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Found 8 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Burton In Kendal (S). In memory of W'm. Webster Rawlinson who died December . 6th 1857 Aged 79 years. also Margaret his wife, also Memory of Jane Rawlinson the Beloved Niece of J. and A. Wilkinson who died 13th October 1860 Aged 14 years. also John Wilkinson who died March 8th 1863 (it 8) aged 54 years.

Kendal (In, N). Hic in proximo situs est Michael Stanford. Erat ornamentum literarum et decus, Veritatis cultor eximius, Fidei propugnator strenuus, EcclesireAnglicanre Hookerus alter, Et Fanaticorummalleus. Et quicquid vel cupiunt vel debentesse Viri Is adeo, omnllaude major, Coelo maturus, Suum ad triumphum evectus est, Quinto Nonas Martij Anno Salutis Reparatre MDCLXXXII° Ætatis Suæ XLVIII° Animarum hic Curæ Xm°. Hoc Willielmus Rawlinsonde Gilthwaite-Rigge Armiger Summus Ei Amicus In memoriam Posuit.

Kendal (W. altar tomb). In Memory of Margaret (D. of Isaac and Margaret Rawlinson of Lancaster, Late) wife of Joseph Swainson of (in) Kendal who died 11th (Day of December) December . (A.S.) 1770 aged 20 (y). Surviving but 11 days the Birth of her only Child. Also of Isaac (Lieut. in the 66th Regiment only son of the above said Joseph and Margaret Swainson) their Son, Lieutenant in the 66th Regiment of Foot who died at St. Domingo (the) 31st (day of) March 1796 Aged 26 (y. And) Of Elizabeth, Second Wife of (Alderman) the said Joseph Swain. son who died (d. L. the) 29th (Day of) January 1798 Aged 39 years. Of the said Joseph Swainson who died 23rd May 1825 Aged 85, And Of John Fell Swainson, eldest Son of the above named Joseph & Elizabeth Swainson who died 18th January 1826 Aged 31. (The parts in brackets are variations from an inscription that preceded the present one, which dates from 1825. Mr. Jennings).

Kirkby Lonsdale (N). W. R. (E). Rawlinson 1751 (illegible).

Kirkby Lonsdale (S.E). . . . also here) lies interred the Body of William Son of the late . . . Rawlinson who depd. this Life . . . 1781 Aged 50 years. (W.R. of Fell side, aged 50, buried 31 July 1781 par. reg).

Kirkby Lonsdale (E). In memory of Edward Rawlinson of Beckside, Barbon, who died on the 12th of August 1877 aged 72 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (E). In memory of John Rawlinson of Fellside near Kirkby Lonsdale who died October 18th 1861 in his 97th years. also of Dorothy his Wife who died September 9th 1848 aged 72 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (In. N). In memory of William Tomlinson of Broom Field, Arkholme, eldest son of John Tomlinson of Haslack, Beetham, Gentn. who died February 1st 1756 aged 75 y. Elizabeth North his Wife died April 27th 1713 aged 29. Lettice Wilson* his second Wife died March 18th 1769, aged 77. Thomas Tomlinson of Biggins, eldest son of William and Lettice Tomlinson died January 1st 1811 aged 84. Ann Battersby his Wife died March 7th 1803 aged 68. William Tomlinson of Albin Bank, Preston, eldest son of Thomas and Ann Tomlinson died April 24th 1827 aged 63. Elizabeth Watson his Wife died May 11th 1820 aged 65. Edward Tomlinson of Biggins, second son of Thomas and Ann Tomlinson died May 11th 1842 aged 73. Elizabeth Rawlinson his Wife died October 12th 1848 aged 75. Edward Rawlinson brother of Elizabeth Tomlinson died February 16th 1840 aged 71. Edward Tomlinson third son of Edward and Elizabeth Tomlinson died April 15th 1827 aged 23. Isabella Tomlinson youngest daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Tomlinson died October 8th 1832 aged 21. Also in m. Thomas Tomlinson who died October 3rd 1854 aged 58, Anthony Battersby Tomlinson, died November 14th 1865 aged 69, William Tomlinson died March 12th 1874 aged 59, second, eldest and youngest sons of Edward and Elizabeth Tomlinson. Arms, (at top) 41y 1 & 4, per pale ar. & az.3 greyhounds courant, a chief engrailed of the 2nd ; 2, or, saltire, paly of 12 erm. & gu. a crescent for difference; 3, az. cross patoncé or. * An inscription in Melling churchyard says she was the daughter of Edward Wilson, of Natland. (T. Jenninngs).