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Found 26 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (S. W). In memory of Ann wife of Philip Dent of Colby who died ]anry 30th 1812 aged 59 years. Also of George their son who died May the 20th 1825 aged 9. Also of Mary their Daughter who died March 5th 1807 aged 22. Also of Philip their son who died November 28th 1813 aged 21. Also of Philip Dent who died (18)17 . . . . aged 67.

Appleby St Lawrence (E). In memory of Bridget late beloved wife of Adam Dent of this town who died July 22 1853 aged 29 years. She loved but reached a higher love, Lured by the grace Divine, And though removed she lives above, Where love shall ne'er decline. Sarah daur of the above who died an infant, also Anthony Dent their nephew who died April 18, 1833 aged 26 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (Mid. Aise) . George Dent, buryed the 5th day of May Anno Do. 1693, aged 26 years. In bed of Earth, there must our bodies sleep, Till our Redeemerer comes to awake his Sheep ; Whose glorious Voice shall then his Saints upraise To their eternal joy, to sound his endless praise. (Bp. Nic. Visit. 1703).

Appleby St Lawrence (Mid. A isle, floor). Jane the wife of George Dent buried here the 7th day of March Anno Domini 1695. George Dent, Bury'd November . 4th, 1717. (per Reverend C. B. Norcliffe).

Appleby St Lawrence (Mid. Aisle). Isabel Dent buryed the 24th of April Anno Do. 1687, being 5 years. & half of Age. (Bp. Nic. Visit. 1703).

Appleby St Lawrence (E). Prepare to meet thy God. Sacred memory of Maria, relict of Nicholas Dent Esq., of King's Meaburn who died December . 15th 18 . . also of . . . daughter of the above Marie and Nicholas Dent who died March . . . y . . . (Widow, 1806 at Appleby C.B.N.)

Appleby St Lawrence (E). In memory of Nicholas Dent late Captain and Adjutant Royal Westmoreland Militia who died 8th November . 1832, also of Jane Elizabeth his widow who died 28th December 1871.

Appleby St Lawrence (S). Here lies the Body of Mr. Anthony Parkin who departed this life the first day of October 1730 ætatis suæ 45. Near this place lies Mrs. Jane Dent who died the 7th of March 1731 aged 26. Mrs. Elizth. Parkin, wife of Mr. Anty Parkin died July ye 27th 1736 aged 57. Mrs. Mary Parkin daughter of Mr. Anty & Elizth. died October 5th 1737 aged 22.

Appleby St Michael (N. W. railing). In affectionate remembrance of Joseph Dent ofBrackenber,yeoman, who died October 17th, 1873 aged 73 years. , also Mary his wife who died August 15th 1866, aged 67 y.

Brough (S). Sacred memory of Elizabeth Dent of Crainset Beck died March 19th 1867 aged 76 years. John Whelpdale late of Brecon, South Wales died January 31st l867 aged 78 years. (Other side) Sacred memory of Ann Whelpdale of Stainmore Blue Grass, died May 1800 aged 84. William Whelpdale, Bluebell, died 19th February . 1807. Elizabeth Whelpdale died 27th Janry. 1813 aged 55. Thomas Whelpdale died 1828 aged 4 years. William Whelpdale died 1824 aged 38. Robert Mason died 1849 aged 60. Ann Mason died 1855 aged 63.

Brough (E). Thy Will be done. In affectionate remembrance of John Dent of High Ewbank, Stainmore, Who died November . 24th 1880 Aged 66Y. And of Elizabeth Dent the beloved Wife of the above John Dent who died May 22nd 1882 Aged 57 years.

Crosby Garrett (N). In Memory of Matthew Dent of Water Houses who died 5th July:1858 aged 69 years. Also Hannah his wife who died 22nd Jany 1880 aged 87 years. Also of Mary wife of Richard Metcalfe of Water Houses and daughter of the above who died 9th November 1880 aged 60 years.

Crosby Ravensworth (S. transept). In the vault beneath are laid the remains of Charlotte Sophia Dent (the eldest daughter of Thomas Williamson John Dent and Sophia Amelia his Wife) who was born Oct. 2, 1862 and died November 2, 1884.

Crosby Ravensworth (S. transept, window E.). In memory of Elizabeth Dent, died 17 December 1847 aged 55.

Crosby Ravensworth (E. flat tomb, rails). Arms (in lozenge): (ar.) on bend (sa.) 3 lozenges erm. (Coll. Arms K. 7. 20) in chief label. In Memory of Elizabeth Dent of Trainlands and Flass, the eldest and only daughter of William and Jane Dent of Trainlands b 21st September 1792, buried 21st December 1847.

Crosby Ravensworth (S. flat tomb, rails). In Memory of Lancelot Dent of Canton in China and of Skirsgill; the fifth son of William and Jane Dent of Trainlands died 28th November 1853 aged 54. L.D. 1853. Arms: on bend 3 lozenges crest, tiger’s head erased.

Crosby Ravensworth (S. transept window). Alleluia, alleluia. In memory of Robert DENT died March 28, 1835, aged 42.

Crosby Ravensworth Ditto. Alleluia, alleluia. In memory of Lancelot Dent of Canton, China, d November 28, 1853, aged 54.

Crosby Ravensworth (E. window). To the glory of God and in m. Thomas Dent,d 19th November 1872 aged 76. Perfect through suffering. Cricified with him. Partaker of his death. Risen with him.

Crosby Ravensworth (S. transept, window W.). Alleluia, alleluia. In memory of William Dent of Wand sworth Common d 7 January 1823 aged 87.

Crosby Ravensworth (Flat tomb, rails) . Erected to the memory of William and Jane DENT of Trainlands. William died the 12th of April 1801 aged 39 years. Jane his wife died October the 12th 1840 aged 78 years.

Dufton (S). Here Iyeth Body of John Dent of Birkdle who died on September ye 9th aged 46 years. Anno Don. 17 . . Also his son John Dent died in the small pox on May ye 27th 1744 aged 16 years.

Kendal (In. S. W.floor) . Mary Dent died 30th April 1835 aged 79.

Kirkby Lonsdale (E). Here lyeth the body of John Dent the younger son of Thomas Dent of Bank house in Barbon who dyed the 24th Day of May in the 15th years. of his age in 1709. (and brass, illegible).

Kirkby Lonsdale (N). In memory of Robert Dent, late of Holm, who died March 30th 1843 aged 73 years.

Musgrave (S). + In memory of Robert Dent of Great Musgrave who died Jany 31st 1860 aged 82 years. also Elizabeth his wife who died May 1lth 1849 aged 63 years. also of Robert their son who died June 2nd 1866 aged 50 years. Also of Sarah their da, who died July 20th 1837 aged 15 years. Also of Elizabeth their daughter who died May 16, 1877 aged 52 years.