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Found 4 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Clifton (E. window). Arms of Fallowfield.* * The centre window in Machell's time had a crucifix much defaced, but has now only arms that are “ neither fish, flesh, nor heraldry,” i.e. two-thirds of shield from top checky ar. az. vert. gules and purp. alternately, base sa. thereon an escallop or, “ a piece of modern patchwork by a Penrith glazier,” and the latter “ glowing with all the colours which his shop afforded,” and inserted during Mr. Dand's incumbency. Machell says there was a shield over the dexter figure in one of the east windows, which looked like the arms of Fallowfield of Strickland partly defaced, i.e. three escallops or. the sinister one gone. The lower escallop has been apparently retained in the new checky above. Hill MSS. VI. 81, 85.

Kirkby Thore (In. N. chancel, brass). Subtus reconditur Depositum Mortale J ohannis Dalston de Acornbank infra Comitatum Westmoriæ Armigerj Filij Christopheri Dalston Equitis Aurati. Dum in vivis erat magnum se præbuit virtutum omnium Exemplar, seræ Posteritati imitandum Pietate, Prudentiâ, morum candore et pronâ in omnes Benevolentiâ inter Populares suos diu Emicuit. Paternum Genus duxit â Robert de Dalston Fratre Huberti de Vallibus Consanguinco Ranulphi de Micenis cui Will. I (conquestor dictus) Cumbrian Dedit. Primam Juventutem Humanioribus Literis imbuit Collegium Reginæ quod Oxonijs est; Juris municipales Scientiâ Hospitium Graiense quod Londici. Patriæ restitutus officia Justiciarij ad Pacem Locum Tenentis Deputati, et Nuntij de Burgo Aballaba ad Parliament per Quindecim Annos bene et fideliter gessit. Bello Civili quod exarsit A.D. MDCXLI. a partibus Regijs fortiter stetit præ eà Perduellionum rabie. gravià passus. Publicis negotijs maximé Idoneus intra Privatam vitam se continuit: satius ducens Hospitalitatem inter vicinos colere; Rem Familiarem augere, Sibi Suisq. sapere, Matrimonio accepit Luciam Filiam unicam et Hæredem Richardi Fallowfield de Strickland Magnâ, intra Agrum Westmoriæ Arm. Quæ Maternum Stemma habuit de Familiâ de Lowther-Hall. Ex ilIâ suscepit Filios Filiâsq. xxi viz. Christopherum, Thomam, Georgiam, Willielmum, Caro1um, Elizabetham, Franciscam, Luciam, Ianam, Dorotheam, Margarettam et Decem alios qui sub ipsâ Infantia morte cesserunt. Animam Deo Resignavit apud Prædiolum suum de Mill-Rigg xiii die Mensis Aprilis A.D. MDCXCII. ("Burn's copy is quite wrong." (Hill MSS. iv. 426, and N. & B. call this Memory of I. the only one in the church.

Lowther In affectionate remembrance of John Fallowfield, Groom, who died at Lowther Village September 2nd 1843 Aged 48 years. Also of Mary his wife who died at Lowther Village February 11th 1875 aged 72 years. Her end was peace.

Lowther S. m. William Fallowfield of Hackthorp who died March 20th 1780 Aged 19. Also Joseph Richardson, Son of John & Susannah Richardson, who died November . 2d, 1798 Aged 3 m. Also William Richardson who died August 30th 1807 Aged 26. Also John Richardson of Hackthorp their Father who died July 2d 1809 Aged 58 years.