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Found 15 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Asby (W). In Memory of Ann Lamb of Whitestones, Asby, who died July 21st, 1869, Aged 66 y. Also of John Lamb of Whitestones, Asby, (Husband of the above) who died 16th November . 1878, Aged 81 years.

Asby (E). Erected in m. Jonathan Lamb who died at Appleby, April 16, 1865, aged 36 years. Also of Esther his beloved wife who died April, 4th 1878, aged 55 years. Also of James and Henry their sons who died in infancy. The sweet remembrance of the just Shall flourish when they sleep in dust. Also of Isabella their beloved daughter who died June 23rd, 1874, aged 20 years. In the midst of Life we are in Death. Also of Annie their daughter who died November 17th, 1879, aged 21 years.

Brough ..(S). Here lies interred the Body of Edward Lamb who died the 22 of August 1762 Aged 34. Also Isabel Wife of the said Edward Lamb who died the 1 of May 1790 Aged 62. Margaret their daughter died February 5th 1800 aged 52.

Brough (In. S. Aisle). In memory of John Lamb Late of Foster Lane, Cheapside, London, who died October XIII MDCCCVI Aged XLIII. Michael Lamb died June 26,1811 Aged 59. Jane His WifeD. April 6th 1808 Aged 51.

Brough (S). Sacred memory of William Lamb of Hillbeck who died August 27th 1830 Aged 55. Ann his wife died February 25, 1850.

Clifton (N). Sacred memory of Thomas Lamb of Eamont Bridge who departed this life on the 19th Day of March 1828 Aged 80 years. Also of Frances Lamb wife of the above Thomas Lamb, who departed this life the 3oth Day of November 1836 Aged 66 years. (Brass on stone). Thomas son of the above obt. in London 23 May 1839 Æt. 46. Edward son of the above obt. at Stainton 13 Augt. 1839 Æt. 35.

Crosby Garrett (In choir N). Sacred memory of the following persons, viz - Isabella the Wife of the Revd William Bird and daughter of the Reverend James Lamb, Vicar of Appleby, died on the 23rd Octr 1731 in the 38th years. of her Age. Thomas their Son died in his Infancy in the years. 1723. William their Son died on the 17th March 1740 in the 21st years. of his age. The Reverend W. Bird Rector of the Parish of Crosby Garrett d. on the 24th Oct. 1746 Aged 72. Isabella daughter of the Reverend James Bird and Mary his Wife died in the years. 1751 in the 4th years. of her Age. Henrietta Maria their daughter died on the 2nd April 1755 in the 2nd years. of her Age. Mary the Wife of the Reverend James Bird and daughter of Henry Dennison Esqre of Kirkby Stephen died on the 16th April 1758 Aged 32. The Reverend James Bird Rector of the Parish of Crosby Garrett died on the 6th June 1761. Aged 47. He was the surviving Son of the above named William Bird and Isabella his Wife. Henry Son of the said James Bird and Mary his Wife died at Calcutta in the years. 1771 Aged 15. The Revd. William Bird Rector of the Parish of Crosby Garrett and one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the Co. of Westmorland died on the 15th February 1822 Aged 76. He was the eldest Son of the said James Bird and Mary his Wife.

Kendal (E). In memory of Betty Lamb, widow, late of Lancaster, who died December 31st 1838 aged 74 years. To perpetuate her memory, this stone is placed with feelings of gratitude by her three sons. Also of her grandchildren, the family of William &Alice Lamb of Kendal. John died March 14th 1830 aged 1 years. Margaret died February 19th 1832 aged 6 years. Elizabeth died January . 4th 1834 aged 3 years. Richard died March 18th 1837 aged 2 years. Thomas died May 21st 1837 an infant. Alice Jane died Sepr. 14th 1837 aged 4 years. Alice died September . 26th 1849 aged 9 years.

Kirkby Thore (S. E). In memory of Margaret Lamb who during 24 years. filled the situation of housekeeper at the Hall Farm in this township, she died August 24 1855 aged 78 years. , also of Thomas Lamb her brother who after a long residence in America died at New Orleans January 28, 1833 aged 62 years. greatly esteemed by the citizens of that place.

Long Marton (N.E). In affectionate remembrance of William Lamb of Long Marton who died April 9th 1885 aged 43 y.

Long Marton (N.E). " And we all do fade as a leaf." In memory of Isabella, daughter of Matthew Mattinson & Ann Lamb of Longmarton who died March 28, 1863 aged 4 years. also Matthew Mattinson their son who died April 8, 1847 aged 13 m. & was interred in Bongate Church-Yard, also of the above Ann Lamb who died October 9th 1870 aged 64 years. also Matthew Mattinson Lamb of Long Martnn who died on the 1st day of July 1876 aged 76 years.

Shap T. Lamb, J. Lamb, 1846.

Warcop (N). I lay me down and rest. † In memory of Ann Lamb late of Sandford born April 22nd 1793 died April 30th 1879. Rest in peace.

Warcop (S). Sacred memory of James Lamb of Sandford Low Green Obt. 8th October 1805 Aged 72. Also of Isabella his Wife Obt. 22nd March 1806 Aged 62. Also Edward Lamb who died April 3rd 1840 aged 63 years. James Lamb died January 4th 1866 aged 68 years.

Warcop (S). In memory of John Park of Warcop Tower who died January 9th 184 aged 77 years. Agness his wife died July 21st 1812 aged 72 years. John their son died October 2nd 1789 aged 22 years. Henry their son died April 12th 1820 aged 46 years. Also George Lamb of Swaithburn who died May 1st 1844 aged 78 years. Margaret his wife died May 11th 1869. aged 93 years.