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Appleby St Lawrence (E). In memory of Isaac Sewell, cooper, of Appleby, who died August Ist 1838, aged 32 years. , and of William . his son who died April 9th, 1841, aged 7 years. , also of Richard William, son of Richard B. Yeats, surgeon of this town who died June 6th, 1852, aged 6 m. loving memory Rich:ard Balderstone Yeats, surgeon of this town, who died April 28th, 1853, aged 32 y-

Appleby St Lawrence (S. W). In memory of John Sewell, who died November 8, 1852, aged 64 years. , also of Ann Sewell his widow, who died March l0th, 1871, aged 82 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (S). In memory of Thomas Sewell, who d February 21st, 1838, aged 11 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (E) Erected to the memory of William . Sewell, cooper of this town, who died February 28, 1857, aged 83 years. , and of Margaret his wife who died March 19, 1851, aged 72 years. The trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible.

Askham (W. wall). In Memory of Robert Sewell of Askham who died November .5th 1778 aged 36 years. Also of Elizabeth his daughter who died September . 23rd 1788 aged 13 years. Also of John his son who died in his infancy. Also of Thomas his son who died May 5th 1797 aged 20 years. Also of John Dawson of Askham who died December 25th 1801 aged 55 y. Also of John his son who died Augt. 1st 1790 aged 2 years. Also of Mary his daughter wife of J. Noble who died December . 10th 1814 aged 33 years. Also of Isabella her (sic) Daughter who died an Infant. Also of Mark her Son who died September 20th 1810 aged 21 years. Also of Isabella widow of the above-named John Dawson who departed life on the 19 of April 1824 aged 71 years.

Crosby Ravensworth (E. Column, rails. One side). Obt. Thomas Gibson, 1796, 77. Frances Gibson 1757, 41. Elear. Hutchinson 1796, 80. Robert Wilson 1823, 71, Frances Wilson 1788, 31, Robert Wilson 1819, 32, Arthur Gibson 1878, 3, George Gibson, 1878, 89, Richard Gibson 1880, 88. (Another side). John Gibson 1824, 77, Ruth Gibson 1828, 77, Margaret Gibson 1821, 40, Michael Gibson 1835, 37, Jane Gibson 1841, 53, Frances Gibson 1852, 70, Reverend . John Gibson 1867, 80, Thomas Gibson 1869, 90. (Another side). George Gibson 1835, 80, Jane Richardson 1819, 66. Frances Sewell 1831, 20, John Sewell 1855, 78, Frances Sewell 1858 , 80, George Sewell 1870, 60. (Another side). Isabella Gibson 1779, 22, Agnes Harrison 1812, 80, Ann Gibson 1819, 66, William Betham 1814, 54, Mary Betham 1843, 81, Ann Betham 1864, 18.

Crosby Ravensworth (Window N. aisle). Arms: sa. Chevron betw. 3 bees ar. + This window and door adjoining were erected to the golory of God by Lillies Sewell in m. of her beloved husband George Sewell, grandson of the late Geoirge Gibson of this parish, he departed life June 28, 1870, in his 60th years.

Kendal (S.E). In this place are deposited the remains of Henry Sewell and Emanuel Fothergill, privates in His Majesty's Royal Westmorland Militia, the former died November 3, 1805 Aged 23, the latter died March 13, 1806 Aged 20. The esteem and respect they were held in by their Comrades in the Regiment in which they had the honor to serve, cannot be better proved than by their unaminous consent and contribution to erect this Stone to perpetuate their memory and to express their regret at the loss they have sustained. Friends take these tears, Mortality's relief, And till we share your joys, forgive our grief, These little rites-on Stone-a verse receive, Tis all a comrade, all a Friend can give.

Kirkby Lonsdale (W). Headstone against W. wall of church, N. side. Near this place are interred the Remains of Elizabeth, Wife of Richard Sewell of this Town, She d. December 4th 1786 Aged 77 Years. Near this Stone are interred the Remains of the above-named Richard Sewell who died December 11th 1787 aged 81 Years.

Kirkby Thore (S. wall of porch). Near this stone are deposited the remains of the Reverend . Jonathan Sewel, Incumbent of Templesowerby and Soulby Chapels, who died February 19th 1803 aged 84. Also of his two sons George who died June 13, 1804 aged 40 and Joseph who died January 6, 1788 aged 18 years. also Catherine his wife who died 7 July 1807 aged 82 years. also Mary his daughter wife of the Reverend H. Atkinson, rector of Asby, who died 16 February 1807 aged 58 years.

Shap (S.) In memory of John Close of Shap, yeoman, who died August 16th 1812 aged 77 years. Also of Jane Close his wife, who died May 9th 1827 aged 94 years. Let me die the death of the rightious & let my last end be like his, Numb. xxiii, 10. This monument is erected to the memory of John & Jane Close by their Grandson William Sewell of Trelawny in the Island of Jamaica, West Indies in remembrance of their affectionate kindness to him when a boy, July 1855.

Shap (S). God is our God for ever and ever. In memory of the Reverend . Thomas Sewell for 20 years. incumbent of Swindale who died February 20th 1870 aged 73y.

Shap (E). In loving memory William Sewell of Queen's Head Inn, Shap, who died June 5th 1884 aged 50 years.