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Found 23 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (N. Aisle.) Sacred memory of George Hall of Appleby, attorney-at-Iaw & under-sheriff of this county obiit III February MDcccxxxviii. ann. aetat LI.

Appleby St Lawrence (E.) To the memory of John Hall of Hoff Rowe who died I. January 19th 1716 aged 109 years. , also John Hall his son who died September . 10th 1749 aged 86 years. , also John Hall of Hoff Rowe his grandson who died March 27th 1821 aged 101 years. (100, regr.)

Appleby St Lawrence (N.E.) Sacred memory of William Hall of Appleby died June 14th 1879 aged 48 years. ..

Appleby St Michael (N. chancel). Sacred memory of Richard Hall,of Bongate, who died on the 7th April 1838, aged 43, & of Mary, daughter of the above Richard & Mary his Wife who died on the 30th November . 1831 aged 10 m., and of Elizabeth, Daughter of the above, and Widow of the Late John Leversage George, Esquire, of Cherington Park, Gloucestershire, who died June 9th 1878 Aged 18, and was interred at Cherington, and of the above Mary Hall who died January 17th 1883 aged 78. Arms, per bend ar. and or gutté de sang, lion rampant crowned. Crest, out of double turretted tower a tree. Motto, Dominus aedem condidit.

Asby (E). Thy will be done. In A. R. Thomas Hall of Lordmire Asby, who died October 13th, 1882, aged 69 years. Also of Mary his wife who died May 17th, 1870, aged 57 years. Also of Sarah their daughter who died May 14th, 1870, aged 20 years. Also of Robert their son who died February 12th, 1876, aged 20 years.

Askham (W). In memory of Anthony Hall of Askham, who died the 26th of July 1809 aged 79 y. Likewise of James Hall his son who died the 27 of December 1822 aged 28 years. Also of Deborah Hall his wife who died the 31st of December . 1822 aged 69 years. This Tribute of dutiful remembrance is placed here by their daughters Memory of E. died

Askham (W). Erected in Memory of Margaret H.all of Askham, who departed life December . 12th 1857 aged 70 years. Also of Eilzabeth Wilson died February . 11th 1879 aged 86 years.

Barton (S). In memory of Sarah Hall, widow of the late William . Hall, Wokingham, Berkshire, who died June the 6th 1840 aged 70 years. Also of Thomas Boak of Eamont Bridge who d. on the 9th of September . 1851 aged 72 years. Also of Elizabeth Ellwood of Eamont Bridge, who died on the 17th of September . 1854 aged 72 years.

Brough (E). I. H. S. In affectionate remembrance of Mary the Beloved Wife of Thomas Hall who died at Hillbeck B. December 5th 1869 Aged 56 years. Also of William their Son who died at Brough June 25th 1871 Aged 34 years. Also Matthew their Son who died at Brough Jany 9th 1877 Aged 30 years.

Burton In Kendal (N). In life beloved, in death lamented. In Memory of Joseph Hall who died May 5th 1870 aged 61 years. .also of Elizabeth his wile who died July l0th 1876 aged 74 years. Joseph Hartley, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Hall who died November 18th 1868 aged 24 years. Hannah Maria his daughter , wife of Richard Taylor of Holme, who d. March 10th 1870 aged 28 years. , also of Joseph Taylor, son of the above who d. January 23rd 1883 aged 15 years.

Crosby Garrett (E). In memory of Anthony Hall of Soulby who died July 23rd 1875 aged 63 years. .

Crosby Garrett (E). In memory of Elizabeth the Wife of Thomas Hall Late of Pott’s Valley who died Jany 1st 1861 Aged 89 years. Also of William Close of Crosby Garrett who died June 3rd 1836 Aged 52 years. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, for they rest from their labours and their works do follow them."

Heversham (N). In memory of Thomas Hall of Viver who died November . 9th 1871 aged 62 years. Also of Mary, daughter of the above who died June 21st 1816 aged 24y.

Kendal (E. becoming illegible ; partly redeciphered 1876, & partly from Mr. Jennings' 1861 copy). Here lieth the Body of Joseph Hall Memory of A. Sometime fellow of Queen's College, Oxon, And late Rector of Weyhill, Rants, Who By the help of good natural Talents And a constant Application to Literature Acquired to a masterly Perfection the Knowledge Of Various Languages Antient & Modern, Of Philosophy thro' all its Branches, of Divinity his principal profession. Such uncommon Acquirements, With an open & ingenious temper And the firmest integrity of Heart, Rendered Him a most faithful and valuable Friend, An useful and ornamental Member of Society, An excellent College Tutor, An accomplished and respected Parish Minister. He departed this life in Kendall July 13th 1756 On a piously intended visit to his aged Parent, Mr. Nicholas Hall of Lazonby in Cumberland Who caused this Monument to be erected in Memory of So deserving & so dutiful a Son. (compare N. & B. I).

Kirkby Lonsdale (S. wall). Sacred memory of Mr. James Roper of this town who died . on the 4th of June 1817 aged 47. Also of Hannah eldest daughter of John and Isabella Hall and widow of James Roper who died the 22nd day of May 1830 aged 56 And of John Roper their Son who died the 26th day of May 1844 aged 44. Also of Isabella their da. and wife of Richard Roper of Leyfield who died the 11th day of June 1866 aged 63 years.

Lowther Here Iyeth the Body of Mr. Edward Hall late Master of the Horse to Sir James Lowther, Baronet, who departed this life the 9th day of May 1770 Aged 80.

Lowther In memory of Sarah wife of William Longley of Lowther who departed this life April 26th 1849 aged 71 years. Also of Hannah their daughter who departed this life at Birkenhead October 22nd 1850 aged 36 years. Also of William Longley, Husband of the above who died March 23rd 1857 Aged 75 years. Jane their daughter , Wife of Thomas Hall of Oxton, Cheshire, who died April 22nd 1861 Aged 49 years. and was Interred at Penkridge, Staffordshire.

Shap (S.) sacred memory of John Hall of Goodcroft who died on the 28th day of April 1852 Aged 71 years. also of Ann relict. of the above who died January 29th 1877 aged 88 years. And of Isabella wife of John Hall of Hegdale who died January 28th 1858 aged 25 years.

Shap (S.E.) Here lie the remains of Mr. William . Hall junr. of Rosegill who died beloved & lamented on November 3d, 1813 at the age of 28. Also of William Hall, father of the above who died January 11th 1827 aged 73.

Shap (E.) In memory of Mary the beloved wife of John Hall, of Hegdale, who died July 9th 1876, aged 39 years. also of Ann their daughter who died June 7th 1863 aged 6 m. Also of Richard their son who died June 16th 1868 aged 12 m. Also of John Hall, who died January 30th 1879, aged 53 years. Also of Henry son of the above who died March 5th 1881 aged 24 years.

Shap In memory of William Hall of Rosegill in this parish, who died January 11th 1827 aged 73 years. , & of Agnes his wife who died August 28th 1833 aged 73 years. , also of the Reverend George Hall (eldest son of the above William . & Agnes Hall), Vicar of Tenbury, Worcestershire, & Rector of Rochford, Herefordshire & Chaplain to the Right Honourable Lord Brougham & Vaux, who died June 27th 1845 aged 62 years. , & of Eliza his wife who June 14th 1831 aged 60 years. , also of William Hall junr. who died November . 3rd 1813 aged 28 years. , & of Matthew Wilkinson son-in-law of the above William . & Agnes Hall who died October 15th 1844 aged 63 years. also of Margaret Wilkinson his wife who died March 1st 1853 aged 72 years. Also of William George Wilkinson who died April 19th 1832 aged 5 years.

Warcop (W.) In memory of Eleanor wife of the late William Dalton of Bankend who died Janry. 15th 1859 aged 79 years. Also Waller Dalton their Son who died May 1st 1843 aged 22 years. Also of Sarah Waller Hall their daughter who died at Crosby Garrett May 21st 1876 aged 60 years.

Warcop (N.) I am the Resurrection & the Life. In memory of James Hall who died at Sandford Hall May xith 1882 aged 74 years. Also of Eleanor his wife who died February . 21st 1878 aged 68 years. Also their daughter Jane Toppin Hall. died April 4th 1868 aged 29 years. Rebecca Hall died 7th December . 1841 aged 5 years. Mary Hall died 7th Dec: 1841 an infant.