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Found 23 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (N .E.) In affectionate remembrance of Isabella the beloved wife of James Brown of Scattergate who died April 5th 1879, aged 45 years. Also of Edward their son who died May 13th 1868, aged 3 years.

Askham (S). I. H. S. Sacred memory of Mary Judson (sic) Brown of Askham who departed this life on the 29th of March 1865 in the 77th years. of her age. Also of John Brown her husband who died May 21st 1869 aged 82 years. Also of Mary Clark Brown their daughter who died October 6th 1829 aged 19 m. Memory of J. B.

Askham (S). I. H. S. In affectionate remembrance of William Brown, who died January 28th 1878 aged 49 y. son of John and Mary Judgson Brown of Askham, also Sarah their daughter who died on the 18th of July 1880 in the 54th years. of her age. "If we suffer, we shall also reign with him." W.B., S.B.

Barton (W). In memory of Thomas William affectionate son of Hugh and Esther Brown of High Winder who died May l0th 1872 aged 16 years. It is the Lord's will, let him do what seemeth him good.

Brougham (E. of path). Here Lyeth the Body of Joseph Brown of Moor Houses who departed this life the 27th Day of December 1765 Aged 36 years. Near this Place also Lieth his three Children, Joseph, Edward, and Jonathan.

Clifton (S). Erected in m. Elizabeth daughter of John & Sarah Brown of Clifton Low Dykes who departed this life May 16, 1828 aged 10 years. Also of Joseph their son who died June 23, 1829 aged 2 years. & 6 m. While innocent & therefore blest Like dying flowers we sunk to rest Then weep not since in peace we sleep And happier are than you that weep. Also of their son Isaac who died in East India June 16th 1853 aged 30 years. Also of Sarah Brown their Parent who died April 29th 1857 aged 66 years. Also of John Brown who died very Suddenly November . 7th 1863 Aged 76 years. Deeply regretted by his Sorrowing friends.

Clifton (S). Erected to the memory of Isaac Brown of Clifton Low Dykes who departed this life December 31st 1822 Aged 68 years. Also of Elizabeth Brown his Wife who departed this life November 15th 1837 aged 79 years.

Clifton (S. Large square pedestal with urn). lnstabili spe Christi merita resurrectionis lætre Reverendus Gulielmus Hogarth, Vir inevangelis (?) constans, hocce vico natus Et ecclesiae de Horton in Com. Northumbriensi nuper minister fidelis, obiit apud Crow Hall Die 30 Septembris A.D. 1816 Ætat 52 et apud Cramlington in eodum (sic) comitatu Sepultus est. Christiana ejus uxor Femina omnibus chara Hic requiescit liberis et amicis erepta Sic Deo visum Die 5 Augusti A.D. 1822 Ætat 44. Relinquitur Sabbatisimus (sic) Populo Dei. (Second side). Sacred memory of William Hogarth Esqr of Clifton B. June 3rd 1805, died June 24th 1870, also of Sarah-Ann daughter of J. N. Browne First wife of the said W. Hogarth died June 26th 1829 aged 26 years. Also of John-Edward Hogarth, son of William & Mary Isabella Hogarth, Lost at sea March 1854 aged 13 years. (Third side). Sacred memory of Christopher Clarke Hogarth second son of the Reverend William Hogarth & Christiana his wife who died in the 14 years. of his age July 18th 1821 at Crow Hall & was interred at Cramlington in the County of Northumberland. Also near this place is interred Elizabeth Wootten widow of the late John Clarke Wootten Esqr of Oxford & sister of the late Christiana Hogarth, she d. respected by all who knew her July 29th 1825 in the 53 years. of her age. Also to the memory of Adam Airey Hogarth, died in Canada November 17th 1839 aged 28. The Reverend Arthur George Hogarth died at Bungay Suffolk December 1st 1857 aged 44. Timothy Hogarth died at Copt Hill Northnd. June 23rd 1852 aged 36, sons of the Reverend William Hogarth.

Grasmere (N. 4 tomb stones within stone edging). 1. (cross) "He giveth his beloved sleep." In memory of Edward Brown son of the late Edward and Jane Brown of Grasmere, who died September 13th 1884 aged 39 years. 2. I.H.S. In memory of Jane widow of Edward Brown late of the Prince of Wales Lake Hotel, Grasmere who departed life June l0th 1869 aged 52. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." 3. (cross) "My help cometh of God." In memory of Edward Brown, late of the Prince of Wales Lake Hotel, Grasmere who died November 17th 1865 aged 54 years. 4. "Thy will be done" In Memory of Mary Brown, daughter of Edward and Jane Brown of Grasmere who departed life January 31st 1861 aged 18 years.

Grasmere (S). Sacred memory of Roger Fleming of Ambleside who died the 4th day of June 1855 aged 53 years. also of Dorothy wife of John Fleming and daughter of the above who died at Rock Ferry January 25th 1856 aged 25 years. and was interred in St. James's Cemetery, Liverpool, also of Elizabeth wife of John Brown, innkeeper, Ambleside, and daughter of the above who . departed life the 17th day of June 1856, aged 30 years.

Kirkby Thore (S.E). Here lies the body of Ann wife of Richard Brown who died May 23rd 1839 aged 44 years. also Ann their daughter who died May 25th 1839 aged 11, and were both interred in one grave.

Kirkby Thore (S.E). In affectionate remembrance of Richard Brown of Kirkby Thore who died April 19th 1876 aged 77 years.

Kirkby Thore (S). In memory of Thomas Brown of Low Moor who departed this life January 17, 1840 aged 71 years. Also Mary his wife who died July 2, 1838 aged 72 years. also John their son who died Oct. 3, 1817.

Long Marton (W) In memory of William Brown late of Brampton who died February 17th 1870 aged 84 y. Mary his wife who died May 20, 1853 aged 60 years.

Lowther In memory of David Brown of Lowther who died May 17th 1860 aged 84 years. Also of Isabella his wife who died July l0th 1853 aged 82 years.

Lowther Erected in m. Jonathan Brown, who died December 27th 1816 aged 58 years. Also of Sarah his Wife who departed this life February 14th 1833 aged 71 years. Also Jonathan Ritson Brown their Son who died August 8th 1842 aged 41 years. Also Mary Brown their daughter who died at Penrith October 15th 1870 aged 80 years.

Lowther In memory of Margaret the only daughter of David and Isabella Brown of Lowther, who died November 14th 1835 aged 25 years.

Lowther In memory of Margaret Sibella (sic) eldest daughter of Richard and Sibella Margaret Brown of Sydney, Nova Scotia, and grand-da. of David and Isabella Brown of this Parish she died at Lowther July 7th 1854 aged 18 years.

Lowther (Altar tomb). Here lieth the Body of Richard Brown Who Dyed January 1725 Aged 75 And Eliz. His Wife who dyed September 21, 1730 aged 73. (3 brasses at foot). 1. Interr'd near this place William, son of Richd. Brown of Melkinthorpe. In life an Example of Honesty, Sincerity, Temperance and Justice; Much esteem'd for his great Abilities and happy Success in Surgery; He lived by all respected, And died lamented by many October 11th 1705 Aged 77 years. To perpetuate his Virtues to Posterity this Remembrance is placed by his sons-in-law, Jno. Bushby of Great Strickland and Jno. Wilkinson of Brinns. Also Mary, Wife of William . Brown who died Febr. 4th 1766 Aged 77 years. And Elizth. his eldest daughter who died 18 May 1764 Aged 46 years. 2. Sacred memory of Joseph Bowness who departed this life at Liverpool November . 10th aged 66 years. and was interred in St. Mary's Cemetery, Kirkdale, November 12th 1874. Labour and Sorrow cease, And Life's Long Warfare closed at last, His soul is found in Peace. 3. Beneath and near this stone lie the remains of William Bowness of Melkinthorpe in this parish, Yeoman, and Sarah his Wife, He departed this life March 24th 1850 aged 79 years. She died February 15th 1852 Aged 77 years. They had been united for the long period of 50 years. and in full hopes of a blessed immortality died full of years. respected by all. In remembrance of the kindest and best of parents and as a tribute of gratitude and filial affection their youngest son John Bowness caused this Tablet to be inscribed A.D. 1855. Here also lie interred Jane and Sarah Bowness, Jane died February 19th 1819 aged 4 years. , Sarah died November 30th 1842 aged 33 years.

Orton (N) Here lies interred George Harold Brown, died April 18th 1868 aged 1 years.

Ravenstonedale (W. Stone in 2 Pieces. No. 1 loose and propped up against No.2). (1). In. m. Robert son of John and Isabella Brown who died April 27th 1853 aged 5 days. Also Mary Jane their daughter died March 31st 1857 aged 7 m. The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord. (2). In memory of Edmund Brown late of Newbiggin who died 30th September . 1866 aged 70 years. Also Isabella his wife who died 18th July 1856 aged 62 years. Also Isabella their daughter who died 18th April 1846 aged 26 years. Also Thomas their son who died 6th May 1848 aged 26 years. Also Ann their daughter who died 19th September . 1861 aged 31 years. Daily our mortal flesh decays, But Christ our life shall come, His unresisted power shall raise Our bodies from the tomb.

Warcop (N.) Sacred memory of Joseph Brown who departed this life December 15th 1881 aged 85 years. For seventy years. a valued servant and friend in the family of Mrs. Breeks of Warcop.

Windermere (In. W). Near this Place lie interred In a Pious Confidence in the Mercy of God the Remains of Josiah Brown late of Orrest head. He died much regretted March 8, 1801 aged 72 years. His Munificence endeared him to the Poor who mourned the Loss of their common Friend. His Bounty was not confined to the Poor of his Time, but provided for Posterity by a Donation of £50 to the Poor of the Township of Applethwaite. In Compliance with the Will of this worthy Benefactor, the Interest of the above Donation will be laid out in wheaten Bread and divided every sunday Morning among those poor Householders, who attend public Worship in this Church. The Purity of his Faith, and the Rectitude of his Conduct testified his Piety towards God; His Mildness, Humility and Candour, with his exemplary Attention to the Wants of his Fellow creatures, proved his Benevolence towards Man. Reader! If thou canst excel him; It will be well. If thou canst equal him !