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Found 8 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Crosby Ravensworth (E). + Here lieth the body of John Rawes, of Woodfoot, yeoman, who departed this life May 20th, 1853, in his 72 years.

Crosby Ravensworth (E). + Here lieth the body of Mary Rawes wife of Robert Rawes, who departed this life December 30th 1853, in her 71 years.

Kendal (E. paschal lamb). In memory of Rebecca, daughter of John and Mary Rawes who died December . 15th 1834 Aged 23 m. And of Ralph Wilson their Son, who died November . 4th 1827 Aged 22 Weeks. And of Rebecca their daughter Who died April 21st 1836 Aged 10 m. And of Thomas Grant their Son, who died April 14th 1839 Aged 2 years. and 7 m. And of Edward their Son, who died August 13th 1839 Aged 16 m. " Jesus said, suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of God." And of John, Father of the above, Who died March 18th 1840 Aged 37 years.

Kendal (W). Sacred memory of William Rawes who died J an. 25th 1825 aged 17 years. Also of Ann Rawes, Mother of the above, died April 26th 1842 Aged 68 years. Also of William Rawes, Father of the above-named, died Octbr. 21st 1854 Aged 76 years. Also to the memory of Richard Rawes Esquire Late of the H. E.T.C. Service who died at Kendal February . 15th 1845 Aged 60.

Shap (E). In loving memory Jeannie only daughter of Thomas & Margaret Rawes of Maer, Staffordshire, died 1st November . 1886 aged 17 years.

Shap (S). Sacred memory of John Rawes late of Kendal who died January 6th 1856 aged 36 years. " Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. "

Shap (S. rail). " By thy cross & passion good Lord deliver us." Sacred memory of Richard Rawes late of Beezon Lodge, Kendal Esquire who died April 6th 1849 aged 71 years. Also of Sarah his wife who died June 4th 1854 aged 67Y. & was interred at the Parish Church of Ulverstone. (Horizontal). To perpetuate the Memory of a valuable Life this Stone is inscribed to the Name of Robert Rawes who died January 31st 1809 aged 68. Also Ann his Wife who died May 9th, 1821, aged 82. Also Isabella their daughter who died June the 13th, 1829, aged 48 . Also of Ann Mackenzie their daughter who departed this life December . 11th 1831 aged 56 years. Also of Robert Rawes their Son, who departed this life May 21st 1848 aged 77 years. Watch, therefore, for ye know not what hour your Saviour doath come.

Shap In affectionate remembrance of William Rawes who died at Newby 9th October, 1875, aged 50 years.