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Found 20 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (E.) In memory of Ann Brunskill of Nether Hoff who died August 3rd 1848 aged 22 years. also Elizabeth Brunskill who died April 3rd 1853 aged 17 years. Agnes Jackson wife of Thomas Jackson died Oct. 26, 1854 aged 22 years. Elizabeth their daughter died November IIth 1853 aged 6 w. John their son died in October 1854 aged I day, also of Anthony Brunskill, father to the above named children, 3 daughters, namely Ann, Elizabeth & Agnes. He died March 25th 1857 aged 62 years. Also of Elizabeth his widow who died June; 23rd 1857 aged 59 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (E.) Sacred memory of Dorothy Brunskill who died I. February . 29th 1862 aged 62 years.

Appleby St Michael (E). Here Lies the Body of Charles the Son of William & Christabel Brunskell (sic) who died February ye 2d 1736 aged 13 years. , also ye Body of Christabel Brunskill who died October ye 26th 1750 aged 69 years. , also ye Body of William Brunskill who died March ye 4, 1751 aged 91 years. (Other side). Go hence all friends & leave us here For we must lie till Christ appear At whose arrive we hope to have A Joyfull Rising from the grave.

Appleby St Michael (N.E). In affectionate remembrance of Mary the beloved wife of James Brunskill, Bongate, and daughter of Christr. Dobson, Brough, who died April 1st . 1878 aged 42 years. Mary daughter of the above James Brunskill, who died Aug 7th 1883 aged 17 m.

Askham (W). In memory of Henry James eldest son of Jonathan and Jane Ward of Brentwood, Essex, who died November . 24th 1846 aged 23 years. Also in m. John Brunskill who died Octr. 3rd 1843 aged 23 years. And of Henry James infant son of the Reverend J. T. Ward & Elizabeth his wife who died May 9th 1843. Also of Elizabeth Sarah third daughter of the Reverend J. T. & Elizabeth Ward who died July 2nd 1850 aged 3 years. Also of Edith Fanny their fourth daughter who died Apri123rd 1853 aged 4 y. H.J.W. | J.B. | H.J.W. | E.S.W. | E.F.W.

Barton (Square). In loving memory Thomas Bewsher of Penrith, B. 1lth Nov: 1781, died 22nd July 1846 and Elizabeth his wife, born 12th Oct. 1795 died 7th July l881. Sons, Rev: Thomas Bewsher LL.B. born 8th July 1821 died 27th Sep: 1874, William Bewsher born 1st Feb: 1826 died 12th Nov : 1880. Daughters, Elizabeth, wife of J. Ward Brunskell, born 22 December : 1829, died 20th June 1868, Mary wife of Reverend J. R. Moxon, B. 8th April 1824, died 25th July 1874.

Brough (S). In Memory of of (Joh)n Bruns(kill) of (O)xen(thwaite) who. died . . .

Brough (S). In Memory of William Brunskill of Upmanhow who departed this life the 21st of February 1777 aged 63. Also in Memory of Richard Brunskill of Upmanhow who died January 25 1780 aged 58.

Clifton (S). Sacred memory of Isabella youngest daughter of the late Joseph Brunskill of Sewborwens near Penrith she was B. at Sandford & was many years. Residence (sic) in this Parish where she died July 23rd 1871 Aged 68 years. Like one of old she was Full of Good Works & Her Memory is now Blessed. Be thou faithful unto death.

Kirkby Stephen In memory of Matthew Brunskill surgeon (late of Kirkby Stephen) who died May 4th 1841 aged 34.

Long Marton (S. W). In memory of Pattinson, son of William & Ann Brunskill of Longmarton who d. December 19, 1860 aged 27 years. also of the above William Brunskill who died March 4th 1884 aged 87 years. and Ann his wife who died March 9th 1879 aged 77 years.

Long Marton (S. W). In loving memory Sarah, wife of Robert Brunskill of Blencarn who died September 18th 1885 aged 63 years.

Orton (N. rail). Erected to the memory of Robert Bland of. Orton who died on the 18th of December 1841 aged 62 years. Fanny his wife daughter of Mr. Stephen Brunskill died on a visit in London and was interred here Oct. 27th 1847 aged 60 years. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. Also Fanny their grand.da. eldest daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth Bland who died on the 23rd November 1844 aged 3 years.

Orton (N). 1840. A. B. aged 19. (i.e. Agnes Brunskill).

Orton (N). 1838. Memory of B. aged 19. (i.e. Mary Brunskill).

Orton (N). Sacred memory of Agnes wife of John Brunskill of Lambrigg Foot who died on the 30th Day of April 1849 aged 54 years. Also of John son of the above who died on the 29th Day of October 1846 aged 20 years. Also of Nancy daughter of the above-named John and Agnes Brunskill who died on the 27th of January 1857 aged 23 years. John Brunskill died September 22nd 1864 aged 71 years. S.B. J.B. A.B. J.B. N.B.

Orton (N). Margaret Brunskill died May 5th 1847 aged 58.

Orton (S). Life how short, Eternity how long. Sacred memory of Mary wife of John Brunskill of Gaisgill who died the 7th of January 1817 aged 45 years. Also to the memory of the above-named John Brunskill who died May 10th 1824 aged 52 years. Also of John Brunskill their son who died December 7th 1840 aged 41 years. (Other side). Ipse Deus cunctos jussit mortis meminisse. Here lies entombed beneath this Stone the Remains of Peter Brunskill of Tebay who departed this life September 16th 1819 aged 41.

Orton (N). The memory of the just is blessed. Sacred memory of Sarah wife of StephenBrunskill of Orton who departed this life on the 25 of March 1823 aged 71. Stephen Brunskill died July 2nd 1836 aged 77. He was the Husband of the above-named Sarah and Local Preacher in the Wesleyan Connection for 62 years. " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord".

Ravenstonedale (S). Robert John the oldest (sic) son of Joshua and Jane Brunskill of Town End in this Parish who died on the 25 Day of May 1871 aged 18 years. Not lost but gone before.