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Found 5 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Crosby Garrett (E). In Memory of Mary the Wife of James Close who died March 2nd 1851 Aged 68. A loving Wife, A friend sincere, A tender Mother, lieth here; In love she lived, in peace she died, Her life was crav'd but was denied. Also of Thomas their Son who died September 5th 1847 Aged 34. Also of Margaret their daughter who died February 22d 1837 Aged 16 years. Also of the above named James Close who died Sep 2d 1864 Aged 78 years. And of Isabella their daughter who died March l0th 1875 Aged 64 years.

Crosby Garrett (E). In memory of Elizabeth the Wife of Thomas Hall Late of Pott’s Valley who died Jany 1st 1861 Aged 89 years. Also of William Close of Crosby Garrett who died June 3rd 1836 Aged 52 years. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, for they rest from their labours and their works do follow them."

Kirkby Stephen (Urn on pediment, brass on E. side). In memory of Isabella wife of William Close, architect & builder, Kirkby Stephen who died September xi, mdcccxxx aged xxiv years. also of John Hutton their son who died April xxii, mdcclii, aged xxiii years.

Kirkby Stephen (In.S). This roof was made in 1845 and in the 9th years. of the reign of Victoria. Henry King Memory of A. Vicar, Anthony Davis, George Bailey, John Ellwood, Thomas Fothergill, churchwardens, William Close carpenter, George Bell, plumber.* * On the new roof are sundry arms &c., such as Musgrave, Lowther, Mason, Whitwell, Wakefield, Simpson, &c.

Shap (S.) In memory of John Close of Shap, yeoman, who died August 16th 1812 aged 77 years. Also of Jane Close his wife, who died May 9th 1827 aged 94 years. Let me die the death of the rightious & let my last end be like his, Numb. xxiii, 10. This monument is erected to the memory of John & Jane Close by their Grandson William Sewell of Trelawny in the Island of Jamaica, West Indies in remembrance of their affectionate kindness to him when a boy, July 1855.