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Found 13 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Michael (S. W .) In Memory of Anthony Rudd of Hilton who departed this life October 1, 1805 Aged 84.

Appleby St Michael (W). Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. In memory of Jonathan Rudd, son of Anthony Rudd of Fell-dykes who departed this life October 5th 1829 Aged 23 years. While living respected, Now dead lamented.

Appleby St Michael (S). Sacred memory of Michael Rudd of Hilton, who died January 2nd 1866 aged 65 years. , also of Mary his wife who died February 7th 1884 aged 80 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

Brough (E). Sacred memory of Jane Rudd who died December 31st 1858 aged 77 years. , also, Thomas Rudd, husband of the above, died April 3rd 1861 aged 84 years.

Brough (N). Erected in m. John Rudd who died at Edinburgh March 23, 1834 Aged 23 years. , Mary Rudd who died July 31st 1841, æ.36 years. Thomas Rudd died November . 24th 1850 Æ 42 years. And of Jeremiah Smith Rudd of Brough who died August 14th 1881 Aged 76 years.

Brough (E). Robert Rudd of Brough Sowerby the 19th day of November 1790 Aged 81. Elizabeth his Wife, the 23d day of December 1782 Aged 72 years. Also their Son William Rudd the 27th day of December 1791 Aged 45 years. And Mary his Wife the 23rd day of March 1779 Aged 32 years. Whose remains are interred here. Elizabeth Rudd died August 14th 1807 Aged I½ years. Sarah Rudd died September 1799 (or 1822) aged 45 (or 43) years. (last not in par. reg.)

Brough (S). In Memory of Thomas Rudd of Brough Sowerby, Drover, who died January 11, 1798 aged 57. Also of Jane his wife who died Augt.28th 1818 aged 77. Also John Rudd their son who died July 9th 1833, aged 48 years.

Crosby Garrett (E). Philip Rudd of Little Musgrave died June 14th 1857 aged 78 years. Jane his wife died June 23rd 1867 aged 82 years.

Dufton (E). Sacred memory of John Rudd, yeoman, or Dufton, who died October 13th 1869 aged 78y.

Kirkby Stephen (In. S. wall of tower). Thomas Rudd de Hartley, Jno. Wharton de Wharton, Jno. Grainger de Kayber, Robert Bousfield de Soulby, Church Wardens 1763.

Kirkby Stephen R. Rudd, son of Ann Rudd widow of R. Rudd, Sen. died November l0th 1814 aged 81.

Kirkby Stephen In memory of Richard Rudd, of Hartley, obiit 3 October 1794 Ætat 62. Also Richard his son Obiit 1st May 1800, Ætat 25.

Ormside ("In the Churchyard there's a ,Letter’d Gravestone.over one Thomas Rudd,who was 52 years. Clerk of this Parish.” (Bp. Nic. Visit. 1703 p. 41. Hill MSS. vii. 147.)