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Found 3 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Burton In Kendal (N). In I. remembrance of John Crayston of Burton who died July 5th 1874 Aged 59 years. Also of Thomas Son of the above Who died Octbr 17th 1870 Aged 24 years. The memory of the Just is blessed. Prov. x. chapt. vii ver.

Heversham (S). Sacred memory of John Addison of Beathwaite Green, who died February 3rd, 1836 Aged 87 years. Also of Elizabeth Addison his Wife who died August 15th 1819 Aged 65 years. Erected by their Son-in-law William Crayston.

Heversham (S). Sacred memory of Miles Crayston of Grange who died January 25th 1824 Aged 63 years. Also of Ann Crayston his Wife who died at Leasgill November 20th 1836 Aged 73 y.