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Crosby Ravensworth (Loose, churchward wall N). Gulielmus, Comes de Lonsdale Illustrissimus, In Dei honorem et Suorum gratiam Cancellos hosce, vetustate lapsos dirutosque reponendos, curavit, Anno Salutis humanae 1812.

Kendal (E). Sacred memory of Thomas Lonsdale, Late Manufacturer in this Town, who departed life on the 21st day of February 1844 aged 66 years. His affectionate Widow caused this stone to be erected.. Also of Emma Lonsdale his Widow who died February 27th 1852 aged 81 years. Also of Richard, Son of the above who died April 4th 1808 aged 11 m. And also of Emma Johnson, Grand-da. of the said Thomas Lonsdale, and infant daughter of James and Emma Johnson, who died on the 21st of July 1844 aged 2 y. and 3 m. And also of James Johnson the Son of the above named who died 25th February 1846 aged 3 m. Afterwards Isaac Johnson, who died June 26th 1847 aged 4 m. and 3 weeks. James Johnson their Father who died December . 18th 1851 aged 37 y. (My. Jennings).

Lowther To the memory of Edward Blyth of Hackthorpe who died September 3rd 1845 aged 68 years. The deceased had been in the service of the late Sir John Lowther of Swillington, Baronet, and of his brother the late Earl of Lonsdale for the long period of fifty years. Also Elizabeth Blyth relict of the above who died January 13th 1866 aged 80 years.

Lowther In. S. Transept, pillar and urn ). Sacred memory of Lord William . Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck ivth son of William . H. Cavendish iiid Duke of Portland,Majr. Genl. in the Army, K.C.B, and Colonel of the lviii Regiment of Foot. With a zeal and an ardour that distinguished him in his profession he first sought employment in those countries where war was carried on; courage in action, patience under privation, a promptitude to share every fatigue & danger with his soldiers, ensured to him the love of all who were placed under his command; to his friends he was endeared by his singular frankness & simplicity of manner, his high sense of honor and affectionate disposition. He was born November . ii mdcclxxxi, Married Mary iiid daughter of William . Earl of Lonsdale, and died at Rome February x, mdcccxxviii after a long and painful illness endured with characteristic firmness and Christian resignation. Impressed with a grateful recollection of the happiness he had enjoyed at Lowther he expressed a wish in his latter moments that his remains might be deposited in this place: that he felt such a wish has mingled with the higher consolations of his afflicted widow, the tender assurance that the hours he passed here were among the happiest of his life, and in love and affection to the memory of her departed husband, and in pious hope that her infant son may hereby be incited to emulate the virtues of his father she has erected this monument. Arms, 41y. 1 & 4 az. cross rnoline ar. (Bentinck) 2 & 3 sa. 3 stag's heads caboshed ar, attired or (Cavendish) inmpaling or, 6 annulets, 3, 2, 1, sa. (Lowther). Crest of Cavendish, serpent nowed ppr. Insignia of the Bath. Motto, Craignez honte. Supporters, (dexter) lion double queued or. (sinister) lion double queued sa. & each charged with crescent, interchanged for distinction.

Lowther (In. choir, N. brass). † In memory of William Jackson, died D. (or so years. Rector of this Parish, Provost of Queen's College, Oxford, Sometime Chancellor Archdeacon and Canon Residentiary of Carlisle domestic Chaplain to Walter 1st Earl of Verulam and to the 1st and 2nd Earls of Lonsdale, Justice of the Peace for the Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland, Younger Son of the Reverend . Thomas Jackson, Rector of Grasmere B. 17th December 1792 died at Askham Hall 13th September 1878 and was Buried in this Churchyard. Also of Julia Eliza his wife eldest daughter of John Gregory Crump of Allan Bank in the Co. of Westmorland Esq. B.. 31st May 1793 died at Queen's Coll. Oxford 7th March 1873 and was Buried in this Churchyard. In l. Memory of this Monument was erected by their two surviving daus. Arms ar. on fess between 3 cock's heads erased sa. combed and wattled gu. greyhound courant between 2 pheons or, all within border az. platée ,impaling 41y 1 and 4 gu. chevron between 3 quatrefoils or (for Crump) 2 and 3 ar. 3 hammers sa. (Hamerton). Helmet and mantling. Crest of Crump, a cock's head as in the Arms. Motto, Virtuti vigila.

Lowther (in. N. Transept, brass). Magistratus indicat virum. Henry Earl of Lonsdale, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of Westmoreland & Cumberland, Colonel of the Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry Cavalry, Hon: Colonel of the Royal Cumberland Militia, Hon: Colonel of the Cumberland Volunteers, late Captain in the 1st Life Guards. Rep. Westmoreland in Parliament 25 years. B. Mar: xxvii A.D. mdcccxviiiD. Aug: xv A.D. mdccclxxvi. To whose beloved memory, the best of husbands and fathers and the most upright of gentlemen, this monument is erected by his wife. The memory of the just is blessed. (This is on either side of a full length figure, full face, in uniform of the 1st Life Guards, holding the helmet in the right hand; being a portrait of Henry Lord Lonsdale. Mr. Grump). Two shields of Arms (above), 1. or. 6 annulets 3, 2, I, sa. (Lowther) (with ulster badge). 2. Lowther impaling barry of 10 ar. & gu. on canton of 2nd lion passant guardant or (Caulfeild). Also 2 medallions each containing 5 small shields. On 1st medallion are I. Lowther (with ulster badge); II. Sa. 3 escallops within bordure engrailed ar. (Strickland); III. Gu. 3 lucies hauriant or (Lucy); IV. Ar. lion rampant sa. (Stapleton); V. Erm. on canton az. cross calvary or, (Quaile). On 2nd medallion, I. Sa.3 covered cups ar. (Warcop); II. Sa. 3 martlets volant ar. (Coll. Arms C. 39, 15 born ); III. Ar. 2 bars gu. on canton of 2nd, mullet of the field (Lancaster of Sockbridge); IV. Ar.3 bugle horns sa. (Bellingham); V. Ar. chevron gu. between 3 torteaux (Sherard).

Lowther (In. N. Transept). Infra depositi sunt cineres Jacobi Lowther, Comitis de Lonsdale, Urbanitate morum, ingenii acumine, Judicii gravitate, Invictâ in rebus ardui, animi magnitudine, Constanti erga amicos fide, Et laudatissimo erga Regem optimum amore, Verè insignis. In Senatum Britannicum A primâ juventute cooptatus, Nihil majus antiquum habuit Quam ut Patriæ decus et utilitatem Pro virili parte promoveret. . Et suæ dignitati et posterorum commodis Optime consuleret. E vitâ decessit 24mo die Maii A.D. 1802 Æt: 66. Marmor hoc Gratissimæ observantiæ ergo Posuit Gulielmus Vicecomes de Lowther 1805.

Lowther (In. S. Transept, recumbent figure in peer's robes with viscount's coronetin left hand. Memory of I. above). Hic juxta Deponitur died Johannes Vicecomes deLonsdale, Baro Lowther, Atavis Equestr: Ordinis ultra xxx vix intercisâserie editus Invictissimo Gulielmo in Britanniarum Regi (Post operam inLibertate patriæ vindicanda feliciter navatam) a Conciliis secretioribus Exsummis Ærarii Angliæ Commissionariis primarius, Arcis Carliolensispræfectus; Militiæ in Cumbriâ et Westmoriâ comitatibus legatus etc: Privatisigilli custos; Et ex supremis Regni, absente rege, Justiciarius,Literatorum mecænas pariter et Coryphæus; Dicendi Facultatem (inimitabilem)qui mentis acumine Et Generis Antiqui decus morum Nobilitate superavit. Incomitiis Regni Legum et Religionis patriæ vindex: Regi populum populo Regemsublevando ministravit, Utriusque Amantissimus utrique juxta charus.Regnorum Angliæ et Scotiæ adunandorum, Et Generalis naturalization isdecelnendæ patronus, In quibus tantum defecit ne si præsens sæculum omniasibi deberet, Nihil a nepotibus posteræ ætati sperandum remaneret, Amicis(quorum tot habuit quot respub: nec plures voluit) Faciiis, suavis,benignus, Novos Honorum Titulos, cum a grato rege promeruit virtutibustitulos, ornavit. Cunctis denique cum publicæ tum privatæ vitæ officiisIntegerrime et summâ cum laude functis, Charitate in patriam (proh! nimiâ)Et laboribus quibus pars sui mortalis impar, confectus; Cum fuerat Reipub:necessarius maxime, Præmaturo fato cessit vi Id: Jul: Ao. Dom: mdcc.vixisset Annos xlv Mens: ii, Dies xviii, Æternum Famâ victurus. (M.I. below). Lacrymas quas nulli vivus Moriens omnibus excussit, Necsæculo terminandas Ni sobolem reliquisset utriusque sextûs numerosiorem, Etquo publicum damnum denuo resarciretur Sui simillimam Non segnius Deoinservijt quam sæculo Hinc Scholam Lowtherianam extruxit Reditibusquedonavit amplis, Et Ædem hanc sacram vetustate collapsam instauravit, Utdeinceps sedem Avitam nobilitaret auspicatius, Memoriæ Sacrum CatharinaVice-Comitessa de LonsdaleEx illustri Thynnorum et Conventriorum prosapia oriunda Conjux tanto viro digna Interluctus posuit. Large shield of Arms at top, 41y of 9. 1, Lowther; 2, Quaile; 3, Stapleton; 4, Lucy; 5, Strickland; 6, Warcop; 7 sa. 3 martlets volant ar.; 8, Lancaster (with mullet or); 9, Bellingham. (On either side of M .I. above effigy, beneath Viscount's Coronet), Lowther impaling 41y 1 & 4 barry of 10, or & sa. (Thynne) 2 & 3 ar. lion rampant, tail nowed and erected gu. (Boteville).

Lowther (In. N. transept). To the memory of Mary daughter of John Earl of Bute and widow of James First Earl of Lonsdale, born 31st of January 1738, died 8th of April 1824 and was buried in the parish church of Fulham.

Lowther (In. N. transept). Fratrum duorum memoriæ Tabula hæc sit sacra, quorumunus Richardus vicecomes de Lonsdale In ipso juventutis flore decessitVariolis pra:reptus A.D. 1703 Æt: 21. De quo sui optimè sperârunt Utpoteornamentis honoris virtutis et ingenii prædicto: Alter verô Henricus incharissimi Fratris honores successit Natalium splendorem præstantissimisanimi dotibus Magnopere aucturus, Apud Exteras Gentes per trienniumcommoratus Ingenuas artes diligentissimè excoluit Summâque eruditione etrerum civilium cognitione se ideo locupletavi Ut in Britannico Senatu Quasilumen aliquod facundiæ et Sapientiæ eluceret, Regi Georgio II a secretisconsiliis Et privati sigilli custos Rempublicam in extremo discrimineversatam Integritate, fide, et auctoritate Adjuvit et.sustentavit Dumprivatæ vitæ numia. felicissimè implevit Virtutum omnium amabile exemplarObiit A.D. 1751 Æt: 56.

Lowther (Large Gothic Mausoleum with Lowther Arms over door. Life sized statue inwhite marble, sitting, and on pedestal is) William Earl of Lonsdale, 1863.(Hatchments in Mausoleum). 1. Lowther (with Earl's coronet); Crest ofLowther, dragon passant, wings erect ar.; Supporters (as before), 2 horsesar. each accolled with wreath of laurel ppr. 2. Lowther (thereoninescocheon with threemasted ship on waves of the sea ppr.) impaling perpale az. & gu. 3 lions rampant ar. with. crescent for diff. (Herbert),Earl's Coronet, Crest, Supporters, etc. (baron mort). 3. (On lozenge),Lowther. 4. (On lozenge), 41y 1 & 4 Bentinck, 2 & 3 Cavendish impalingLowther, Supporters. (baron et femme morts).

Lowther (In. S.) In Memory of Elizabeth second daughter of William Earl of Lonsdale K.G., B.1 September mdcclxxxiv, died xii February mdccclxix. I have set God alwaybefore me; for He is on my right hand, therefore I shall not fall, Whereforemy heart was glad, and my glory rejoiced, my flesh also shall rest in hope,for why? Thou shalt not leave my soul in hell, neither shalt thou sufferthy Holy One to see corruption. Thou shalt shew me the path of life; in thypresence is the fullness of joy, and at thy right hand there is pleasure forevermore.

Lowther In memory of Robert Lumb of Lowther for many years. Agent to the Earl of Lonsdale who died on the 19th day of December 1819 aged 54 years. Also of Mary his wife who died on the 27th day of January 1809 aged 41 years.

Lowther In loving memory William Rose of Lowther, upwards of 60 years in the service of the Earls of Lonsdale who died November 15th 1878 aged 83 years. Also of Anne widow of the above who died Ap. 21st 1887 aged 71 years. Also of John Rose youngest son of the abovc who died January 29th 1887 aged 34 years.

Lowther In memory of Jane the wife of Joseph Sibson of Lowther and daughter of William Thompson of Hackthorpe who died February 12th 1848 aged 72 years. Also in m. the above Joseph Sibson of Lowther who died September 26th 1849 aged 74 years. Deceased was upwards of 40 years. in the Service of the late & present Earl of Lonsdale.