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Appleby St Lawrence (E.) In memory of Ann Brunskill of Nether Hoff who died August 3rd 1848 aged 22 years. also Elizabeth Brunskill who died April 3rd 1853 aged 17 years. Agnes Jackson wife of Thomas Jackson died Oct. 26, 1854 aged 22 years. Elizabeth their daughter died November IIth 1853 aged 6 w. John their son died in October 1854 aged I day, also of Anthony Brunskill, father to the above named children, 3 daughters, namely Ann, Elizabeth & Agnes. He died March 25th 1857 aged 62 years. Also of Elizabeth his widow who died June; 23rd 1857 aged 59 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (S). She bloomed, she pined, and died. Ah! what is Life! but Immortality ensues, Vale! Maria, Vale ! sed non Pontus ubique intervenit, obiit Memory of J. ætat. 18. A.D. 1791. The tears of a Mother and Brother. [ " 1791, September 5, Mary daughter of Elizabeth Jackson widow, buried, aged 18." Par. Reg ] .

Appleby St Lawrence (N.E). In affectionate remembrance of Dorothy wife of John Jackson of Bridge end Bongate, who died August 15th 1884 aged 61 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (N.E). S. nl. Henry Jackson of Colby Lane, Appleby who died December l0th 1870 aged 80 years. also of Thomas Jackson his son, late of Dufton who died the 16th of Janry 1871 aged 56 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (E). Here Iyeth the Body of Mr. Richard Jackson once School master of Appleby, who departed this Natural Life the three & twentee day of March Anno Domini 1685. (Bp. Nic. Visit. 1703).

Appleby St Lawrence (S. W). Erected To the memory of Bridget Watson of Colby who died December 21, 1815 aged 80 years. , John Jackson of Colby who died June 21, 1813 aged 58 years. Grace their Daughter died an infant, John their Son died July 10, 1833 aged 42 years.

Asby (W). In Memory of George Jackson of Whygill Head, Yeoman, who died Oct. 26th, 1883, Aged 85 years.

Asby (E). Erected to the memory of John Jackson of Little Asby, Yeoman, who died I. December . 7th, 1835, Aged 67. Also Isabella his Wife died March 1st, 1835, Aged 69. Mary their Daughter died Augst. 17th, 1817, Aged 20. Sarah their Daughter died Augt. 1st, 1818, Aged 21. Also Thomas their son died January 12th, 1842, Aged 39. They Rejoiced not in Iniquity But Rejoiced in the truth. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

Asby (E). Sacred memory of John Jackson Yeoman, of Little Asby, who died November . 2nd, 1884, aged 77 years.

Asby (S). Sacred memory of Sarah Jackson wife of Thomas Jackson of Asby Little, who died Oct. 27th, 1794, aged 55 years. Also Thomas Jackson her Husband who died November 20th, 1831, Aged 84. (Other side). In Memory of Thomas Jackson of Asby Little, who died February 7, 1868, aged 89 years. And of Elizabeth his wife who died July 3, 1866, aged 82 years. Also of Sarah their daughter who died March 11, 1856, aged 37 years.

Asby (S). To Memory of Jane the wife of John Teasdale of Slaley in the County of Northumberland, and daughter of the late Robert Jackson of Whygillhead, who d. October 7th, 1852, aged 42 years. Her end was peace.

Bampton (Brass On stone E. wall). In Memory of Philip Jackson who died December the 2nd 1724 aged 60. And Jane his Wife who died Oct. the 20th 1739 aged 70. Also four of their children Philip Jackson who died September . the 11th 1770 aged 72. Mary Dawes widow of John Dawes who died November . the 30th 1776 aged 80. Martha Judson widow of William . Judson who died June the 14th 1781 aged 76. And Olave Jackson who died March l0th 1793 aged 93.

Bampton (Brass on stone E. Wall). Memory of S. Thomæ Jackson in vicinio nati, Qui Scholam hanc, cui circiter annos XLIV vigilantissime præfuit, Commendavit adeo ut non tenuis fuerit gloria inter Bamptoniæ educatos numerari. Utrumque docuit Gibsonium alterum CI. Lincolniæ Præsulem, alterum Coll. Reg. Oxon Præpositum, Aliosque plurimos qui Patriæ simul et Scholæ sunt ornamenta. Obijt Pridie Kal; Junii An. Dom. MDCCXIX Ætatis suæ LXIV. Skull and crossed bones, winged hourglass etc; to left on book within wreath, “Virtus post funera vivit”; to right, circle with crossed lines and "Vita hominis umbra." Memory of Cole sculp. 1719.

Barton (S.E. pillars & chains). In memory of Charles S. Jackson of Yanwath ,who died January 22nd 1873 aged 67 years. Also of Margaret his second wife who died October 9th 1862 aged 40 years. Also of William their son who died May 11th 1862 aged 11 y. Also of Mary Ann their daughter who died March 16th 1.866 aged 17 years.

Barton (S.E). Life how short - Eternity how long. In memory of Hannah the wife of Thomas Jackson of Yanwath who died Oct. 31st 1829 aged 62 years. Also of Thomas Jackson her husband who departed this life March 12th 1839 aged 73 years. Also of their son Captn. Thomas Jackson 25th Regt. N.I. Madras who died at Quilon May 1822 aged 34y.

Barton (S.E). In memory of William Jackson of Yanwath, Yeoman who died January 8th 1855 aged 76 years. Also of Hannah his wife who departed this life April 18th 1862 aged 73 years. Also of Mary their daughter vho died June 15th 1855 aged 43 years.

Beetham ( W. altar tomb). Sacred memory of Jane Jackson Wife of John Jackson of Lindeth who D. L. the 23rd of August 1836 aged 71 years. Also of John Jackson, Husband of the above, who. d April 14th 1849 aged 83 years. Also of Thomas Jackson Son of the above who departed this life on the l0th (or 16th) of May 1858 aged 68 years. Also of Isabella Jackson Wife of the above Thomas Jackson, who departed this life on the 11th of December 1859 Aged 74 years.

Brough (S). In a., R. Jeremiah Jackson, of .Church Brough who died July 14th 1879 Aged 72 years. Also of Mary his wife who died September 8th 1880 Aged 72 years. And of Ann their daughter who died May 6th 1838 Aged 2 years. and six Memory of

Burton In Kendal (E. cross). Agnes Jackson died March 28th 1879 aged 19 years. "So he giveth his beloved sleep."

Burton In Kendal (N). In Memory of of John Jackson Who died July 31st 1868 Aged 66 years. Also of Sarah his wife Who died April 16, 1885 Aged 69 years. "Be ye also ready."

Burton In Kendal (W. and rail). † In affectionate remembrance of John Jackson of this town, Yeoman. who died at Liverpool on the 7th day of May 1874 aged 86 years. , also of Jane Jackson wife of the above named John Jackson who died at Barton on the 30th day of March 1860 aged 81 years.

Burton In Kendal (N). In A. R. Richard Jackson of Dalton, who died on the 24th June 1878 Aged 82 years.

Burton In Kendal (N). In memory of Robert Jackson of Barton died Octr 18th 1843 aged 75 years. , also of Margaret his wife, also Richard son of the above died January 11th 1844 aged 29 years. , also of Peter their son, died July 5th 1858 aged 53 years.

Clifton (N). Erected in m. William Graham late of Dufton Wood near Appleby, who died Octr 16th 1840 aged 85 years. , also William his son who died at Dufton Wood July 11th 1805 aged 5. Thomas died at Dufton Wood September 2nd 1821 aged 31. Mary Ann Jackson grand-da. died at Dufton Wood February 1822 aged 1. George his son died March 15th 1838 aged 36, Surgeon H.C.S; Bridgewater. Also Frances Graham relict of the above William who died at Clifton October 20th 1854 aged 90 years.

Dufton (W). To the memory of the Reverend Edward Jackson, during 16 years. the faithful Rector of this Parish who died 19th of June, 1849 aged 76 years. This stone is dedicated as a tribute of regard & respect for departed worth by several surviving friends. "Thy will be done."

Grasmere (E. altar tomb). Here lieth the Body of the Reverend . Thomas Jackson, Rector of this Parish, who died the 13th of December . 1821 Aged 65.

Grasmere (E). In Memory of Thomas Jackson, Builder, who died the 27th of February 1845 Aged 59 years. he was Son of John and Elizabeth Jackson who was Interred at this Place. Also Elizabeth Jackson, Wife of Thomas Jackson died July 11th 1856, Aged 72.

Heversham (N. altar tomb). The Reverend James Backhouse B.D. Senior Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, Obiit September 30th 1790 Aged 74, also Richard Bindloss, Brother-in-Law of the above, late of Helsington Laiths died the 11th of February . 1804 Aged 74, and Elinor his Wife, died January 24th.1814 Aged 84. Also in m. Thomas Jackson who died in Jamaica in the years. 1821 Aged 58 years. Also of Elizabeth Jackson widow of the above named Thomas Jackson who died September 21st 1852 Aged 82 years.

Heversham (E). Robert Jackson of Millinthorp; departed this life April 29th 1815 Aged 72. He was a kind Husband, an affectionate Father, and a Man of strict Integrity.

Heversham (E. flat tomb). Sacred memory of William Jackson, Late surgeon in Milnthorp, who died April 18th, 1831 aged 32 years. Stop for a moment youthful passers by, On this Memento cast a serious eye ; Tho' now the rose of health may flush your cheek, And youthful vigour may your health bespeak . Yet think how soon like me you may become, In Youth's fair prime the tenant of the tomb.

Heversham (N). In memory of William Jackson of Rowell who died December 25th, 1864 aged 84 y. Also Ann Jackson, wife of the Above who died March l0th, 1822 aged 34 years. Also Robert their Son who died May 21st 1866 aged 55 years. Also Betty, Sister of the above William Jackson who died October 12th, 1866 aged 78 years.

Heversham (N) . In remembrance of Margaret wife of William Nelson of Cartmel and daughter of William Jackson of Rowell, who died December . 16th, 1866, aged 53 years. , also of the above William Nelson who died June 30th, 1871 aged 63 years. , also of William their son who met his death by accident in Liverpool on the 6th September . 1874 aged 32 years.

Kendal (W. altar tomb, rail). In memory of Ann, daughter of John & Isabella Jackson who died l. January 23rd 1831 Aged 20 years. Also of the above-named John Jackson who departed this life Decr. 1st 1836 Aged 67 years. And of Isabella, Widow of the above named John Jackson who departed this life April l0th 1837 Aged 63 years.

Kendal S. m. Anthony Jackson, Barber, late of the Market place in Kendal and formerly of the Anchorites house, Kirkland. He died on the 23rd of August 1807 aged 85 years. " The hoary head is a Crown of Glory if it be found in the way of Righteousness." This Monument was erected as a Testimony of Gratitude for many Obligations, by his many friends and admirers in Kendal and the Neighbourhood. (See Lancaster Gazette 29 August 1807.)* * At the demolition of the old vestry in 1850, the above, a black and white marble monument was taken down, and laid aside in the S.E. corner of the churchyard among fragments of lettered stones. This tablet, by F. Webster of Kendal, was circular in shape and erected against the S. vestry gable. It became a heap of pieces and about 1855 disappeared altogether. It was copied by me on Whit Monday 1854. (Mr. Jennings.)

Kendal (N. W). Sacred memory of David Jackson who died 7th November . 1822 Aged 63. Also of E. A. J. -E. J. -& W. died J. His three Children by Maria his Wife. Also of Elizth. Warne (Mother of the said Maria Jackson) who died 3d October 1826 Aged 90. Also of William Burn her Brother who died Apl. 19, 1822 Aged 88. Also of Maria, Relict of the above David Jackson, who died January 11, 1849 Aged 75. Also of D.J. herNephew who died Apl. 29, 1836 aged 32.

Kendal (E). Sacred memory of George Jackson who died January 25th 1821 Aged 68, James his Son d. March l0th 1805 Aged 10. Alice his daughter died February 6th 1800 Aged 1. Nanny his Wife died May 20th 1829 Aged 68. Mary, grand-da. of the above, and daughter of William Jackson died 2nd September . 1825 Aged 6. George, Grandson of the above, & son of John Jackson died 26th April 1831 Aged 13. Ann daughter of the above died July 29th 1830 Aged 33. The above William Jackson died 14th September . 1831 Aged 40. The above John Jackson died 4th February 1832 Aged 39. Eleanor Cock died 24th December . 1836 Aged 41. Ann, daughter of the above Eleanor died 21St December . 1836 Aged 6 m. Emma Jackson Wife of the above William Jackson died September . 27th 1850, Aged 60.

Kendal (N). Here lieth the Body of Iames Jackson late Serjeant att mace & Margaret his wife He died June 18th 1743 age 83 She died February 16th 1740 age 86 Also near Lieth four of their Grand-children, Sons of George and Mary Harrison, to wit, Thomas aged 11, Iames, Richard, and Edmond. Here also lieth the Body of Richard, Son of the above- named Iames & Margaret Jackson who departed this life the 12 Day of July 1766 Aged 69- (partly from Mr. Jennings' 1861 copy ;bur. 14 January 1704, Eliz. daughter of J. J. of High gate, Serjent).

Kendal (E). To the memory of Jane, daughter of the Reverend John John Jackson of Burneside & Jane his wife who died July 27, 1782 aged 14, And Elizabeth their daughter who died August 19, 1783 aged 13, And of William Jackson their Son who died May 28, 1805 aged 44. (E). In Memory of the Reverend John Jackson late Curate of Burniside in this Parish, who died February 13th 1790 Aged 65 years.

Kendal (E. ) Michael Jackson died 6th of July 1805 Aged 12, Robert Jackson 30th of May 1816 Aged 7 weeks, Agnes Jackson 29th of March 1818 Aged 4, Robert Jackson 3rd of March 1821 Aged 2, Thomas Jackson 15th of July 1826 Aged 19. William Jackson their Father died April 27th 1827 Aged 56. William J ackson, August 1st 1827, Aged 19, John Jackson, December 12th 1841 aged 30, Mary Jackson, Relict of the above W. Jackson died at Morland on the 1st of June 1867 Aged 86 ; Having survived her Husband 40 years. and the last of her children 26 years. " I only bow and say, my God, thy will be done."

Kendal (N. wall). To Memory of Thomas Jackson, Wire-drawer, who departed this life the 16th Day of June 1796 aged 64 years. , and Jane his Wife, who departed this life April the l0th 1773 aged 43 years. also John, the son of Thomas and Jane Jackson who died August the 20th 1764 aged 2 years. , also Elizabeth their daughter who died February the 6th 1770 aged 9 y. The Toils of Life, the Pangs of Death are o'er. And Care, and Pain, and Sickness are no more.

Kirkby Stephen In memory of Mary Dumaresq who died August 4th 1810 aged 61. Erected by John Jackson, K. St., surgeon.

Kirkby Stephen Lt. Jackson, Æt, 35.

Kirkby Stephen (Calvary cross). This cross is erected in m. Henry Jackson who died 20th June 1861 aged 72 years. Elizabeth his wife died 31st Janry. 1855 aged 64 years. & their children. John died . l0th October 1842 aged 18 years. Catherine died September 19th 1858 aged 33 years. Sarah who died May 2nd 1858 aged 35 years. Mary died Janry. 1855 aged 28 years.

Kirkby Stephen (Brass on stone, and low stone edging). John Jackson Memory of D. died Janry 2d 1807 aged 29. Reader blame not a Father for recording the death of a Son in the words of the public papers of the day, as follows. "We are sorry to announce the death ofour Countryman, Dr. Jackson, at Verdun, in France where he was a prisoner of war. The following short tribute to his memory we extract from a Paris paper of the 21st of January. Verdun January 15, "Dr. Jackson the English Physician died here the 2nd Inst. of a putrid fever. His funeral was attended by all his Fellow-countrymen who are prisoners of war, as well as by the Medical Gentlemen and the Inhabitants of Verdun, whose esteem and friendship he had gained by the benevolence which he disployed towards the unfortunate of every description; He delighted to rescue the wretched from the bed of sickness and death, and afforded them both medical and pecuniary assistance !"

Kirkby Stephen (1n. brass for E. window, loose). In Faith and Love Elizabeth Jackson dedicated this Window to the Glory of God and the memory of her Father Henry Jackson Esq. her Mother Elizabeth Jackson, her brother John and sisters Sarah, Katharine, and Mary A.D. mdccclxv.

Kirkby Thore (S.E). In affectionate remembrance of Jane wife of Dr. Jackson of Kirkby Thore who died September 5th 1873 aged 54 years. also of the above Dr. Jackson who died August 29th 1832 aged 74 years. "Thy will be done."

Long Marton (S.E). In memory of Elizabeth daughter of Joseph and Mary Jackson who died April 18, 1875 aged 23 years.

Long Marton (S.E). " Eternity is near." Sacred memory of Richard Jackson of Espland Hill who died Oct. 14th 1886 aged 84 years. also of Sarah his wife who died April 30th 1879 aged 70 years. Also of Hannah Dawson their grandchild who died in infancy September 5th 1880.

Long Marton (S). Elizabeth wife of William . Jackson of Murton died April 10th 1783 (5 ?) aged . . .

Lowther † In a. m. Julia Eliza the beloved wife of the Revnd. William Jackson, died D. Rector of Lowther. She died on the 7th of March 1873 aged 79 years. (On steps of cross at head). "We believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him."

Lowther (In. choir floor). Louisa Lilias Jackson died June 4th 1839 aged 8 years. Julia Marion Jackson died September 6th 1839 aged 9 years.

Lowther (In. choir N). Louisa-Lilias Nat. vii Id. Jun. A. S. mdcccxxxi Denat. Prid. Non Jun. A. S. mdcccxxxix ]uliæ-Marion Nat. xiv Kal. Apr. A. S. mdcccxxxix Denat. viii Id. September A. S. mdcccxxxix Liberis amabilibus et decoris in vita sua. In morte quoque non divisis. H. Memory of PP. Guil Jackson S.T.P. et Julia-Eliza uxor ejus parentes contra votum superstites sed fiat voluntas illius qui dixit Talium est regnum Dei.

Lowther (In. choir, N. brass). † In memory of William Jackson, died D. (or so years. Rector of this Parish, Provost of Queen's College, Oxford, Sometime Chancellor Archdeacon and Canon Residentiary of Carlisle domestic Chaplain to Walter 1st Earl of Verulam and to the 1st and 2nd Earls of Lonsdale, Justice of the Peace for the Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland, Younger Son of the Reverend . Thomas Jackson, Rector of Grasmere B. 17th December 1792 died at Askham Hall 13th September 1878 and was Buried in this Churchyard. Also of Julia Eliza his wife eldest daughter of John Gregory Crump of Allan Bank in the Co. of Westmorland Esq. B.. 31st May 1793 died at Queen's Coll. Oxford 7th March 1873 and was Buried in this Churchyard. In l. Memory of this Monument was erected by their two surviving daus. Arms ar. on fess between 3 cock's heads erased sa. combed and wattled gu. greyhound courant between 2 pheons or, all within border az. platée ,impaling 41y 1 and 4 gu. chevron between 3 quatrefoils or (for Crump) 2 and 3 ar. 3 hammers sa. (Hamerton). Helmet and mantling. Crest of Crump, a cock's head as in the Arms. Motto, Virtuti vigila.

Lowther (Runic Cross). William Jackson, died D. Rector of Lowther and Provost of Queen's College, Oxford, B. December 17th 1792, died September 13th 1878. "Where I am there shall also my servant be."

Newbiggin (Near churchyard door). "Thos. Jackson, Theologus Pembro. Aulæ alumnus A.M. Rector Newbigginsis Pacificus, humilis et parva sorte contentus erat. nunc ejus corpus sub hoc lapside jacet in id Decemb. MDCCXXX. Ætatis 50."

Newbiggin (Near churchyard door). In memory of Thomas son of Rich. & Mary Jackson Who departed this life January 16, 1775 aged 28 years.

Newbiggin (S). In memory of William Jackson of Newbiggin who died February 11th 1844 aged 67 years. Also of Mary his wife who died at Appleby September . 26th 1865 aged 80 years. Also of John their son Who died September . 25th .1846 aged 32 years. The memory of the just is blessed.

Orton In memory of William Jackson of Gaisgill who died January 29 1881 aged 84 years. Also Agnes his wife who died Oct. 21 1886 aged 90.

Warcop (S). † In memory of Thomas Jackson of Bank End who died February 8th 1864 aged 61 years. Also of Ann his wife who died May 8th 1876 aged 67 years. and of Robert their Son who died at Victoria, Australia, January 30th 1852 aged 9 years. Also James their Son who died January 4th 1853 aged 8 years. and Mary their daughter who died May l0th 1854 aged 3 years. Also John Jackson brother of the above Thomas Jackson who died at Bank End April 4th 1876 aged 66 years. In the midst of life we are in death.

Windermere (Chancel E. right of altar). This tabulet was erected by the executors of Magnus Jackson of London who died at Hastings on the 13th day of January 1830, Great grandson of Magnus Jackson formerly of this parish and who here was interred, to commemorate that by his last will and testament he bequeathed a donation of one hundred pounds to the Minister and Churchwardens of Bowness near Kendal in the County of Westmorland, upon trust to invest the same in the public funds of Great Britain or on other good and sufficient security and apply the dividends or interest thereof the first day of January every year in the purchase of bread, coals, wood or clothing for twenty poor persons of this parish according to the directions of the minister and church wardens for the time being. (Hill MSS., 2, 2i9).