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Found 3 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Michael (S. W .) S. m Robert Collin, son of Michael and Mary Collin, of Murton, who departed this life January 8th 1818 Aged 23 years. Go home my friends and leave me here That I may lie till Christ appear When Christ appears I hope to have A Joyful rising from the Grave.

Clifton (N). Sacred memory of Esther the wife of Geoe. Collin of Clifton Hall who departed this life March the 24th 1844 Aged 38 years. George Collin of Clifton Hall who died June 1st 1866 Aged 72 years.

Clifton (N). Sacred memory of Thomas Collin of Clifton Hall who died Jany 2nd 1835 aged 65 years. Also of Ruth his Wife who died June 3rd 1838 Aged 78, also of John their son who died July 31st 1855 Aged 53 years.