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Found 17 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (N..E.) Sacred memory of Richard Fawcett of Appleby who died May 20th 1881 aged 78 years. Thy will be done. Atkinson Fawcett son of the above, died at Burrells May 13th 1867 aged 4 years. Feed my Iambs.

Crosby Garrett (S). Here rests the Body of Deborah Fawcett who lived not to herself and d. in the Lord October 28th 1865 aged 52 years. “Them which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him." I Thess. ch. 4. v.I4.

Kendal (N). In Memory of Robert Pennington of Hollings in Hutton-i'th'-Hay, who died October 5th 1849 aged 78. Also of David Fawcett Pennington his son, who died August 30th 1840; aged 27. Also of Ann Fawcett, who died April 15th 1842 aged 87, relict of the late David Fawcett of Kendal, she died at Hollings, Hutton-i'th'-Hay at the house of her son in law Robert Pennington. Also of David Fawcett, husband of the above who died February 5th 1803. Also of Mary, widow of the above Robert Pennington who died on the 4th November 1878 aged 87 y. and was interred at the new cemetery.

Kirkby Lonsdale (In. Window E). Cragg and Middleton. Arms, i gu. fess between 3 mullets in chief, and 3 cross crosslets in base ar. On inescutcheon 41y. 1 & 4. ar. saltire engrailed sa. (Middleton), 2 & 3, 41y per fess indented or & gu. on bend az. cinquefoil between 2 martlets of lst (Bindloss). ii. Hebblethwaite & Middleton ar. 2 pallets az.; on canton or, mullet sa. On inescutcheon Middleton & Bindloss 41y. iii. Moore and Cragg. Arms, or, on chevron erminois between 3 wreathed negro's heads couped ppr., pheon of the field. On inescutcheon 41y. 1 & 4. Cragg, 2 Middleton, 3 Bindloss. iv. Fawcett and Hebblethwaite. Arms, ar. on bend az. 3 dolphins embowed or. On inescutcheon 41y. 1 & 4 Hebblethwaite,2 Middleton, 3 Bindloss. v. 41y. of 6, 1 & 6, Moore; 2, Cragg; 3, Middleton; 4, Bindloss, 5 ?–––On inescutcheon 41y. 1, Fawcett; 2, Hebblethwaite; 3, Middleton; 4, Bindloss; vi. Fawcett. Arms, 41y. 1, Fawcett; 2, Hebblethwaite; 3, Middleton; 4, Bindloss.

Kirkby Lonsdale (N.E). In affectionate remembrance of Ellen Fawcett, wife of John Fawcett of this town who died August 9th 1873 aged 66 years. also of the above named John Fawcett who died on the 14th day of January 1876 aged 75 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (N.E). In memory of the late Susan Fawcett of Kirkby Lonsdale who departed this life August 3rd 1862 aged 72 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (E. runic cross). In affectionate remembrance of Alice Procter the beloved wife of William Kenyon died August 10th 1878 aged 23 years. Also James Anthony, son of the above, d. March 11th 1879 aged 18 m. Also of the above named William Kenyon who died March 24th 1881 aged 33 years. Also of James Fawcett of Kirkby Lonsdale who died February . 17th 1867 aged 34 years. Also of Thomas Anthony eldest son of James and Mary Fawcett who died April 9th 1876 aged 18 years.

Kirkby Stephen In memory of Stephen Fawcett who do February 28, 1852 aged 82 years. James his son died September 24, 1855 aged 61 years. Isabella the wife of James Fawcett died Oct. 13, 1834 aged 44 years. Ann Fawcett, the wife of Stephen Fawcett died February . 16th 1859 aged 83.

Ravenstonedale (W). Here lieth the Body of James Fawcett of Low Stennerskugh who died December . 1st 1714 Ætat. 26. Also of Thomas his son who died May 20th 1779 Ætat. 69.

Ravenstonedale (S). Near this Place lie the Remains of James Fawcett late of Streetside, born there, who departed this life June 16th 1751 Aged 83 years. Also the Remains of Sibyll his Wife born at Bowberhead who departed this life February 21st 1748 Aged 74 years. Our Turn to.day, To-morrow your's also. (Other side). Near this Place lie buried the remains of Anne the Wife of Fawcett Hunter of Dovengill who departed this life May 11, 1811 aged 64 years. The afflictions of this life soon pass away for "here we have no continuing city."

Ravenstonedale (In. S). Near this Place on the Outside lie The Remains of those two excellent Persons, Henry and Elizabeth Fothergill of Lockholm in this Parish, the Former of whom departed this life April 25,1753 aged 82, The Latter, March 5, 1766 aged 88, after having lived most happily together in the holy State of Matrimony near 53 years. Also the Remains of their two eldest Children and only Daus. Margaret who died December . 16 aged11,& Eliza,Novr.10 aged 9, both in the years. 1713. Also the remains of their sixth Son James, a Youth of Great Hopes, who died Augt. 25, 1739 aged 19. And of their daughter -in-Law Alice Wife of William F. who died in Childbed November 11,1745 aged 23. S. also m. their eldest Son George Fothergill, died D. and Principal of St. Edmund Hall in Oxford where he lies interred who departed this life October 5, 1760, aged 54. He was a Person of great Parts and Learning, and of most exemplary Piety and Virtue, which made his Death greatly lamented. By his side is buried the Body of Hen. Son of William . & Alice F||, Taberdar of Queen's Coll. Oxford, who deceased June 27, 1767. He was a very deserving young Man and learned and knowing above his years. This Monument was erected by their five surviving Sons, Ricd. F||, of Lockholm ; Hen. F||, Memory of A. Rector of Cheriton Bp. in Devonshire ; William . F||, of Crossbank; Tho. F||, died D. Provost of Queen's ColI., Oxford; and Joseph F||, of Waingarths; In the years. of our Lord MDCCLXVII. Arms–-Sa. buck's head erased within bordure engrailed or, impaling Ar. on bend azure 3 dolphins naiant embowed or. (Fawcett).

Ravenstonedale (W). In memory of Matthew Wilkinson, Clerk of this Parish, who died March 23, 1794 aged 67. Of Isabel his Wife who died February 7, 1801 aged 72. Of Mary their daughter the Wife of Robert Raisbeck who died May 20, 1781 aged 26. Of Thomas Fawcett, Husband of their daughter Elizabeth who died December 6, 1805 aged 56. Of Robert their Grandson the Son of John and Jane Wilkinson who died June 30,1792 aged 10 years.

Warcop (S. cross). In memory of James Fawcett of Sandford who died Sept: 17, 1853 Aged 72 years. Agnes Fawcett his wife who died November , 29, 1868, aged 83 years. Because I live ye shall live also. St. John xiv, 19. Thomas Thornburrow Fawcett their son died December . 2, 1850 Aged 39 years.

Warcop (S.) In memory of John Fawcett of Sandford who died March 21st 1861 Aged 74 years. Also John his son who died September . 5th 1863 aged 32 years. Also Elizabeth, wife of the. above John Fawcett Senr. who died at Sandford September . 4th 1869 aged 65 years. Also Elizabeth wife of John Fawcett Junr. who died Oct: 11th 1870 aged 36 years. "Thy will be done."

Warcop (S.) In memory of William Fawcett of Sandford who departed this transitory Life November the 30th 1790 Aged 80. Also Margaret his wife who died January the 14th 1813 Aged 88. Also Richard his Son who died In prime of Life November the 18th 1794 Aged 37. Also Robert their Son who died Nov: 22nd 1831 Aged 76.

Warcop (S.) In memory of William Fawcett of Sandford who departed this life March 22nd 1834 aged 80 years. Also Mary his wife who died April 11th 1834 aged 78 years. Sudden from off this tiresome stage he fled. One day in health. the next among the dead, The stroke surprising, to a carnal Eye, Tho' not to one that's well prepar'd to die; But she was long affliction's weary child, Her hope was firm, her resignation mild.

Warcop (S.) Sacred memory of William Fawcett second Son of William and Mary Fawcett of Sandford who died December . 1st 1848, aged 66 years. For many years. resident in London engaged in mercantile affairs in which he was favored by Providence, "That Power" (sic) which also blessed him with a feeling heart, integrity, and worth. By his widow, surviving relatives and a large circle of friends his Memory will be long and deservedly revered. "All flesh is grass. " Ann Fawcett Relict of the above William Fawcett. born 16th Sept: 1792 died 11th July 1876 aged 83 years. Interred at Warcop July 15th.