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Found 15 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Askham ( W., altar tomb). In memory of Elizabeth Hayton of Helton who died 18th March 1831 aged 78 years. Also of William Hayton who died 4th March 1836 aged 85 years. S. m. John Hayton who died 1. 26 of November 1860 aged 79.

Clifton (S). Sacred memory of the Reverend . George Hayton Son of the Reverend John Hayton of Ryhope who departed this life on May 17th 1848 aged 26 years.

Kendal (W. flat tomb, rail). In memory of Bryan George Hayton, who died March 19th 1814, aged 4 years. , also of Margaret Hayton who died February 23rd 1816 and of Margt. Ellen Hayton who died July 7t.h 1817 sisters to the above, both of whom died in infancy, also of Hannah Hayton, sister to the above who died October 30th 1834 aged 24 years. & of William Henry, Brother of the above who died in Trinidad W .1. on the 5th of Octr . 1839 Aged 27 years. In memory of Bryan Hayton Who died 24 March 1851 aged 64 years. , also in m. Thomas Bryan Hayton, son of the above who died abroad October 2nd 1855 aged 41 years.

Kendal (E). Beneath this stone lie the Remains of John, son of Thomas & Mary Hayton Who died December 28, 1797 Aged 13, Also Thomas his Brother late of this Town, Draper, Who died January 27, 1809 Aged 21. Our time is short, the longer is our rest God ca1l'd us hence, because he thought it best. Also in m. Mary Hayton, wife of Thomas Hayton of Kendal, who died August 18, 1819 aged 65 years. Also Thomas Hayton Who died May 30, 1822, Aged 70 years.

Kirkby Stephen S. m. Richard Hayton who departed this life June 12th 1828 aged 65, also of Elizabeth his wife, who died l, October 22d 1816 aged 61.

Lowther S. m.. William Hayton of Hackthorpe who died 8th March 1853 aged 75 years. Also of Ann Hayton relict of the above who died 1st November 1858 aged 78 years.

Orton (N). All flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as a flower. In memory of Agnes Wife of Thomas Hayton of the Oak, Orton, and daughter of Thomas and Agnes Newby of Miremouth, Whicham, Cumberland, who died on the 21st Day of April 1850 aged 29 years. Also of the above Thomas Hayton of the Oak, Orton, who died 16th March 1882 aged 74 years. In hope of Eternal life. T. H. 1882. A. H. 1850.

Orton (S). In memory of Edmund Hayton who died 16th January 1833 aged 74 and Eleanor his wife who died 20th April 1830 aged 73. They were both of Newhouse, Orton.

Orton (S). In grief and pain we did remain, And sorely was (sic) opprest, Until above in tender love He kindly gave us rest. In memory of Edward Hayton of Gill in this Parish, Yeoman, who died on the 30th Day of June 1802 aged 90 years. Also of Barbara Hayton his wife who died Oct. 17th 1807 aged 75 years. Also of Thomas Hayton their Son, Yeoman, who died July 14th 1833 aged 59 years. Also of Ann Hayton, Wife of Thomas Hayton who died February 7th 1857 aged 85 years. Also of Edward Hayton, Yeoman, of Gill, Eldest Son of the above who died February 29th 1854 aged 57 years.

Orton (W). Sacred memory of Elizabeth Hayton Wife of Edmund Hayton late of Sunderland, formerly of this place, who died September . 22, 1843 aged 29 years. A loveing (sic) wife, a friend sincere, A tender Mother lieth heer (sic) In love she liv'd, in peace she died, Her life was crav'd but was denied. Also of Agnes the wife of Cyprian Hilton and mother of the above-named Elizabeth who died May 10th 1858 aged 70. Also of James Hilton who died February 27th 1849 aged 32. Also Agnes the wife of James Hilton who died May 26th 1867 aged 49 years.

Orton (N). In affectionate remembrance of James Hayton, yeoman, of Doglum, Breatherdale who died 7th October 1842 aged 55 years. Also Ann his Wife who departed this life 21st September . 1878 aged 85 years. Also James Hayton their son who died at Barrow-in-Furness on the 26th December . 1865 aged 22 years. and was interred at Dalton Cemetery.

Orton (N). In memory of John Hayton, Yeoman, Newhouse, Orton, who died April. 1st 1864 aged 82 years. Also Agnes his wife who died May 3rd 1855 aged 73 years. And Mary their daughter who died September 24th 1836 aged 17 years. Also Joseph their Son who died July 15th 1842 aged 26 years. Also Thomas Hay ton of Newhouse, Orton, Yeoman, who died October 29th 1877 aged 77 years.

Orton (Chancel arch, brass). This arch was erected by Thomas Hayton of the Oak, Orton, 1878, in m. Agnes Hayton his beloved wife who died on the 21st day of April 1856 aged 29 years. " Rest in Peace." (Per Mr. Holme).

Orton (N). In affectionate remembrance of George Head who died 11th July 1878 aged 25 years. Watch therefore for ye know neither the day nor the hour when the Son of man cometh.

Orton (N). Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. In affectionate remembrance of George the only son of Isaac and Jane Pooley Head of Tebay who died 13th February 1882 aged 1 years. & 4 m.