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Found 10 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Brough (Copied 1874, not found 1886). In memory of Margaret wife of John Ewbank who departed this . . . .

Brough (S). Here lies the Body of Jonathan Ewbanke of Borrenthwaite who departed this life on the 25th of Oct. 1779 Aged 81. Heaven is not always angry when he strikes, But most Chastises those whom most he likes, And if.with humble Spirits they complain, Relieves the Anguish or rewards the pain. Also interred the Body of Barbara wife of the above named Johnathan (sic) Ewbanke who departed this life the 24th of December . 1784 Aged 69 years.

Brough (S. 1874). Here lies the Body of Jonathan Ewbanke of Little Skirrigill who was unfortunately killed by a fall from his horse the 12th of December . 1776 aged 49. Also interred the Body of Ann his Wife who departed this life January 12th 1775 aged 46.

Brough (S). Thy will be done. Erected in Memory of Michael Ewbanke of Borrenthwaite who died December 7, 1860 aged 83 years. and of Mary his wife who died May 31, 1847 aged 78 years. Also of Elizabeth their daughter who died March 13, 1828 aged 25 years. , and of Mary their daughter who died November 4, 1822 aged 25 years. Also Eleanor, their daughter who died January 16, 1830 aged 23 years. And of Ruth their last surviving Daughters (sic) who died August 19. 1838 agcd 25 years. Also of Michael Son of the aforsaid (sic) Michael and Mary Ewbanke who died October 30, 1864 aged 54 years. And of Mary Elizabeth Ewbanke, daughter of the above and wife of Matthew Robinson Ewbanke who died January 18th 1870 aged 25 years. There remaineth a rest for the people of God. Sacred memory of Matthew R. Ewbanke, Husband of the aforesaid Mary E. Ewbanke of Borrenthwaite who died June 14th 1872 aged 42 years.

Brough (S. 3 stones within stone coping). (i) In remembrance of Ruth Ewbanke wife of Matthew Ewbanke of Rampson of (sic) Stainmore who died 23rd May 1860 aged 83 years. (ii) In memory of Matthew Ewbanke late of Rampson, Stainmore who died June 15th 1855 aged 80 years. (with matrix of brass). (iii) In remembrance of Matthew Ewbanke the younger who died at Rampson on Stainmore 11th October 1872 aged 68 years.

Brough (Copied 1874, not found 1886). Sacred memory of Robert Ewebank who died March 2nd 1787 aged 50.

Brough (S). In Memory of Eleanor, consort of Henry Johnson of the United States, and daughter of Michael Ewbanke of Rampson in this Parish ; who after many years residence in America came to her native Country for the benefit of her health and died at her Father's House the 16 of November 1805 Aged 35 years.

Crosby Ravensworth (E. stone edging). Erected inm. Thomas Ewbank of Gill who died November 20, 1818, aged 41 years. also of Annas his wife, who died July 21, 1839 aged 49 years. There remaineth a rest for the people of God.

Kirkby Stephen (In. tower S). W. E. (i.e. Ewbank. Mr. Berry says, these and other marks here refer to the names of bell-ringers.)

Kirkby Stephen Thomas Ewbank of Winton, Master in the Royal Navy, died the 29th of March 1787 aged 42.