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Found 29 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Asby (E. Cross). Thomas Redmayne Holme, Rector of this parish, died June 9th, 1877, aged 51. And of (sic) Mary his Wife born December 3rd, 1836, died January 12th, 1884.

Beetham (S). In L. Memory of Arthur Holmes of Preston who departed this life August 9th 1878 aged 66 y. also Arthur and Sarah Holmes, father and mother to the above who departed this life Arthur February 7th 1862 aged 84 years. , Sarah, February 20th 1864 aged 83 years.

Crosby Ravensworth (S. flat tomb). Here lyeth the body of Ann wife of Henry Holme who departed this life March 2, 1877, aged 75.

Crosby Ravensworth (S. flat tomb). Here lieth Henry Holme who departed this life June 11, 1855 in his 60th years.

Crosby Ravensworth (S). Here lyeth Thomas Holme of Barnskew who died December 27, 1843 aged 84 years. Catherine his wife died May 1815 aged 54 years. Thomas their son died December 1837 aged 36 years. John their son died Aug 14 1848 aged 49 years. Barbara, wife of John Holme who died at Reagill February 25 1874 aged 77 years.

Crosby Ravensworth (E). Erected in m. Thomas Holme of Woodfoot, Crosby, yeoman, who died the 26th day of July 1831 aged 63 years. Ann his wife who died the 19th day of May 1838 aged 66 years. John their son who died in his infancy July 5th 1798. Thomas their son died October 20th 1868 aged 71 years. Ann widow of the last named Thomas Holme died July 3rd 1872 aged 79 years.

Grasmere (E. altar tomb). Near this place Lie the Remains of Jonathan Holme, late of Thornyhow, and of Mabel his wife and also of Jonathan their Son. And underneath lie the Remains of John Holme their eldest Son, late of the same place Batchelor who departed this life September 28th 1777 Aetatis (3 or 5). (The first number queried in 1887 as anothers).

Heversham (N). sacred memory of Bryan Holme late of Ninezergh who died December 26th, 1858 aged 85 years. , and of Mary his wife who died September 8th 1867 aged 83 years.

Heversham (E). Sacred memory of Edward Holme who departed this life at Kidside December . 31st, 1843 aged 75 years. , and of Elizabeth his Wife who died Oct. 1st, 1855 aged 88, also of Joseph Nelson, son-in-law of the above who died at Levens May 13th 1854 aged 64 years. , also of Mary, widow of Joseph Nelson, formerly of Kidside Who died at Patton Hall August 17th, 1870 aged 74 years. , also of William Holme, son of the above who died at Levens April 28th 1871 aged 64 years.

Heversham (N. altar tomb). Sacred memory of John Holme of Milnthorpe Who died March 2nd, 1834 aged 88 years. , he was steward to the family at Dallam Tower for a series of years. , also of Anne Holme his Wife who died November 2nd 1824 aged 80 years. , also of Margaret their daughter who died March l0th, 1825 aged 40 years. " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord," also of Margaret Holme of Milnthorpe, and grand-da. of the above John and Anne Holme, who died May 21st, 1848 aged 9 years. " Suffer Little Children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of Heaven."

Heversham (N. altar tomb). Sacred memory of John Holme of Milnthorpe died April 20th, 1851 aged 66 years. , also of Anne his eldest daughter , died September 28th, 1851 aged 23 years. , and of Robert Lawson his youngest son, died August 18th, 1853 aged 16 years. , and of Margaret his widow died November 3rd, 1870, aged 69 years.

Heversham (N. altar tomb). Sacred memory of Robert Holme third Son of Bryan and Mary Holme of Ninesergh in this Parish Who died 30th July 1830 aged 18 years. Grieve not that early death consign'd My body to the grave ; The stroke in mercy was design'd >From future ills to save. Rejoice that when time's weary bound No more confines this clay The soul immortal will be found In realms of endless day. His sorrowing Parents caused this stone to be erected to record the loss of a dutiful and affectionate son. S. also to the memory of John Holme Son of Bryan and Mary Holme of Ninesergh who died 11 January 1836 aged 33. He left a Widow and two infant Children to deplore his loss. Tho' in the prime of life his work was done. Heaven so approved and blest, And took his soul to everlasting rest, Weep not for those who live an endless day, But bless the Hand that gives and takes away. And also to the memory of Thomas Holme, Son of the above Bryan and Mary Holme, who died 28th March 1840 Aged 33 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

Kendal (E. brass on stone). Quisquis es, Viator, siste gradum, Spe beatæ Resurrectionis ad Vitam æternam Hic Quod mortale fuit requiescit Mariæ Holme nuper Hugonis Holme, Gen : Uxoris, Edwardi Blackstock de Kirkby in Kendal Filiæ natus secundæ ; Quæ quarto die Decembris obijt, Anno Salutis humanæ 1741 1Æat : 39. Juxta obdormiunt tres Infantuli iisdem Hugoni et Maria nati, Joannes Elizabetha et Edwardus Blackstock, E Filiabus uni Deboræ Fata pepercere superstiti. Vis ultra, Memento mori.

Kendal (In. W. brass floor). Here lieth the body of Mr. Thomas Holmes (sic) late Alderman of Kendal, who departed this life the 2d of November 1723 in the 51st years. of his age. Here also lie the Bodies of his children James, Elizabeth, Joseph, & Henry. Mrs. Margaret Holme, Widow of the said Alderman Holme departed this life the 18th of November 1753 Aged 74.

Kendal (In. W. brass floor). Here lieth the body of Mr. John Holme, late Mayor of Kendal, who departed this life (in his Mayorality sic) the 28th of June 1737 Aged 34 Y. Here also lieth the Body of his Son Thomas who died the 19th day of September 1736 Aged 8 Memory of

Kendal (In. N.) In Memory of Thomas Holme Esquire, Senior Alderman of this Burgh, And one of his Majesty's Justices of ye Peace for the County of Westmorland Who d. 14th March 1782: Aged 71. Also of Elizabeth his Wife, daughter of Jacob Morland of Capplethwaite Esquire; Who died 12 April 1783, Aged 70, also Two of their Children, Margaret, who died 20 Mar. 1741 An Infant and Mary, who died 16 Octr. 1753, Aged 10. (A rms, per pale, argent 2 bends sable, on a canton of the last a chaplet of roses or. sinister, sable a griffin rampant or. Crest missing).

Kendal (W.) Erected to Memory of William Holme jun. Who died in the 26th years. of his Age 1790, also In Memory of his two Brothers & a Sister. We have good Hope they are inheriting Bliss, in which happy State God grant we may all be found for Jesus' Sake, who is the Dear object of our Faith. The Remaining parent, Mother of the above who died in Faith has left on Record that Ages to come may Read, praise & Magnify the Goodness & pitty of the Lord, who died April 30, 1807 Aged 69. William Holme the Husband, & Parent of the above died 8 June 1824 Aged 86.

Kendal (In. S. W) . Near this place are deposited in hope of a blessed resurrection the earthly remains of Joseph Maude, of Kendal esquire, formerly of the County of Durham who died 16th May 1803 aged 62, also those of Sarah, his wife, youngest daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Holme, she died 8th March 1831 aged 88. Their offspring nine sons, and three daus. survive both parents. A rms, ar. 3 bars gemel sa., over all lion rampant (gu.) thereon cross crosslet fitchee, impaling or. 3 bars az., on canton a wreath. Motto De Monte Alto.

Orton (N). In affectionate remembrance of Isabella the beloved wife of William Holme, Fleece Inn, Orton who died September 15th 1883 aged 44 years.

Orton (S). In memory of Reverend James Holme sometime first Incumbent of St. Mary's, Low Harrogate, and Vicar of Kirkleatham, Yorkshire. He was born at Orton March 12th 1801 died at Grange-over-Sands March 27th 1882. And of Mary his wife who died June 7th 1885 aged 80 years. Lord now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace for mine eyes have seen thy salvation.

Orton (E). In loving memory Jane Mary Wilson Holme only child of George and Jane Holme of Town View, Kendal, who died 14th May 1880 aged 8 years. " He said, weep not, she is not dead but sleepeth." - Luke viii. 52. Jesus loves me, this I know, For the Bible tells me so, Little ones to him belong, They are weak but he is strong.

Orton (E). In memory of George Holme of Roundthwaite who died April 1st 1814 aged 70 years. Also Agnes his Wife who died January 15th 1826 aged 75 years. Also James Holme of Ellergill, Son of the above who died April 6th 1838 aged 66 years. Also Ann his Wife who died October 5th 1821 aged 40 years. Also Agnes their daughter Wife of J. P. Nicholson of Lancaster who died June 7th 1826 aged 25 years.

Orton (In. S. aisle). In memory of Margaret Holme of Orton who died 28th of May 1839 in the 82nd years. of her age. By her will dated the 22nd December 1829 she bequeathed as follows, £21 per annum for ever for the benefit of the new school at Orton, the interest of £100 as a gratuity to a school-mistress at Orton, the Interest of £120 for the poor householders and parishioners of Orton who do not receive parochial relief, viz : to the householders the interest of £20to be distributed at the Church on the 22nd February . in every year for ever, and the interest of the remaining £100 to be laid out monthly in the purchase of bread, and distributed amongst the poor parishioners.

Orton (In. Brass, eagle lectern). + To the Glory of God and in m. Mary Holme deceased 12th January 1884.

Orton (E. wall of s. aisle). Here lyeth the bodv of Thomas Holme, flake bridge who departed this life the 25th day of February 1721 aged 29. Here lyeth the body of Agnes Holme widow of Anthony Holme of flake bridge, mother of Thomas Holme and Robert Holme deceased. died June 4th 1759 aged 90.

Orton (S. wall of s. aisle). In memory of Thomas Holme of Orton who died March the 2, 1787 aged 79 and Margaret his Wife who died December the 12th 1800 aged 79. To the most Affectionate of Parents this Stone was Erected by their surviving Children James, William and Margaret.

Orton (S). Sacred memory of Thomas Holme of Orton who departed this life October 16th 1825 aged 77 years. and Ellen his wife who died February 20th 1831 aged 65 years.

Orton (S). In memory of Thomas Thornborrow of Chapel, Yeoman, who died on the 11th of May 1803 aged 69 years. Mary his wife died May 7th 1810 aged 72 years. Leonard their son died October 9th 1791 aged 25 years. Also Agnes Thornborrow Holme daughter of Marmaduke and Mary Holme of Chapel who died on the 21st November . 1847 aged 36 years. whose bodies remain here waiting for the Resn. of the last day. Also of Marmaduke Holme of Chapel who died January 30th 1852 aged 73 years. And of Mary his wife who departed this life December 21st 1852 aged 69 years. William A. Holme died 6th December . 1859 aged 38.

Shap S. m. the Reverend . James Holme 42 years. Vicar of this Parish. He died December 30th 1818 in the 72 years. of his age.