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Found 10 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (N. E). Erected to the memory of William Salkeld of Appleby, died 13th June, 1877, aged 58 years. Also Mary Jane daughter of William Joseph & Britania Salkeld died 23rd July 1873, aged 18 m. Also in m. John son of William & Mary Salkeld died 30th May 1882, aged 36 years.

Appleby St Michael (N. W). In memory of Elizabeth Eggleston third daughter of the Late Charles Salkeld of Great Strickland, who died at Bongate January 18th 1869 aged 29(or 20?) years. Erected by her sister Frances of New York.

Brough (E. Wall). In Memory of John Salkeld of G . . . . . . Brough who died December 20th 1798 Aged 84 And Margaret his Wife who died August 2, 1808 aged 98. Also Margaret their daughter Wife of John Aislabie who died August 16th 1808 Aged 62.

Crosby Ravensworth (N. cross). + Here lieth the Reverend Anthony Salkeld Memory of A. Chaplain, Royal Navy, who departed this life at Maulds Meaburn Hall Mar. 21, 1857 in his 41st years.

Crosby Ravensworth (N). + Here lieth Elizabeth Salkeld, wife of William Salkeld of Maulds Meaburn who departed this life April 13 1861 in her 76 years.

Crosby Ravensworth (N. flat tomb). Here lieth John Salkeld of Maulds Meaburn Hall who departed this life Decr 21 1857 in his 60th years. Ruth, sister of John Salkeld died at Sleagill Sep 23, 1864 aged 49 years. Mary, Sister of John Salkeld died February 2 1876 aged 81 years.

Crosby Ravensworth (E). Here lieth Margaret Salkeld who departed this life March 8 1870 in her 80 years. William . Salkeld her father died March 18, 1857 Aged 83 years. Mary Salkeld, her mother died April 1, 1846, 72 years. “Thy will be done”.

Crosby Ravensworth (N). + Here lieth Thomas Salkeld of Maulds Meaburn Hall who departed this life Mar. 26, 1852, in his 81 years.

Crosby Ravensworth (N). I.H.S. + Here lieth William Salkeld of Maulds Meaburn hall who departed life September 2, 1858 in his 84 years.

Kendal (W). Here lieth the Body of John Salkeld, Gentleman, Supervisor of the Excise, who departed this life September 9, 1773 Aged 78 years. Also Jane his Wife who died the 16th day of February 1788 Aged 83 years.