs. Catherine Bordley. Kendal, Interest of £119 2s. 11d. New 3 per cents. 1813 Mr. William Sleddall, Kendal, Interest of £156 7s. 10d. New 3 per cents, 1846 Mrs. Elizabeth Rigg, Manchester, Moiety of Rents of Two Dwelling Houses, Wool Pack Yard. 1852 Reverend George Braithwaite Memory of A. Kendal, Interest of £198 15s. 2d. 3 per cent Consols. 1856 Mr. Christopher Gardner of Kendal, Ironmonger, Interest of £108 5s. 1d. 3 per cent Consols, being a gift to the Poor in commemoration of the Parish Church Restoration.

Kirkby Lonsdale (N. altar tomb). Sacred memory of Richard Bellasis Braithwaite who died February l0th 1855 aged 27 years. also Agnes Bellasis Braithwaite mother of the above who died September 3rd 1871 aged 76 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (" This coat of arms was on ye Casterton pew on ye south side on wainscot A.D. 1605 in Kirkby Lonsdale church." Hill Memory of SS 11,328 citing Machell). Crest. (Over an esquire's helmet) a stag's head cabossed* Arms, 41y of 6. 1 & 6 ar. on chevron 3 cross crosslets fitched, a crescent for difference. (For Braithwaite, i.e. gu. on chevron ar. 3 cross-crosslets fitched sa.); 2, barry ? lion rampant vert; 3 vert, a bend erm.; 4 or, a bugle horn sa. (for Bellingham); 5, ar. 3 bendlets gu., on canton of last, lion rampant (of field) (Burneshead). * This is not the Braithwaite crest at Coll. Arms (C. 39, 7, & 2 died 14.) The collar and line round the "couchant greyhound" were taken away by Segar at the College in 1601.

Warcop (W.) Here lieth the Body of George Braithwaite of Warcop who died January 5th 1857 aged 71 years. Also of Ann his wife who died September 18th 1882 aged 95 years.

Warcop (In. N. window). † In memory of Thomas Braithwaite, gent., son of George & Isabella Braithwaite of Warcop, ob: March 11,1788 æt: 65. † Also Isabel his wife ob: June 15th 1814 æt:74. † Also their daus. † Elizabeth ob: Aug: 29, 1785 æt: 13. † Jane ob: Sept: 28, 1786 æt: 9. † Mary ob: April 9, 1804 æt: 28. † Ann ob: May 15, 1813 æt: 39. † Isabella ob: May 23, 1845 æt: 74.

Warcop (S.) Sacred memory of Thomas Coats Braithwaite Son of Robert and Elizabeth Braithwaite of Warcop, who departed this life April 9th 1833 aged 22 years. Elizabeth Braithwaite died August 24th 1848 æ: 67 years. Also Robert Braithwaite who died September , 21st 1855 aged 81 years.

Warcop (In. N .) In. m. Thomas Brathwaite Gent: Son of George and Isabella Brathwaite of Warcop, obiit March 11, 1788 æt: 65. Also Isabel his wife obiit June 15th 1814 Ætat: 74. Also his Daus. Elizabeth ob: Aug: 29. 1785 Æt: 13. Jane ob: Sept: 28, 1786 Æt: 9. Mary ob: April 9, 1804 Æt: 28. Ann ob: May 15, 1813 Æt: 39. Arms, gu. on chevron ar.3 cross crosslets fitchées sa. Crest, Greyhound couchant. Motto, Cum spe et metu, (Braithwaite).

Warcop (Chancel S.) . . . Park, daughter of Thomas Brathwait died May 19, 1845 aged 74. ("She was buried in a vault on the S. side of the chancel, as was also her husband Geo: Park gent. She was dr. of Capt. Braithwait. the last resident of the former Lords of Warcop. ") Hill MSS. 7 447.

Warcop (In. N). Sacred memory of George Park late of Warcop Tower, Esqr., who died November . 20th 1841 aged 83. His remains lie interred in the Chancel of this Church. Also of Isabella his widow daughter of Thomas Brathwaite, gent, who died May 19th 1845 aged 74.

Windermere (In. S). In memory of John Braithwaite of Orrest Head who departed this life the 2nd day of June 1818 aged 69, also of Elizabeth relict of John Braithwaite who died the 28th day of January 1838 in the 84th years. of her age, also of William eldest son of the above John and Elizabeth Braithwaite who departed this life the 21st day of April 1805 aged 31, and of John, second son of the above who died the 1st day of March 1854 aged 72.

Windermere (In. S). In memory of John Braithwaite of Orrest Head Esquire, whose love of God and man prompted him to munificent acts in furtherance of education and religion, this monument is erected by friends and neighbours desirous to record their grateful sense of his benefactions and their esteem for his virtues. A sound understanding, kindly affections and firm integrity were united in him with a singular modesty, and rendered him, both in public and in private, useful, be- loved, and respected. For the benefit of the poor around him he added at his private cost an aisle to St. Mary's chapel, Birthwaite; and dying on the 1st of March A.D. 1854 left the endowments herewith inscribed to promote the improved education of youth in this and adjacent parishes. His mortal remains are interred on the south outside this church in which he was for many years a devout and constant worshipper; his whole life bearing witness that he was a sincere, a humble, and a faithful Christian. Bequests of Mr. Braithwaite £2000 to the trustees of the endowed school, Bowness, the annual proceeds to be applied as an exhibition to St. John's College, Cambridge, tenable for four years by a youth born in Applethwaite or Undermillock, educated two years in the said school and nominated by a majority of the trustees thereof; and during vacancy of exhibition, in any manner for the benefit of the said school, or of any youth or youths under the age of twenty five years who shall have been educated thereat, according to the discretion of the said trustees. £1200 to the same; the annual proceeds of one moiety to be applied towards the salary of an undermaster of the boys, of the other moiety to be applied to the salary of the mistress of the girls. £1000 to the trustees of the school for Great and Little Langdale; £1000 - for Troutbeck; £1000 -at Birthwaite ; £1000 at Ings. In the last four cases the annual proceeds to be applied as an encrease to the salary of the master or otherwise for the benefit of the school according to the discretion of the respective trustees. The above bequests were left free of legacy duty.

Windermere (S. flat tomb). Here lies the Body of Mary the wife of John Braithwaite of Dronmer Saiell (sic) who departed this life the 9 of October 1737 being in the 43 years. of her age. Here lyeth the Body of John Braithwaite, Husband of the above Mary who departed this life the 6 of August 1757 aged 67.