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Found 7 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Burton In Kendal (S. flat tomb). To Memory of James Ireland of Lancaster, Sail Maker, Son of Martin & Mary Ireland of Barrow's Green who died 14th January 1830, in the 65th years. of his age. Also of the above named Mary who died 25th February 1830 in the 93rd years. of her age. Also of Martin her husband who died 18th January 1833 in the 88th years. of his age.

Kendal (N. W . altar tomb). Charlotte Ann, the Wife of Jacob G. J. Ireland born 4th June 1802, died 5th February 1829. Also of Jacob James, eldest Son of the above Charlotte Ann and J. G. J. Ireland, born 21St May 1825, died 28th April 1838.

Kendal (W). Here lie the Remains of Margaret the Wife of John Ireland who died Novr. 14th 1783 aged 49. Here also are buried five of their offspring viz. Margaret who died February 22d 1772 aged 3. Sarah who died April 1772 aged I. Jane who died March 28th 1776 aged 9. Mary who died May 20th 1776 aged 11. Rachel who d. June 1st 1781 aged 6 & Elizabeth Banks their daughter who died September . 16th 1796 aged 36. Also with his Wife & Children are interred the Remains of John Ireland late of Kendal, Manufacturer who died May 14th 1808 aged 74.

Kendal (N. altar tomb). Underneath this Stone are deposited the mortal remains of Mary Ann, the Wife of John Ireland Junr. of Kendal who departed this life on the 24th of October 1826 Aged 32, also of her infant, still-born on the 11th of September . 1824, also of John Ireland of Kendal, who died the 7th July 1832 Aged 70.

Kendal (In. Bellingham chapel). Thomas Ireland 1817.

Kendal (In. N). A rms, chevron ermines between 3 mullets gu. Sacred memory of Thomas Ireland late of Kendal, who departed this life November 21St 1817 aged 40. " Waiting for the Redemption of the Body."

Ravenstonedale (W). Sacred memory of Mary Wife of Thomas Airey who departed this life February 14th 1837 aged 67 years. Her trust was in the Lord for he was her support and in Christ her Saviour she had a strong hope of a Joyful resurrection. Also of the above-named Thomas Airey who died April 24th 1840 aged 74 years. Also of Mary their daughter who died May 8th 1841 aged 32 years. Also of William their Son late of Manchester who died on the 15th Day of February 1849 aged 41 years. Also of Thomas their eldest Son late of Manchester who died the 16th Day of March 1854 aged 61 years. Also of John their 4th Son late of Manchester who died April 26th 1859 aged 55 years. Also of Richard the third Son who died July the l0th 1859 aged 56 years. (Other side). To the memory of Charles Airey who died February 14, 1837 aged 80. Also of Frances Ireland who died on the 17th Day of March 1849 aged 78 years.