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Appleby St Lawrence (E). Inm. George Harrison, Esq. alderman of this Borough who died July 18th A.D. 1824 aged 74, also of Ann Harrison his wife daughter of Danl. Robinson Esq. who died March 23rd 1812, aged 59. As a last tribute of duty & gratitude to tender & virtuous parents this tablet is inscribed by their surviving daughters Ann & Jane with affectionate regret. " Sorrowful but not without hope."

Appleby St Lawrence (S.) To the memory of John Harrison who died . . . .

Appleby St Lawrence (N.E.) In memory of John Harrison of Ivy House, Appleby, who died on the 16th day of December 1869 aged 41 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (S.) To the memory of Mary the wife of Chris. Harrison who died ye 2d of August 1782 aged 66 ys. Robert the son of Thomas & Margt. Harrison who died ye Ist of February 1795 aged 3 ys. Chris. Harrison who died ye 6th of February . 1799 aged 81 ys., also to the memory of Thomas Harrison who died March 20th 1830 aged 78 years. Margaret Harrison wife of the above-named Thomas who died January 21st 1833 aged 79 years. , the last-named Thomas & Margt. died at Crackenthorpe Hall, also Christopher Harrison their son who died at Bongate April 27th, 1853, aged 72 years. deeply lamented.

Appleby St Michael (S). Erected to the memory of Edmund Harrison of Heights, who died October 12th 1816 aged 59 years. Also Thomas Harrison, his Son, who died February 4th 1839 aged 38 years. Also William Moriseby Harrison, his Son who died December 1st 1840 aged 45 years. Also Edmund Harrison his son who died February 2nd 1843 aged 46 years. Also Elizabeth, Wife of Edmund Harrison the elder who died Sep: 20, 1847 aged 89 years. (Other side). Sacred memory of Robert Harrison who died January 1st 1858 aged 54 years. , also of Jane Harrison his sister, of Croft Ends, Brampton, who died October 27th 1871 aged 84 years. , also of John Harrison, of Hungriggs, Yeoman, who died January 2nd 1878, advanced in years.

Appleby St Michael ( ) In Memory of James Harrison, ofMurton, who died January 25th 1819 aged years. Also Mary his Wife who died September . 5th 1825 Aged 75 years. AlsoJames the Son of Thomas Harrison, of Murton, who died December . 15th 1816 aged 2Y.

Appleby St Michael (W. column). In lumine lucem. Sacrum carissimæ desideratissimæque matris memoriæ. Here rest the mortal remains of Frances eldest child of George Harrison, Esq., Whitfield Brow, Eden Grove, Bolton, senior alderman & six times Mayor of Appleby, she was married to Isaac Thompson, well known at Southfield in this parish & after a short but happy life with a devoted husband died at the early age of 43 and was buried under this monument May 3rd 1816, beloved & respected by all who knew her goodness of heart, leaving a large & youthful family to mourn her irreparable loss. Margaret their eldest daughter, born Oct. 30,1803, at Southfield, died at the premature age of 18, from a neglected cold caught in London & was buried here June 22,1822. Their sons Anthony & John & their daughter Jane died in infancy & were buried here. (another side) In lumine lucem, theire daughter Mary born Oct. 1, 1808, wife of Thomas Winder & Ann born February 11, 1813, wife of George Graham the former in London, the latter at Bertie, Canada. Isaac after his wife's decease emigrated with his remaining family & some old attached servants and fellow parishioners to Southfield, Bertie, and died there at a good old age respected by the residents of the whole district. Thus the world's glory passeth away, Their eldest son Reverend George Thompson, Memory of A., of Hertford College, Oxford, and nearly half a century the successful head master of the Grammar School, Wisbeach, paid this dutiful and graceful tribute to the memory of a most charitable and.excellent lady. "in thy light shall we see light," psalm 36, v. 9. Arms ; on fess dancette, 3 etoiles of 5 points, on canton sun in splendour, impaling on cross 5 pheons. Do impaling a 2nd coat Crests; 1. out of ducal crown, hand holding garb; 2. on wreath, greyhound courant to sinister. (One crest only should be over each shield

Appleby St Michael (S). Here Lies ye Body of Robert Harrison of Murton, who died ye September ye 20, 1715, aged 49 . . (erected) By his son Robert Harrison in ye years. 1734.

Appleby St Michael (S). In memory of Robert Harrison who died January 1, 1858, aged 54 years. , also of Jane Harrison his sister, of Croft Ends, Brampton, who died October 27th, 1871, aged 84 years.

Beetham (E). To Memory of Elizabeth Harrison, Daughter of John and Jane Harrison of Beetham Hall, who died April 3rd 1839 Aged 3 years. Also of Agnes Harrison Their Daughter Who died April 30th 1839 Aged 9 years. Also of John Harrison of neetham Hall, Father of the above, who died March 28th 1858 Aged 71 years. Also of Jane, Relict of the above John Harrison, who died at Beetham Hall December . 5th 1864, Aged 71 Y.

Beetham (W). In memory of Margaret Harrison, who departed this life on the 24th day of February 1855 aged 89 years. , she was a most faithful nurse for many years. in the family of William Hutton Esquire and was much beloved and esteemed by every member of the same.

Brough (Seat, choir entrance). Mr. Chrisr. Harrison, Parochuset Rectoriae Firmarius S. S. fieri fecit Deo O. Memory of &c. 1682, (Bp. Nic. Visit. 1703).

Brough (S). In Memory of Jane the wife of John Harrison of Church Brough who died November 28, 1802 aged 73.

Brough (S). Sacred memory of Mary Harrison of Stainmore who died the 12th of February Though . . . . . . . . worms destroy this Body, yet in my . . . . . . .

Burton In Kendal (W. flat stone). Sacred memory of Alexander Fergus who died September the 5th 1834 Aged 67 years. Also of Margaret His daughter , the Wife of James Har rison who died September the 5th 1837, Aged 31 years. Also of Christina, Wife of the above Alexander Fergus who died January the 30th 1844 Aged 74 years. , also of the above named James Harrison who died October 16th 1866 Aged 62 years. also of the children of the above named James and Mary Harrison, Mary their daughter died an Infant February the 5th 1835. Christina their daughter died September the 19th 1837 Aged 2 years. William their Son died February the 13th 1860 Aged 27 years.

Burton In Kendal (W.) † Sacred memory of Thomas Harrison, formerly of this place, surgeon, and son of the late Thomas Harrison of Kendal surgeon who died at Lancaster January 4th 1863 in the 58th years. of his age.

Clifton (S). Sacred memory of Agness (sic) Workman of Clifton. Sister of the late David Harrison of Clifton. She died July 31st 1811 Aged 78 years. A life of Grief unknown to Bounteous Fair Till Death Releaved (sic) my Agonising Prayer, With Future hopes my Soul in Silence rest, To Rise again & be a Heavenly Guest. Sweet is the Day of Sacred Rest No Mortal cares shall Seise my Breast O may I wake with Sweet Surprise And in my Saviour's Image Rise. This stone is erected by her daughter Rachael Workman.

Crosby Ravensworth (E. Column, rails. One side). Obt. Thomas Gibson, 1796, 77. Frances Gibson 1757, 41. Elear. Hutchinson 1796, 80. Robert Wilson 1823, 71, Frances Wilson 1788, 31, Robert Wilson 1819, 32, Arthur Gibson 1878, 3, George Gibson, 1878, 89, Richard Gibson 1880, 88. (Another side). John Gibson 1824, 77, Ruth Gibson 1828, 77, Margaret Gibson 1821, 40, Michael Gibson 1835, 37, Jane Gibson 1841, 53, Frances Gibson 1852, 70, Reverend . John Gibson 1867, 80, Thomas Gibson 1869, 90. (Another side). George Gibson 1835, 80, Jane Richardson 1819, 66. Frances Sewell 1831, 20, John Sewell 1855, 78, Frances Sewell 1858 , 80, George Sewell 1870, 60. (Another side). Isabella Gibson 1779, 22, Agnes Harrison 1812, 80, Ann Gibson 1819, 66, William Betham 1814, 54, Mary Betham 1843, 81, Ann Betham 1864, 18.

Grasmere (E. cross). Sacred memory of John Wordsworth Faber Harrison son of Benson and Dorothy Harrison of Green Bank, Ambleside, born September 25th 1835, died October 8th 1849.

Grasmere (E). In memory of Thomas Harrison of Gill Foot Grasmere, who died May 14th, 1876 aged 76 years. also Jane his beloved wife who died April 24th 1879 aged 80 years. , also of Anne their daughter who died June 30th 1849 aged 5 years. and 10 m.

Heversham (S. four slabs and head-stones, and rail). 1. In memory of William Ellison of Low Sizergh who died at Kendal. May 17th 1859 Aged 34 years. Also of Agnes his wife who died at Low Sizergh January 19th 1855 Aged 28 years. , also of Francis Charles Ellison, son of William & Jane Ellison born October 2nd 1838, died June 17th 1867, also of William infant Son of the Above Francis Charles Ellison & Mary his Wife, born August 30th 1866, died December 17th 1866. 2. William Ellison born March 3rd 1787, died March 6th 1865. (Flat stone), In m. Jane, widow of the above William Ellison Senr of Kendal born March 23rd 1808, died at Kendal April 20th 1874. R. I. P . 3. + Conjugi, Matri et Amico. (sic). Mary the beloved wife of William Ellison of Sizergh and daughter of Robert Harrison of Low Levens, died April 24th 1828 Aged 31 years. Requiescat in pace. Also Luke, Infant Son of William and Jane Ellison who died at Sizergh April l0th 1837 And Frances daughter of the above who died at Sizergh April 28th 1846 Aged 12 years. and 10 m. Also Mary Agnes daughter of William and Mary Ellison who died at Sizergh on the anniversary of her birthday January 26th 1848 Aged 25 years. 4. In Memoria(m). Robert Harrison of Low Levens who died September . 8th 1830 Aged 67. And of Agnes his Wife who died on the 23rd of April 1836 Aged 70 years.

Heversham (N. altar tombs, rail). In memory of John Harrison of Summerlands who died August 27th 1884 aged 82 years. (z). In memory of Edmund Harrison of Owlet Ash, who died July 23rd, 1870 aged 68 years.

Heversham (N. cross). So he giveth his beloved Sleep, in loving memory Thomas Harrison who entered into rest July 30th, 1884 aged 78 years.

Kendal (W. altar tomb rail). William Bateman of Middleshaw, departed this life August 22nd, 1787, aged 33 years. Agnes Bateman, September 3d, 1798 aged 47 years. William Bateman Senr., died 11th February, 1807, aged 86 years. , his daughter Nancy, the wife of Thomas Harrison, surgeon, died 3d June,1821, aged 52 yr, also of Thomas Harrison, late of Kendal, sugeon, & one of the senior aldermen of this burgh who died the 4th of July, 1834, in the 61st years. of his age.

Kendal (E). Sacred memory of John Dennison late of Liverpool who died June 8th 1835. also of Betsy Dennison of Kirkland, Widow of the above and fourth daughter of Robert and Ann Harrison who departed this life April 9th 1854 aged 83 years. Requiescantin pace.

Kendal (E. one stone illegible, on 2nd, flat tomb, rail). Sacred memory of Anthony Harrison late of this town, shearman.dyer who departed this life 25th January 1806 aged 48 years. , also of Anthony his son who died 8th April 1822 aged 19 years. also of Ann, wife of the former, and mother of the latter who died the l0th of March 1841 aged 77 years. , & to the memory of their second son Thomas Harrison of Lowther Street, tobacconist, who departed this life 20th February 1841 aged 48 years. , also of Rowlandson Harrison of Highgate, their third son, who died l0th July 1844 aged 49 years. also in m. Ann Harrison died December . 4th 1853 aged 56 years. , and of John Harrison died August 20th 1854 aged 64 years. , also of Arabella Harrison who died March 17th 1858 aged 58 years. , and whose remains are interred in the Castle Street Cemetery.

Kendal (S. altar tomb, rail). Betsy the Wife of Daniel Harrison, died July 3rd 1829 Aged 57 years. Thomas Cartmell Harrison, their only Son, Student of Caius College, Cambridge, died at Paris 17th February 1832 in the 23rd years. of his Age & was interred there in the Cemetery of Pere la Chaise, Mary Ann their daughter died 29th June 1834 Aged 17 years. Elizth. Ann Harrison their grand-Da., died 17th December . 1835 Aged 2 years. Mary Harrison their grand-Da. d. 22nd May 1836 Aged 11 m. Thomas Harrison their grand-son who died 23rd of March 1843 Aged 7 m. The above named Daniel Harrison died 19th November . 1851 Aged 76 years.

Kendal (S). Frances Harrison, Mortalis Esse desit Anno salutis MDCCCIII.

Kendal (N). George Harrison died 6th October 1782 Aged 81 years. Mary his Widow, died 24th April 1789 Aged 84. . . . Jackson Harrison Esqr. died 17th October 1804 Aged 63, Mrs. Jane Harrison his widow died 21st January 1820 Aged 66.

Kendal (In. N). Sacred memory of Jackson Harrison Esqr. one of the Senior Aldermen of this Burgh of Kendal,who died on the 17th of October 1804 Aged 63 years. , also of his Widow Mrs.Jane Harrison daughter of the late James Dowker Esq. who died on the 21st of January 1820 Aged 66 years.

Kendal (E). Here lieth Myles Harrison of Lincolns Inn Esqr. Recorder of Kendal, who died February the 16th A.D. 1797 aged Eighty Two. Frances Harrison his Wife who died January the 17th A.D. 1783, and Sarah Harrison their daughter who died January the 15th A.D. 1775 are also here interred. Also Elizabeth Harrison their Youngest daughter who died March 20th 1833 aged 84. (He Played the violin and had but one eye. E. B.)

Kendal (E). T. Harrison 1869, W. Harrison 1814.

Kendal (E). In memory of Thomas Harrison who died February 23rd 1846 aged 71 years. Alice Harrison his wife who died November 2nd 1854 aged 81 years. Richard Harrison their son who died April 30th 1822 aged 16 years.

Kendal (E). To the memory of Robert Harrison of Highgate, Kendal, who d: l. 4th October 1827, Aged 88 years. Also of Ann Harrison, his Wife, who died 12th November, 1818 Aged 80 years. Also of Thomas Harrison, Son of the above who died 27th December 1791, Aged 26 years. Also of Robert and Agnes other Children of the above who died in Infancy. (Mr. Jennings).

Kendal (N). Here lieth the Body of Iames Jackson late Serjeant att mace & Margaret his wife He died June 18th 1743 age 83 She died February 16th 1740 age 86 Also near Lieth four of their Grand-children, Sons of George and Mary Harrison, to wit, Thomas aged 11, Iames, Richard, and Edmond. Here also lieth the Body of Richard, Son of the above- named Iames & Margaret Jackson who departed this life the 12 Day of July 1766 Aged 69- (partly from Mr. Jennings' 1861 copy ;bur. 14 January 1704, Eliz. daughter of J. J. of High gate, Serjent).

Kendal (W). Hic jacet J. Wilson quæ obiit 29 Oct, 1799, cujus memoriae hoc monumentum posuit suus amicus. T. Harrison. WILSON. (In. N). Near this place lie the remains of James Wilson Esquire, one of his majesty's justices of the peace for the counties of Westmorland, and Cumberland, who died August XXVI MDCCCVII in the LXVII years. of his age. He was an able and active magistrate, a tender father and sincere friend; his afflicted children, as a small tho' inadequate testimony of their affection to the most indulgent of parents, have erected this monument to his memory.

Kirkby Stephen In memory of John Harrison late of Waitby who died February 21,1810 aged 82 years. also of Anne his wife who died June 27, 1818 aged 76 years.

Kirkby Stephen In memory of Nanny the wife of William Harrison of Soulby who died December . 9, 1845 aged 77 years. , also of William Harrison of Soulby who died January 7th 1852 aged 84 years.

Kirkby Thore (E). In affectionate remembrance of William Harrison of Kirkby Thore who died December . 21st 1883 aged 74 years.

Long Marton (S. W). " Blessed are the meek." Erected to the memory of Hannah Harrison who departed this life at Marton House 24th February 1882 aged 63 years. " Every one that exalteth himself shall be abased, and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted."

Long Marton (Floor in porch). Here lies the body of Margaret wife of . . . Harrison who dyed November 7th Anno Domini 1726 in the 40th years. of her age.

Long Marton (E). Erected in m. Matthew Harrison late of Penrith who departed this life September 12th 1832 aged 70. Also Isabella Harrison, relict of the above who died at Edinburgh 5th of September 1864 in the 90th years. of her age.

Long Marton (S.E). To the memory of the family of William Harrison of Brampton deposited near this place. This stone was erected by Matthew Harrison A.D. 1800. In memory of Elizabeth, wife of Matthew Harrison who died May 1st 1792, aged 62. Also of Matthew Harrison who died January 6th 1813 aged 81 years.

Lowther In loving memory Robert Harrison of Askham who died 28 September 1858 aged 59 years. and Priscilla, wife of the above who died 19 November 1831 aged 35 years. and Lucretia their daughter who died 19 June 1840 aged 15 years. also of Jane relict of the above Robert Harrison who died 6 February 1887 aged 80 years.

Lowther In loving memory Robert Harrison of Askham who died 28 September 1858 aged 59 years. and Priscilla, wife of the above who died 19 November 1831 aged 35 years. and Lucretia their daughter who died 19 June 1840 aged 15 years. also of Jane relict of the above Robert Harrison who died 6 February 1887 aged 80 years.

Newbiggin (Lead on flat stone, S). Near this place lies the Body of John Harrison who died January 12th 1769 aged 75. Hannah his wife who died July 2nd 1757 aged 64, Margaret the Wife of John Harrison their son who died Oct. 3rd 1771 aged 40.

Shap (S.) In memory of Robert Harrison who died June 18th, 1840 aged 72 years. Also of Isabella his wife who died Decer. 28th 1837 aged 68 years. Also of Hannah Harrison their daughter who died April 20th 1838 aged 28 years. And Esther Rudham of Shap who died October 7th 1857 aged 54 years. And of Thomas Rudhaln who died March 13th 1873 aged 65 years.

Warcop (S). Sacred memory of Annis Harrison wife of Anthony Harrison of Brough who died December 8th 1840 aged 35 years. Also of their Son John Harrison who died June 9th 1834 aged 5 years. Also of their son Hugh Harrison who died February 28th 1841 aged 5 years. and of a second son John Harrison who died May 26th 1841 aged 7 years. "Suffer little children to come unto me & forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of God." Anthony Harrison died April 26th 1849 Æt. 56 years.

Warcop (S). † In memory of the Reverend Braithwaite Harrison Memory of A. son of Thomas and Isabella Harrison of Appleby late of Sandford who died September . 7th 1855 aged 32 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Also of Matthew Harrison who died July 11th 1830 aged 4 years. William Harrison died March 25th 1832 aged 8 years. Matthew Harrison died May 11th 1841 aged 9 years. William Harrison died Oct. 29th 1845 aged 12 years.

Warcop (S). Sacred memory of George Harrison who died November . 20th 1799 Aged 4 m. Ann Harrison who died October 5th 1816 Aged 21 years. Matthew Harrison who died June 18th 1817 Aged 20 years. William Harrison who died July 29th 1817 Aged 30 years. Elizabeth Atkinson who died September 24th 1822 Aged 39 years.

Warcop (S). Erected in m. John Harrison of Burtergill who died July 16, 1836 aged 74, Dorothy his wife died October 29, 1817 aged 57. Also Susanna wife of Atkinson Harrison who died May 5, 1856 aged 53. James their son died November 7,1839 Æ 2 years. (sic). Thomas their son died April 27, 1841 Æ: 5 m. Also of the said Atkinson Harrison who died April 5th 1872 aged 82 years.

Warcop (S). Sacred memory of Thomas Harrison of Ivy House, Appleby, who died May 21st 1858 aged 73 years. Also Isabella Harrison his wife who died January 22,1866 aged 69 years. * Thomas Harrison their son died January 11th 1865 aged 34 years. Anne Harrison their daughter who died August 13th 1868 aged 24 years. and of Hugh Harrison their son who died July 11th 1870 aged 48 years. * 68 in Parish Register (C. B.N.)

Warcop (S). In memory of Thomas Harrison of Sandford who departed this life January 17th 1783 aged 64. Also Elizabeth his wife who died June 24th 1810 aged 79. Also Hugh their Son who died November 2nd 1810 aged 59. Also Jane Harrison his Wife who died January 15th 1831 aged 70.

Warcop Sacred memory of John Harrison of Moorhouse died March 23, 1846 aged 58. And of Elizabeth his wife who died September 12,1848 aged 56. (Per Reverend C. B. Norcliffe).