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Found 8 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Crosby Ravensworth (N). In memory of Annie eldest dau. of Thomas and Hannah Moss of Maulds Meaburn who died September 14th, 1859 in her 14th year. Also of Thomas their youngest son who died June 11th, 1875 aged 22 years. also of Elizabeth Moorhouse their third da. who died at Burnley May 26, 1878 aged 26 years.

Crosby Ravensworth (N). I. h. s. In loving remembrance Thomas Ross of Maulds Meaburn who died November 18th 1884 in his 70th years.

Kirkby Stephen (Altar tomb). Here lie the Bodys of John Moss of Kabar and Mary his wife, she dy'd October 5th 1729 aged 46. He the 28th of February 1743 aged 59.

Kirkby Stephen S. m. Robert Moss late of Smardale who departed this life 25th December . 1813 aged 64 years. also of Elizabeth his wife who departed this life 16th April 1825 aged 79 years. How sweet a thing is death, to all who know That all on earth is vanity and woe ! Who, taught by sickness, long have ceas'd to dread The stroke that bears them to this peaceful bed. Few are our days; yet while those days remain, Our joys must yield to grief, our ease to pain, Then say, O weary pilgrim, which is best, The toilsome journey or the traveller's rest.

Long Marton (S). In memory of Henry Moss who died June 5, 1821 aged 4 years. also Miles Moss who d. April 5, 1853 aged 38 years. also John Moss who died Oct. 19, 1862 aged 23 years.

Orton (N). We live to die, we die to live again, That we hereafter may with Jesus reign. Sacred memory of Agnes Wife of the Reverend Thomas Moss of Orton who departed this life on the 15th of December 18 . . aged . . years. Also of Elizabeth Her daughter Wife of William . . . ye . . . in the Parish of Crosby Ravensworth who died July 9th d 2-Y.

Warcop (E). † Sacred memory of Christopher Moss of Warcop who died March 26th 1864 aged 80 years. † Also of Margaret his wife who died August 28, 1864 aged 84. "We bring our years to an end like a tale that is told."–Psalm 20th, verse 9th.

Warcop (S). In memory of Henry Moss who departed this life on the 12th Day of March 1855 (? 1853) aged 80 years. (Buried March 18, 1853. Parish Register The Memory of I. says 1855.) C.B.N.