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Found 8 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Barton (S). Sacred memory of Lancelot James & his wife Jane, both of whom departed this life within a years. of each other when in the bloom of their youth. This memorial is erected in a. remembrance of of them by their only child Mary Rigg of Singapore E.J. 1863.

Crosby Ravensworth (E, cross). Here lieth Henry Rigg late of Woodhouse in the parish of Morland who died May 26, 1870 aged 55 years. William son of the above and of Barbara his wife died April 21, 1854 aged 7 years. Thomas their son d/ June 1868 in his 23 years. (Faint).

Crosby Ravensworth (E). In memory of Jonathan Rigg of Blasterfield who died May 15, 1829 aged 93. Also of Margret (sic) his wife who died August 5th 1817 aged 78. Also of Henry their son who died August 3rd 1829 aged 57.

Crosby Ravensworth (E). Sacred memory of Thomas Rigg of Crosby Ravensworth who died February 26th 1853 aged 56 years. also Ann his wife who died December 9th 1847 aged 70 years. and to Mary their daughter who died January 5th 1846 aged 25 years. (Brass). In memory of Jonathan of Crosby Ravensworth who departed this life May 8th 1862 aged 52 years.

Kendal (W). In memory of Henry Rigg, Innkeeper, who died december 25, 1812 aged 43. O Lord we give our spirits up. and trust them in thine hand ; In hopes our flesh awhile will rest, and rise at thy command.

Kendal (E). Here lieth the body of Robert Rigg, Late of Kendal, Grocer, who died the 24 of April 1753 in the 26th years. of his Age. He was a very Affectionate Husband, a Sincere Friend, his Acquaintance greatly lamented the Loss of him but none more than his Disconsolate Widow by whom as an Instance for the tender Regard she bears to his Memory this Monument is Erected. Also near this Place lieth the Body of Frearson John Rigg, Son of the said Robert: who died April 2 : 1751 Aged 7 years. (Chiefly from Mr, Jennings' 1861 Copy).

Kendal (Board). Donations to the poor for Bread. A.D. 1710 Rowland Wilson Esqr. London, Rent Charge on Grassgarth, Hugill, of £2 12S. od. Annually. 1750 Mr. John Robinson, Lane Foot, Strickland Ketel, Rent charge on Green Rigg Underbarrow of £2 12s. 0d. Annually. 1811 Mrs. Catherine Bordley. Kendal, Interest of £119 2s. 11d. New 3 per cents. 1813 Mr. William Sleddall, Kendal, Interest of £156 7s. 10d. New 3 per cents, 1846 Mrs. Elizabeth Rigg, Manchester, Moiety of Rents of Two Dwelling Houses, Wool Pack Yard. 1852 Reverend George Braithwaite Memory of A. Kendal, Interest of £198 15s. 2d. 3 per cent Consols. 1856 Mr. Christopher Gardner of Kendal, Ironmonger, Interest of £108 5s. 1d. 3 per cent Consols, being a gift to the Poor in commemoration of the Parish Church Restoration.

Shap In memory of James Lowis of Shap who died December . 5th 1874 aged 84 years. Also Dinah, his who died December . ISt 1368 aged 72 years. Also Dinah their daughter who died April 16th 1835 aged 3 years. Also Mary their daughter who died June 10th 1841 aged 20 years. Also Elizabeth their daughter and wife of Thomas Rigg who died August 24th 1848 aged 29 years.