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Found 13 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (S). Here lies the Body of Mr. Anthony Parkin who departed this life the first day of October 1730 ætatis suæ 45. Near this place lies Mrs. Jane Dent who died the 7th of March 1731 aged 26. Mrs. Elizth. Parkin, wife of Mr. Anty Parkin died July ye 27th 1736 aged 57. Mrs. Mary Parkin daughter of Mr. Anty & Elizth. died October 5th 1737 aged 22.

Appleby St Lawrence (S. Chancel Aisle). This window was inserted in m. Hugh Parkin Esq. son of James & Phi1lis Parkin of this borough, born at Appleby 20th Mar. 1753 died at Skirsgi1l 29th April 1838. Also of Sarah Margaret his wife daughter of Wi1liam Macdowa1l Esq. born 7th December 1770, died 16 June 1858.

Appleby St Lawrence (S.. Chancel Aisle). In this vault lieth interred the body of James Parkin Esqr. Mayor of this Borough, who died the 2nd April 1794 aged 77 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (S). In memory of Matthias Parkin of Appleby, who died October 23, 1862 aged 65 years. Agnes his wife who died July 19, 1860 aged 68 years. Matthias their son, who died March 7th 1829aged 5 m. George Thompson their son who died January 30, 1833 aged 3 years. Matthias their son who died in infancy January 29, 1833. George Thompson their son who died January 4, 1854 aged 18 years. Thomas their son who died April 16,. 1859 aged 32 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (S. Chancel Aisle). Obiit Phillis the wife of James Parkin Esqr. Mayor, 29 September 1763 ætat 48.

Appleby St Lawrence (S). Sacred memory of Sarah the wife of Christopher Parkin of Appleby, who died March 7th 1821 aged 56 years. , also James and Ann Parkin, son and daughter of the said Christopher and Sarah Parkin who died August 6th 1794, Ann aged 4 years. , James aged 1 years. , also Sarah Parkin, daughter of the said Christopher and Sarah Parkin who died March 20th 1812 aged 13 years. , also the above Christopher Parkin who died September 2nd 1827 aged 64 'y. .

Barton (W. wall, prism, chains, 2 stones). 1. In memory of Hugh Parkin who departed this life on the XVI day of March MDCCCLXXI aged LXXIX years. 2. In memory of James Campbell Rowley who departed this life on the XXVII day of November MDCCCLXX aged XL years.

Barton (In. E. & S. of altar brass.) To the memory of William Hugh Parkin Esquire of Raven-cragg, born May 23rd 1801, died April 7th 1881 and to Catherine Corney his beloved wife, born February 17th 1809, died October 25, 1848. Erected by their only son W. H. Parkin. (Arms. Ar. eagle displayed sa., on canton or fess dancette of 2nd between 6 billets ermine- impaling gu. 3 cocks ar. (Hebson).

Crosby Ravensworth (N). + Here lieth Martha daughter of Robert and Hanaah (sic) Parkin died January 7th 1860 aged 8 years. Mary Agnes died September 9th 1865 aged 8 mts. Em(is) died February 2nd 1867 aged 3 wks. Jane Elizabeth died September 8th 1850 aged 1 years. 3 mts. Buried at Leeds. Robert died August 7th 1854 aged 7 w. buried at Orton. Christopher Barren died December 19th 1873 aged 78 years. grandfather to the above children.

Orton (S). In memory of William Parkin died December . 24th 1849 aged 92. And Fanny his Wife died August 28th, 1829 aged 68.

Ravenstonedale (S). In memory of Bell Parkin of Murthwaite who died December l0th 1866 aged 86 years. Also of Nancy his wife who died February 7th 1862 aged 74 years. Also of their Children, Eleanor who died April 13th 1875 aged 62 years. William who died May 15th 1880 aged 69 years. Ann who died April 20th 1882 aged 67 years.

Ravenstonedale (S.) . . (In) Memory of Elizabeth Parkin . .(mo)ther of William (Par.)kin of M(urt)hw(ait)e who died December ( ? 11) 1811 Aged 90 years. And of Eleanor his Wife who died February 13, 1806, aged 51 years. And of John Son of William and Eleanor Parkin, . . . . April 20, I811 aged 36y.

Ravenstonedale (S). In loving memory Nancy the beloved daughter of Henry & Isabella Parkin who died October 20th 1878 aged 28 years. Her end was peace.