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Appleby St Lawrence (E). Sacred memory of James Dickson formerly Architect at Appleby Castle, who died at Conney Garth 18th September . 187Z aged 58 years. Also Margaret Scott his wife eldest daughter of the late Robert Scott cattle dealer, Darnick. Also John their only son who died at Conney Garth 28th Jany 1875 aged 21 years. Also their daughter Elizabeth wife of Ralph Scott who died at Morpeth Oct. 1863 aged 25 years. Mary wife of John Richardson who died at Whinfell 27th February 1877 aged 26 years. and Hannah who died at Appleby 27th Jany 1854 aged 7 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (E). In a. m. Edward Richardson, the Green, Battlebarrow, who died 2nd day of December 1857 aged 66 years. Sarah Richardson, daughter of Mr. Henry Yarker of Park House. Lowther, widow of the above who died the 14th day of June 1868 aged 81 years. Elizabeth Richardson their daughter who died at Barton in this County the 5th day of April 1828 aged 4 years. , Henry J. Richardson their son, of Sunderland by the sea, paper manufacturer, who died the 6th day of December 1870 aged 51 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (E). Piae memoriae Reverend J. Richardson A.M. schol. Aball. Gubernatoris posuerunt alumni, obiit A.D. MDCCCLXVIII aet. LX.

Appleby St Lawrence (E). In affectionate remembrance of Johnnie only child of the late John Richardson, surgeon, who died October 31st 1864 aged 6 years. “Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." Look up then from this cheerless stone, Behold him at his father's throne, For well we know that God hath said Of such is His bright Kingdom made.

Appleby St Michael (S.W). Sacred memory of William Richardson of Murton, who died June 28th, 1819, aged 56 years. Also Mary his Daughter who died November 3rd, 1794, aged 4 years. Also William his son who died June l0th, 1815, aged 6 years. Also Elizabeth his daughter who d. November 20th, 1815, aged 17 years.

Bampton (In Porch N). Sacred memory of Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Richardson, Knight Commander of the order of the Bath. Baptised March l0th 1769. died November . 10th 1850. He entered the Navy in 1787, was present in the Battles of the Ist of June and of Camperdown, was made Post Captain in 1803, and served with great distinction to the end of the War, repeatedly receiving the thanks of the officers under whose command he was placed. This Monument is erected in compliance with his wish that such a record should prove to the youth of this parish, in which he was educated, that by uprightness of conduct, zeal, and long service in their country's cause, they may, without any advantage of birth, attain the highest rank, and honours, from a grateful country. Arms (above.) Erm. naval crown or encircled by 2 branches of oak, leaved and fructed ppr. on chief az. anchor between 2 lion's heads erased of 2nd. Crest, on wreath of colours i.e. ar. & vert, out of naval crown or, (sails ar.) lion's head couped sa. (shd. be ermines) surmounting of anchor in bend sinr. gold (R. of Painsthorpe Co. York.

Bampton (E). " In the midst of Life we are in Death." In l. Memory of Nathan Richardson who d. at Bampton Grange Augst. 8th 1863 aged 59 years. Also Mary Ann daughter of the above who died February 3rd 1871 aged 21 years. Also Elizabeth daughter of the above who died February 6th 1871 aged 23 years. Also Daniel son of the above who died Aug. 3oth 1874 aged 31Y.

Barton (S.) In memory of John Richardson of Yanwath who departed this life on the 9th of November . A.D. 1835 in his 83rd years. Also of Thomas his son, who died on the 3rd of November . A.D. 1833 in his 49th years. And of Mary daughter of Thomas and Isabella Richardson who died in infancy and of Mary their daughter who died on the 8th of May A.D. 1838 in her 7th years. Also of Hannah their daughter who died on the 26th February A.D. 1846 in her 19th years. Also of Isabella wife of Thomas Richardson who died l. August 25th 1855 aged 59y.

Barton (S. wall, brass on stone). Near this place lyeth the Body of Jonathan Richardson, Husband of Ann Richardson who died July 24th in the years. 1752 aged 41 years. Likewise the body of Jonathan Richardson their son who died December 6th in the years. 1771 aged 19 years.

Barton (In. chancel N .) To the memory of Sophia Anne eldest daughter of John Richardson Esqre of Calcutta who was born Feb: l0th 1793 married to John Charles Bristow Esqre March 30th 1812 and died November . 16th 1836 leaving five sons and seven daughters with their father to lament the irreparable loss of her who in life fulfilled every duty of Christian Faith and Charity. Also John Charles Bristow Esqre husband of the above who died 18th of September 1856 aged 72 and whose mortal remains opposite this tablet and in the Chancel of this Church are deposited.

Barton (S). Here lieth interr'd the body of Thomas the son of Thomas Richardson of Yanwath who departed this life March ye 21st 1754 aged 5 years.

Brough (E. 4 stones within rail). 1. (brass on stone). S.M.John Rumney, surgeon, of Brough who departed this life 12th of June 1816 aged 82 years. (On the stone) Sacred memory of Catherine Rumney second daughter of John Rumney Breeks and Catherine his Wife, late Richardson who on the 16th Dayof January 1820 in the 17th Year of her age departed this life in triumphant prospect of Everlasting Happiness through the merits of Jesus Christ. She was a most Dutiful Daughter, an affectionate Sister, and from natural and acquired Abilities an amiable companion. Her Last Words were "Father & Mother, Praise God," 2. Sacred memory of Jane the beloved wife of Thomas Lowdon, London, and daughter of John and Catharine Rumney, Surgeon, Brough, who departed this life on the 2nd day of May 1847 aged 32 years. ; her amiable and active mind, fraught with Christian duties, endeared her to her .relations and friends, rendered her death most deeply lamented. 3. G. R. Rumney 1806 (or 8) Memory of R. 4. (Brass on stone). Sacred memory of Francis Richardson of Brough who departed this life in Peace with God and Man, on the 2nd Day of june 1822 in the Ninety Ninth years. of his Age. Also Sarah his second Wife who died 24th of February 1798 Aged 67. (On the stone). To every Virtue self inclin'd Lies here in Dust depriv'd of Life A well beloved and loving Wife Behind, her Husband, bath’d in Tears Must mourn thro' Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Illegible).

Brough (In. S. Aisle). Sacred memory of John Rumney, Surgeon to the Westmorland Yeomanry Cavalry, And Postmaster of Brough who departed this life on the 12th of June 1846 Aged 82 years. And of Catherine his wife (only child of the late Francis Richardson, Gent of Brough) Who died the l0th day of March 1851 Aged 81 years.

Brougham (W. of path) . In Memory of Elenor the beloved daughter of Thomas and Frances Richardson who died at Penrith January 4th 1880 aged 36 years. Also of Mary their infant daughter who died at Whinfell April 3rd 1847.

Burton In Kendal (S. low altar tomb). In memory of James Richardson who laboured 44 years. in the service of Edmund Hornby Esqr. and who died March 16th 1858 aged 69 years. This stone is placed by Edmund George and Sarah Hornby. For nearly 50 years. the above James Richardson assisted in the choir of this church, also of Catherine wife of the above who died December 8th, 1857 aged 69 years.

Cliburn (N). In loving memory Henry Richardson of Cliburn who died February 12th 1873 aged 78 y. Also of Mary his wife who died January 25th 1883 aged 81 years.

Clifton (W). Sacred memory of George Richardson of Mount Clifton who died August 3rd 1860 Aged 55 years. Also of Sarah his wife who died March 30th 1870 Aged 65 years. Also their drs. Eleanor who died June 1835 Aged 3 years. , Mary who died May l0th 1857 aged 22 y., Sarah who died January 1842 Aged 18 m., Hannah who died January 21st 1849 Aged 6 y.

Crosby Garrett (S. wall). In Memory of Deborah the wife of Joseph Richardson who died May 9, 1759 aged 54; of the abovesaid Joseph Richardson who died October 4, 1764 aged 68; of Deborah Kirk mother of the abovesaid Deborah Richardson who died November 5, 1764 aged 86; of Richard Richardson of Islington in the County of Middlesex who died April 14, 1783 aged 57; William Richardson Memory of A. of Baildon in the County of York who died October 30, 1788 aged 45; and John Richardson Memory of A. of Haworth in the said County of York who died April 23, 1791 aged 56; all Sons of the above Joseph and Deborah Richardson; of Joseph Richardson B.A., son of Thomas & Alice Richardson who died July 26, 1793, aged 30; of Alice Richardson Mother of the above Joseph Richardson who died January 18, 1805, aged 67. And of Thomas Richardson Son of the above-mentioned Joseph & Deborah Richardson who died October 22, 1806, aged 69 years.

Crosby Garrett (N). In affectionate remembrance of Frances Martha Richardson who died April 24th 1876 aged years. and 11 m. Also Alfred Richardson who died May 3rd 1876 aged 4 years. and 4 m., the beloved child of Joshua & Fanny Richardson of Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire. " Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God." Luke 18-16.

Crosby Garrett (S). Sacred memory of John Richardson who died March 28th 1811 Aged 77. Also Eleanor his Wife who died Jany 7th 1798 Aged 62. Also Lancelot their Son who died in the year 1769 Aged 5. Also Edmund Richardson their Son who died February 6th 1837 Aged 69. Also Mary Richardson Wife of the abovenamed Edmund Richardson who d. July 5th 1838 Aged 75.

Crosby Garrett (S). Sacred memory of John Richardson who died January 19th 1871 Aged 76 years. Also of Sybil his wife who died July 31st 1877 Aged 87 years. " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

Crosby Garrett (Under chancel arch) Hic jacet Corpus Josephi Richardson Memory of D. qui supremum obiit Diem Apr. 1751 Ætatis suæ 29.

Crosby Garrett (N). + S. m, Lancelot Richardson yeoman, of Crosby Garrett who died July 12th 1860 aged 63 years.

Crosby Garrett (S). Sacred memory of Richard Richardson of Crosby Garrett who died February 23rd 1837 aged 76 years. And Margaret his wife who died September 30th;1842 aged.77. Also of Nanny their daughter who died May 1st 1841 aged 37. William their son who died September 17th 1866 aged 71. Mary their daughter who died January 6th 1867 aged 70 years. And Isabe1la Richardson who died December 30th 1873 aged 73, .

Crosby Garrett (S). In Memory of William Richardson, Yeoman, who died March 1lth 1798 aged 51 y. Also of Mary Richardson his wife who died . . . . . . . . . . aged 74 years. Also of Mary Richardson their daughter who died . . . . . . . . . . aged 4 years. Also of Isabel Richardson their daughter who died . . . . . . . . . . aged 21 years. Also of Mary Richardson their daughter who died . . . . . . . . . . aged 18 years. Also of Anne Richardson their daughter who died . . . . . . . . . . aged . . . .y. (Partly illegible from the face of the soft white stone having crumbled away.

Crosby Ravensworth (E. Column, rails. One side). Obt. Thomas Gibson, 1796, 77. Frances Gibson 1757, 41. Elear. Hutchinson 1796, 80. Robert Wilson 1823, 71, Frances Wilson 1788, 31, Robert Wilson 1819, 32, Arthur Gibson 1878, 3, George Gibson, 1878, 89, Richard Gibson 1880, 88. (Another side). John Gibson 1824, 77, Ruth Gibson 1828, 77, Margaret Gibson 1821, 40, Michael Gibson 1835, 37, Jane Gibson 1841, 53, Frances Gibson 1852, 70, Reverend . John Gibson 1867, 80, Thomas Gibson 1869, 90. (Another side). George Gibson 1835, 80, Jane Richardson 1819, 66. Frances Sewell 1831, 20, John Sewell 1855, 78, Frances Sewell 1858 , 80, George Sewell 1870, 60. (Another side). Isabella Gibson 1779, 22, Agnes Harrison 1812, 80, Ann Gibson 1819, 66, William Betham 1814, 54, Mary Betham 1843, 81, Ann Betham 1864, 18.

Crosby Ravensworth (E). To the memory of John Richardson of Brackinslack in this parish who departed this life December . 4th 1810 aged 72 years. Also of Agnes his wife who died May 19th 1818 aged 68 years. Also of Margaret their daughter who died April 19th 1807 aged 15 years. Also of Edward their son who died March 4th 1809 aged 14 years. Also of Joseph their son who died February 17th 1810 aged 27 years. Prepare to meet thy God.

Crosby Ravensworth (E). In memory of John Richardson of Maulds Meaburn, yeoman, who died October 12th 1861 aged 72 years. Also Ann his wife who died June 29th 1864 aged 73 years.

Crosby Ravensworth (E). + Here lieth William Richardson, Parish Clerk of Crosby Ravensworth for 27 years. who departed this life December 18, 1861 in his 83 years.

Dufton (E). In affectionate remembrance of William, son of John and Mary Richardson of Dufton who died April 6th 1878 aged 47 years. Also Mary their daughter -in-Iaw who died February 27th 1877 aged 26 years.

Grasmere (N). Sacred memory of Elizabeth, Wife of Archibald Fletcher Esqr. Advocate, Edinburgh. She was born on the 15th of January 1770, and died on the 5th of February 1858. "When the ear heard her, it blessed her. When the eye saw her it gave witness to her." Job. "If we love one another God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us." John 1st Ep. S. also to the memory of Mary, youngest daughter of the above and Widow of Sir John Richardson. She was born May l0th 1802. She died October 17th 1880.

Grasmere (N). Anna Deborah Richardson, born 22nd of February 1832 at Newcastle-on-Tyne, d. 5th of August 1872 at Heugh Folds, Grasmere. "That I may know Christ and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of his suffering, being made conformable to his death." Philippians iii. 10.

Grasmere (N). Sacred memory of Sir John Richardson, born at Dumfries November 5th 1787, died at Lancrigg June 5th 1865. "Wait on the Lord, be of good courage and he shall strengthen thine heart, wait, I say, on the Lord" Psalm 27th, 14 verse. "Rejoicing in hope, Patient in tribulation continuing instant in prayer " Romans xxii. 12 verse.

Grasmere (N). Sacred memory of Josephine Fanny Richardson. She was born on the 5th of June 1836 and fell asleep In Jesus on the 6th of September 1856 after many years of suffering borne with Christian resignation. "Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth."

Kendal (In. S). " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, " Sacred memory of William . Richardson Esqr. who departed this life November . 28th 1809 aged 58, and of Thomasin his widow, the youngest daughter and last surviving descendant of James Dowker Esqre, she died January 4th 1839, aged 81.

Kirkby Lonsdale (S. altar tomb). Here lieth the Body of Edward Richardson, late of Over Town, who departed this life the 3d. Dayof February 1781 Aged 70 years. Also the Remains of Elizabeth Thompson (E. R. of Over town in par. of Tunstal aged 70, buried par. reg). daughter of the above Edward Richardson who died I. the 12th Day of August 1779 Aged 34 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (E). In. m. Sarah Ann daughter of John and Elizabeth Richardson of Kirkby Lonsdale who died June the 30th 1858 aged 16. Also of Elizabeth wife of John Richardson who died June the 2nd 1860 aged 43 years. And of Ellen Jane, daughter of John and Jane Richardson who died October 19th 1868 aged 6 years. Also of Jane second wife of John Richardson who died September 30th 1878 in her 57th years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (E). Sacred memory of William Richardson of Beck Foot, Barbon, who departed this life February 7th 1848 aged 63 years. Go hence, dear wife, and do not troubled be, Since Death has parted you and me. Grieve not for me, nor trouble take, But love my Friends for my sake. Also of Elizabeth Richardson, widow of the above who departed this life March 10th 1857 aged 79 years. Likewise Alice Holmes of Beck Foot who departed this life March 29th 1860 Aged 83 years.

Long Marton (S). In memory of John Richardson 30(8 ?) years Clerk of this Parish. He died April 13th 1753 aged 79 years.

Long Marton (E). Here lyeth the Body of Tho. Richardson of Brampton who departed this life August 22, A.D. 1759 aged 59.

Long Marton (S.E). In memory of Thomas Richardson of Longmarton who died December 22, 1827 aged 80 years. also of Isabella his wife who died May 3, 1856 aged 76 years. also of Isabella their daughter who died October 19, 1858 aged 38 years. also of Stephen their son who died December 21, 1860 aged 37 years. also of John their son who died February 8, 1868 aged 53 years. also of Ann, their daughter who died November 11, 1887 aged 78 years.

Long Marton (E). In memory of William Richardson of Brampton who died June 17th 1828 aged 72 y. Jane, his wife died December . 24,1833 aged 82, also Jane their daughter died Augut. 14th 1811 aged 25.

Lowther S. m. William Fallowfield of Hackthorp who died March 20th 1780 Aged 19. Also Joseph Richardson, Son of John & Susannah Richardson, who died November . 2d, 1798 Aged 3 m. Also William Richardson who died August 30th 1807 Aged 26. Also John Richardson of Hackthorp their Father who died July 2d 1809 Aged 58 years.

Lowther In memory of Henry Richardson who died February 19th 1818 aged 51 years. Elizabeth his Widow who died August 31st 1841 aged 71 years. Also Henry their son died June 9th 1839 aged 29 years. Also Frances their daughter died November 28th 1856 aged 51 years. And William their son died September . 27th 1865 aged 72 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

Lowther (In. choir, S). In memory of John Richardson of Lowther, Esquire, late principal Agent to the Earl of Lonsdale, Receiver General for this County, and an Alderman of the City of Carlisle. He so discharged the Duties of a Father, Husband, and good Christian as to gain the Respect and Esteem of all who knew him and died most sincerely regretted by a numerous Acquaintance on the 25th Day of January 1812 aged 46 years. Also of Lucy Richardson his wife who after having faithfully performed the duties of an affectionate Parent died deservedly lamented on the 30th July 1829 aged 50. Arms. Sa. on chief ar.3 lions heads erased of the field. Crest. Arm embowed, vested and cuffed ppr., hand grasping hammer.

Lowther To m.John Richardson of Lowther Esqr. who died on the 25th of January 1812 aged 46 years. Also to the memory of his daughter Caroline who died the 30th of July 1817 aged 5 years. Also of Lucy Richardson his wife who after having faithfully performed the duties of an affectionate parent died deservedly lamented on the 30th of July 1829 aged 50 years. Also of John James Richardson their son who died on the 20th January 1838 aged 29 years.

Lowther (In. W). Sacred memory of Mary Anne eldest daughter of the late John Richardson, Esquire, of Lowther, Westmorland, and the beloved wife of James Strachan, Esquire, of North Lodge, Teddington, Middlesex, who died at Pau in the Basses Pyrénées, France, on the 1st of February 1852, aged 41 years. sincerely beloved and universally regretted by a numerous circle of friends and relations. "As for me I will behold Thy face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake with Thy likeness."

Lowther In affectionate remembrance of Robert Richardson of Whale who died November 13th 1878 aged 67 years.

Ravenstonedale (W). Here lies the Body of Thomas Richardson late of . . . . whod. . . . . . n . . . D . . . . 31 . . . . (The rest under ground).

Ravenstonedale (W. altar tomb). Here buried lies Will. Shaw of ( ? Crosby Garrett) . . . . . A . . . . . August . . . . . 7(?0) . . . . . (brass on stone). Here Iyeth the Body of James Richardson who contriv'd and renewed the Rebuilding of this Church in the Year 1 . . He departed this life the 8 Day of August 1734 Aged 78 years.

Shap In affectionate remembrance of William Richardson of the Greyhound Hotel, Shap. died 4th April, 1847 aged 56. James Procter Richardson his son died 10th September . 1838 aged 23. Jane Richardson his daughter 7th March 1840 aged 4. John Richardson his son 7th July 1801 aged 22. Joseph Richardson his son died 30th December . 1832 aged 52. George Richardson his son died 23rd Oct. 1870 aged 36. Jane Richardson his daughter died 2nd April 1871 aged 28. Agnes Wilkinson his daughter died 18th November . 1871 aged 31.

Warcop (E). To the memory of Ann Richardson the Wife of John Richardson of Scattergate who departed this life June 17th 1821 aged 48 years.

Warcop (E). Here lieth the Body of Christopher Richardson of Street House who died April 24, 1828 aged 46. John Richardson died July 17, 1833 aged 60. Mary his wife died May 31, 1846 aged 68. Thomas their son died April 15, 1845 aged 23 years.

Warcop (E). Prepare to follow Christopher Richardson of Warcop who died November . 15th 1815 aged 82. Also Susanna his Wife who died June 9th 1826 aged 83.

Warcop (W). In memory of Dorothy wife of Michael Richardson of Warcop who died November . 23rd 1855 aged 42 years.