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Found 19 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Michael (E). Sacred memory of Michael Ellwood, Son of Michael and Mary Ellwood, of Bongate, who died April 10, 1807, aged 3 years. Also John Ellwood their Son who died June The ii 1808 aged 12 years. Also Thomas Ellwood Their Son who died November The 25th 1823 Aged 25 years. Also Robert their son who died September . 23rd 1830, Aged 18 y. Also Mary his wife who died September . 26th 1832 aged 61 years.

Appleby St Michael In memory of Michael Ellwood :who died October 27th 1853, Aged 83 years. Also of Mark his Son who died In London February 10, 1849, Aged 42 years.

Barton (W.) In memory of Elizabeth the beloved wife of William Ellwood of Thorpe House. B. July 8th 1795, died September . 19th 1874. Also of William Ellwood, Her husband who died at Thorpe House B. Feb : 27th. 1806, died Febr. 14th 1880.

Barton (S. E.) In affectionate remembrance of John Ellwood who died at Eamont Bridge January 26th 1861, aged 53 years. , not dead but sleepeth.

Barton (S). In memory of Sarah Hall, widow of the late William . Hall, Wokingham, Berkshire, who died June the 6th 1840 aged 70 years. Also of Thomas Boak of Eamont Bridge who d. on the 9th of September . 1851 aged 72 years. Also of Elizabeth Ellwood of Eamont Bridge, who died on the 17th of September . 1854 aged 72 years.

Brough (W) . . . . . . . . . Also . . . . Wife . . . . . Wellhead and daughter . . . . . . li . . . George . . . . . Son . . . . . . Ellwood of Wellhead who died May 27th 1802 Aged 19. Also of John Ellwood of Wellhead who died November 7th 1808 Aged 76.

Crosby Ravensworth (E.). In affectionate remembrance of Thomas Ellwood of Roans who died 4 Ap. 1867 aged 86 years. also of Mary his wife who died on the 3rd July 1883 aged 78 years. also the children of the above, Frances, died 6 July 1853 aged 20, Margaret died 15 March 1859, aged 25 yrs;, Sarah died 18 July 1871 aged 35 years. , Jane died 24 July 1849 aged 17 wks.

Dufton (S). In memory of John Ellwood of Redbanks in this parish who died December 12,1858 aged 89 y, also of Mary his wife who died December 4,1861 aged 84 years.

Dufton (E). In memory of John Ellwood of Dufton who died September 18th 1872 aged 77 years. Also Nancy his wife who died Oct. 20th 1876 aged 72 years. Nancy their daughter -in-Iaw who d. February 27th 1877 aged 26 years.

Dufton (In. N). Mr. Jno. Ellwood by deed dated July 16th 1835 gave £6 6s. out of Sandriggs Estate to be distributed every Christmas Day as follows, viz.: to 10 poor widows or poor householders of the parish of Dufton, also to 5 poor widows or householders of the township of Knock 5s. and a half stone loaf of the finest Wheaten Bread each. The overplus to be appropriated towards the education of poor widows' sons of the parish of Dufton at Dufton School.

Dufton (S). In memory of Thomas Ellwood of Sandriggs who died March 14th 1775 aged 55 years. , also Mary his wife died August 12th 1787 aged 56 years. , Mark Ellwood their son died Novr 23rd 1780 aged 25 years. , also Nanney their daughter and wife of Jonathan Nixon d. May 31st 1808 aged 48 years. , also John Ellwood who died at Whitehaven on the 6th of June 1837 aged 76 years.

Dufton (S). In memory of George son of the late Thomas Ellwood of Sandriggs who died at Stony Wath near Carlisle June 6th 1872 aged 39 years. Also of Jane his wife who d. at Bongate February 22, 1879 8ged 56 years. "Thy will be done."

Dufton (W). In memory of Thomas Ellwood of Sandriggs who died October 3, 1842, aged 76 y., also of Thomas Ellwood his son who died at London March 11,1836 aged 31 y., also Jane his wife who died February 1,1864 aged 84Y.

Kirkby Stephen (In.S). This roof was made in 1845 and in the 9th years. of the reign of Victoria. Henry King Memory of A. Vicar, Anthony Davis, George Bailey, John Ellwood, Thomas Fothergill, churchwardens, William Close carpenter, George Bell, plumber.* * On the new roof are sundry arms &c., such as Musgrave, Lowther, Mason, Whitwell, Wakefield, Simpson, &c.

Kirkby Thore (S.E). Erected in m. Elizabeth Ellwood who died December . 4th, 1822 aged 71 years.

Kirkby Thore (S.E). In memory of John Ellwood, blacksmith, of Kirkby Thore who died December . 21,1872 aged 69 years. , also Frances his wife who died February 5, 1873 aged 77 years. , also Mary their daughter who died January 17, 1833 aged 4 years. , also Ann their daughter who died December 1st, 1834 aged 3 years. , also Robert their son who died December . 12th, 1837 aged 25 weeks.

Kirkby Thore (S.E). In memory of William Ellwood of Kirkby Thore who died August 12th 1844 aged 39 years. , also Barbara his wife who died April 16th 1882 aged 77 years.

Long Marton (S). In memory of Ann wife of John Ellwood of Knock, who died June 30 1842 aged 41 y. also of the said John Ellwood who died March 6, 1849 aged 49 years.

Newbiggin (S). In memory of John Dobson of Williams-Gill who departed this life May 9th 1833 aged 77 years. Also Isabella his wife who died November 5th 1836 aged 78 years. And Elizabeth their daughter who died May 29th 1796 aged 8 years. Also Elizabeth their grand-da the wife of John Ellwood, who died June 18th 1846 aged 24 years. Also Mark their son who died in infancy.