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Found 8 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Brough (S). In Memory of John Hilton of Mouthlock, Stainmore who died September 28th 1880 aged 86 years. Also of Mary his Wife who died March 20th 1864 Aged 82 years. Absent from the body, present with the Lord.

Brough (S). In Memory of Mary the beloved wife of John Hilton, Brough, who d September 6th 1881 Aged 72 years.

Brough (S). In loving memory Peggy Hilton of Mouthlock Chapel Stainmoore (sic) who died April 30th 1845 Aged 75 years. , also Mary Nicholson Hilton of Swinstonewath And daughter of the above who died November . 26th 1877 Aged 80 years. The sweet remembrance of the just Will flourish when they sleep in dust.

Clifton (In. N.). William . de Wybergh married Elianor ye only daughter & Sole Heir of Gilbert de Engayne of Clifton in ye County of Westmorld in ye 38 of K. Edwd ye 3d By wch Elianor came ye Manor of Clifton to ye Wyberghs. (Above is another stone slab with Arms of Wybergh “ or 3 bars sable in chief 2 mullets of 2nd," impaling Engayne " gu. fesse dancette between 6 cross crosslets fitchee or .” Crest, griffin's head erased or. with Esquire's helmet and Mantling. (Mr. Hill who visited the church 1848, notes this as at the porch, also the date 1738 below, and that on either side of the inscription hung 2 small escutcheons on parchment with narrow black frames about a foot long, resembling small pic tures, thereon the arms of Wyberh impaling Hilton and probably placed there on that marriage in 1713, or else in 1738. Hill MSS. vi, 87. Coll. Arms C. 3 g. 2nd cal. 17b.

Ormside (In. N). Arms, 2 saltires or, in chief & 2 bezants in base (Hilton) I723. (Also 6 shields on bosses.)

Ormside (In. N. aisle, brass on floor). Inter'd with in this could vrne heare Lyes This countrys Loss but heavens Æternall prise, Cyprian Hilton of Ormside for renowned fame Hee may be Justly stiled the glorie of his name, He was pious, prudent, charitable, and Just, And trewly valiant to, Now heare hes clad in dust. Deceased the 22 of December In the yeare of our Lord God 1652.

Ormside (In. N. aisle, brass on floor). Here lies interrd the body of Cyprian Hilton Esq. of an ancient family, whose loyalty to his Prince, zeal for the Established Church, love to his Wife and children and kindness to the tenants are a lasting monument of his memory. He left behind him his dear consort Mrs. Abigail Hilton and by her a numerous offspring, four Sons and five Daughters all now liveing and He in them. He dyed the 27 day of December An. Dom. 1693 in the years. of his age xxxiii. and is here entombed in hopes of a blessed resurrection.

Warcop (Burton Hall pew). C. H. 1723 (i.e., Christopher Hilton). Hill MSS., 7, 447.