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Grasmere (In. S). In the burial ground of this church are deposited the remains of Jemima Anne Deborah, second daughter of Sir Egerton Brydges of Denton Court, Kent, Bart., she departed this life at Ivy Cottage Rydal, May 25th 1822 aged 28 years. This monument is erected by her husband Edward Quillinan. These vales ,were saddened with no common gloom When good Jemima perished in her bloom, When, such the awful will of heaven, she died By flames breathed on her from her own fire-side. On earth we dimly see, and but in part, We know yet faith sustains the sorrowing heart, And she, the pure, the patient, and the meek, Might have fit epitaph could feelings speak, If words could tell and monuments record How treasures lost are inwardly deplored, No name by grief's fond eloquence adorned More than Jemima's would be praised and mourned, The tender virtues of her blameless life, Bright in the daughter, brighter in the wife, And in the cheerful mother brightest shone, That light hath passed away, the will of God be done.

Grasmere (E. within rail, nine head-stones, two flat stones, and seven foot stones, with yew tree hard by, planted in 1817). 1. Here lie the Remains of Catharine daughter of William & Mary Wordsworth. She was born September 6th 1808 and died June 4th 1812. "Suffer the little Children to come unto me and forbid them not for of Such is the Kingdom of God." C. W. 2. Here lieth the Body of Thomas the Son of William & Mary Wordsworth. He died on the lst of December A.D. 1812. Six months to six years added He remain'd Upon this sinful earth by sin unstain'd, O blessed Lord, whose mercy then remov'd A Child whom every eye that look'd on lov'd, Support us; teach us calmly to resign What we possess'd and now is wholly thine. T. W. 3. In memory of William, infant son of William & Fanny Wordsworth, born July 13th and died at Carlisle October 5th 1851. "He shall gather the lambs with his arm and shall carry them in his bosom." Isaiah, c. 4, v. ii. 4. William Wordsworth, 1883. 5. Dorothy Wordsworth, 1855. 6. (Flat tomb). Near the Graves of two young Children, removed from a family to which through Life she was devoted, Here lies the body of Sarah Hutchinson, The beloved Sister and faithful Friend of Mourners who have caused this Stone to be erected with an earnest wish that their own Remains may be laid by her side, and a humble hope that through Christ they may together be made Partakers of the same blessed Resurrection. She was born at Penrith 1st January 1775, and died at Rydal 23rd June 1835, In Fulfilment of that Wish are now gathered near her the Remains of William Wordsworth, B. at Cockermouth 7th April,1770, died at Rydal 23rd April 1850. And of Dorothy Wordsworth, B. at Cockermouth 25th December 1771, died at Rydal 25th January 1855. And finally of Mary Wordsworth and Sister of Sarah Hutchinson, B. at Penrith August 16th 1770, died at Rydal Mount January 17th 1859. 7. William Wordsworth. 1850, Mary Wordsworth, 1859. 8. (With paschal lamb). Dora Quillinan 9th day of July 1847. "Him that cometh to me 1 will in no wise cast out." St. John . 6th Chap. 37th Ver. 9. † Edward Quillinan, B. at Oporto August 12th 1791, died at Loughrigg Holme July 8th 1851. 10. Jemima Anne died Quillinan died May 25th 1822 Aged 27. Near this Grave rests Dora the daughter of William and Mary Wordsworth of Rydal Mount, Wife of Edward Quillinan. She was born the 16th of August 1804, Married 11th of May 1841. She died on the 9th of July 1847. "Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection and the life." St. John xi. xxv. E. Q. 11. † S. born m. Rotha Quillinan, died at Loughrigg Holme, Rydal, 1st February 1876 aged 54. "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."